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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 2

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Mikey and Gerard go to the cirque...

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Right,here's the 2nd chapter...

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 2

"Wait,so you told your parents you're not gonna be my friend no more?"Mikey asked as we walked to school the next day.
"I guess..."I trailed off.
"Was it 'cause of yesterday?"Mikey asked with that look that can make anybody,and I literally mean anybody confess.
"Yeah,my parents think you're a bad influence.."I say quietly.
"They're right,"Mikey responds "I'm nothing,I'm garbage.Your parents are right.You shouldn't be your friend"
I catch him when he tries to leave.
"You don't actually believe that,do you?"I ask him.
Mikey just sighed.
At that moment,a gothic limo that was jet-black with blacked out windows came down the street.
The window rolled down a crack and out flew a flyer.
The car then turned the corner.
"What's that?"Mikey asks,picking up the flyer.
"Cirque du freak one night only.."I say,reading the gothic-like flyer over Mikey's shoulder.
"Yeah,I know that genius,it said so right there"Mikey says.
"Whatever,just gimme the flyer so I can read it.."I say.
The bell then rings for class.

At 10pm that night,I slid out my bedroom window to meet with Mikey.
I'd never snuck out before.
"C'mon,let's go!"Mikey says as I meet him down my street with my bike.
We rode down to the old theatre.
Mikey looked up at the moon.
"Hey,it means something,when the moon looks like that.I read about it in-"
"One of your vampire books.."I chuckle as I finished his sentence.
You see,Mikey was obsessed with vampires,just like me and spiders.
I don't know why,it's in our blood or something.
Anyway,we walked up to the ticket booth.
There was a sign saying:

back in a second!

"One.It's been a second."I say as I get a bit bored.
Then a tiny door opens and another sign comes out:


"Hey,I need two tickets please!"Mikey says,throwing 10 bucks at the door.
A tiny hand shoots out and grabs the money,then leaves.
"What the fuck?Gimme the tickets dude!"Mikey shouts as he bangs the door.
A face pops out then bites his hand,then throws the tickets out at us.
"What the fuck was that thing?"Mikey asks as we walk inside the theatre.
A man is standing at the door.
"Are you boys twenty-one? Are you twenty-one? say yes!"The man says in a evil voice.
Me and Mikey look at eachother before mumbling out our answer.
"Good.You don't have a tendency to panic,sudden cardiac arrest,or crippling anxiety do you? Say no!"The man orders.
"Nope.."We say in return.
"Tickets."The man says,holding out his hands,and we place the tickets in his hands.He then makes them dissapear.
"Go ahead in,show's about to start.."He smiles evily.

"Welcome to the Cirque du Freak.I am M.Shadows,the ringmaster.Now,let us introduce our first act.Frank the Wolf-Man!"

Suddenly,a man-wolf walks out on the stage.
He sniffs around.
I get totally nervous.
M snaps his fingers,and the wolf pounces on the nearest person.
A woman.
"Call 911!"The man next to her shouts,wrapping his arm around her.
"Oh,there's no need.."M replies and cues for the woman to stand.
The woman stands with a smile and shows us the damage.
Her arm grew back!
"That,ladies and gentelmen,was our very own Corma Limbs!"M replies with an evil smile.

The night passed quick.
After Corma was a girl named Viper Spit,who was a snake.
Then there was a girl who could transform into a wolf,whose name I can't remember.
As well as others too.

"Now,for our final act.Put your hands together for Larten Crepsly!"M introduces.
Then a man walks to centre-stage.

"Thank you!I am so glad to be in an anonymous small town that used to be big but now is a bland suburb that is surrounded by chain stores and slums.It is great to be hear!I'd present my usual act,but my spider,Madam Octa,is missing.Not to worry,I'll just do some illousions..First,a rabbit from a hat!"Larten says and a giant spider appears.
"Huh.This is Madam Octa.She is extremly poisonous.If I could just get.."Then suddenly,he puts the spider on his clothes.
"That is not Larten Crepsley,that is Zacky Vengence,he's a vampire.It says so in my vampire books."Mikey whispers to me.
The spider then appears on my lap.
Mikey begins to back away.
I get mesmerised in Octa,her six black eyes and red and blue body.
"May I have my spider back?"Zacky asks through gritted teeth.
The spider is then removed from my lap.
"Now,boys.If I was a vampire,and I thought somebody knew,I'd smother them in their sleep.I'd suffocate them."Zacky smiles evilly at the both of us.
Then,the cops burst in and try and shut down the theatre.

That's it guys!
I'll update tomorow!
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