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A torn pillow

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After I got home from the "conversation" with Gerard I saw Chewy on the kitchen floor covered in mud.
"Oh no, Chewy. Bad boy." I scolded. He whimpered and lowered his head. I never liked being mean like that to animals, only when I absolutely have to.
I picked him up not caring that the mud was staining my shirt. I made my way to the bathroom and put him in the tub. I turned on the water knob and let the water flow for a bit. Once I clogged the water hole I started to scrub Chewy with soap. He was fussing and moving so much that the water wash splashing to my shirt and half of my pants. He will pay.
"Chewy please stop moving. Daddy just wants to get you clean." He didn't listen to me and kept on splashing.
I was about to get some water to rinse but when I let to of him he immediately ran for the door. Unfortunately for me the door was open and he ran to the hallway and down the stairs.
"CHEWY!!!!! Get back here." I yelled in panic. My mom would kill me if she saw this. Luckily for me she was at work.
Chewy made his way to the living room and bit down on a pillow. I ran after him knowing what he would do to that pillow.
"Oh my goodness. Chewy I'm begging you, please don't do it." I pleaded.
He looked at me as if challenging me to take one step closer. I froze on the spot afraid to make another move. He bit down even harder on the pillow and finally.............tore it in two.
He jumped and barked away. I stood there holding the torn pillow. I was almost in tears. My mom was going to kill me and bring me back to life just to kill me again.
"Frankie, I'm home." I heard my mother say. Shit. I'm toast. "Hey honey, how was-"
She looked at me with wide eyes and I ran like hell to my room. Once I made it I locked the door.
"Frank Anthony fucking Iero get your ass down here before I knock that door down!!!!!!" She yelled from the living room.
I almost pissed my pants when I heard that. I immediately followed her orders and went down stairs. I came face to face with her. Her face was red with fury.
"Why would you do this? Are you PMSing? Or did that little boyfriend of yours break your heart again? I swear to god if he did that I will break his face and tear his heart out of his chest-"
"Mom!!! Calm down he didn't break my heart and I am definitely not on my period. It's just that I was giving Chewy a bath and he ran off on me and tore the pillow." I explained to her.
"Oh............well..........dogs will be dogs." She said simply. My mouth fell open.
"That's all you have to say?" I asked astonished. Usually she would freak out.
"Yeah. He's just a dog. He doesn't know any better." She said and then left to her room.
'True dat,' I thought.
I went back to my room and saw Chewy lying on my bed with his mouth open. My bed was now wet because of the soap still on his fur.
I smiled a little and heard someone knock on the door. I put a towel on Chewy and left to open it.
What the hell?
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