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I'm finished high school. My friends are coming to pick me up. We are going to LA to start a new life, party and live life to it's fullest. This is our time to Love.Laugh.Live and PARTY!

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The Start Of A New Life

I walked up to the stage, nervous as all hell, I was about to graduate from high school no wonder, also there was the fact that I was leaving tonight to LA with my best friend and the guy I loved but that was the last thing on my mind at the moment.
"Chalice Morgan" the principal called, I stood next to him, he smiled and shook my hand.
"well done, we wish you all the best" he handed me my diploma and placed my tassel on the other side of my hat.
Every one cheered, high school was over, and my new life began.
I walked offstage and straight into my parents arms.
"Chalice" my dad cooed giving me his infamous bear hug.
"hey dad" I smiled hugging him back.
"I'm so proud of you sweetheart" my mum blubbered out.
"thanks mum" I said kissing her gently.
"Hey sis" Ella smiled at me and hugged me genuinely.
"hey babe" I hugged her back.
"Chalice!" Kasey ran at me. she had just started year 8 and was over ecstatic.
"All students may now leave, but before you do leave with this message, no matter what you decide to do in life, no matter were you decide to go, just remember in you heart, there us no place like home! Good luck to all of you, I wish you all the best! And we were honored to have you as students here at Redlynch Senior College! Now go party!!!" he said. We all cheered and tossed our hats in the air.
I found my hat and my parents escorted me home. My friends were due in an hour so I had to park.
My room was clean, I had changed out of my graduation dress, a thigh length black long sleeved enable with a gorges pair of wedges and tights, into a more reasonable pair of high waist denim shorts and purple boob tube with black stilettos. My pentagram tattoo promptly on display.
I made my double bed and straightened the single one. I packed my make up bag in my hand bag along with my hairbrush, my iPod, my phone, my deodorant, my book (the lost saint), a pack of five gum, a sleep mask, a box of tampons, hand sanitizer, my wallet, and my passport.
"Chalice?" my dad poked his head through the crack in the door.
"there here" he smiled. I jumped up kissing him on my way out the door.
I ran outside and caught my best friend in a full blow hug.
"Chalice!" she squealed hugging me tightly.
"Melli!" I squealed equally excited.
"calm down Melli don't rip her head off, I need a hug to" said a voice from behind her. Melli smile and pulled back allowing for me to see him. He was taller then I was which surprised me greatly, his black hair was styled into it's usual side do, he wore baggy shorts, Skate shoes, and a T-shirt with the anarchy logo on it, he also had a silver chain around his neck and was smiling at me like I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
"Tilly" I breathed and ran strait at him. He caught me and lifted me off the ground, my kegs flicked in the air and I kissed him passionately.
After a moment he put me down so he could lock the loan car they had borrowed.
"come on you guys let me grab my bags and say goodbye and then were off!" I said excitedly.
We walked inside, my mum was hanging clothes when she saw us, she cooed happily and went to hug my two gorges friends.
"your all so grown up! It feels like it was only yesterday when you were sneaking in Chalice's bedroom window" she smiled and started crying, I hugged her and kissed her cheek.
" it's not goodbye! It's hello to a new life! I promise to visit, I love you mummy" i said and started crying to, she kissed my forehead and followed us inside to grab my bags and say goodbye to every one.
I dragged my two suit cases out and slung my hand bag over my shoulder.
I stopped outside. Dad had lined every one up. I went from smallest to biggest.
"goodbye princesses" I smiled she kissed my cheek and hugged me tight.
"write to me when you get there" she said letting me go.
"bye buddy" I said hugging him. He hugged me unconcernedly back.
"love you big sister" he smiled.
I pulled her to a hug.
"bye Kasey" I whispered, she cried.
"bye Chalice, I love you"
"I love you to" I kissed her forehead.
"oh my god!" I hugged her tightly.
"my baby off to see the world" she cried.
I hugged her and breathed in her scent.
"I love you mummy" I said, she smiled and kissed my forehead.
We didn't talk at first, he just pulled me into a bare hug.
"I love you gorgeous, you will always be my princesses"
"love you to daddy" I kissed his cheek and got to the final member if our family.
I squatted down and hugged our beautiful German shepherd around the neck and then kissed her furry head.
She licked my cheek and gave a small woof.
"love you to Mel Bell" I said stroking her head again, she nuzzled her head into my hands.
I stood up. Tilly took my hand and I smiled bravely at my family. They all waved as I got into the car and I leaned our and shouted as we drove away.
"LOVE YOU!" I waved frantically at them and then lost sight of them as we went around the corner.
"Chalice?" Tilly asked curiously.
"Can Melli drive? I need to be held" I smiled. He pulled over and changed spots with Melli, and I quickly jumped in the back seat as well.
He pulled me into his chest and I cried softly. Melli continued to drive. He stroaked my head and whispered softly and lovingly in my ear.
I calmed down, he watched me cautiously.
I then pulled his lips to mine in a sudden need of affection, he was surprised but didn't pull away.
"eugh you two stop making out in the back seat, I'm trying to drive!" she said.
We finally got there.
The airport.
Tilly and I got out of the back seat and Melli teetered at us.
We checked the car into the airport car park and grabbed our bags from the back.
"so this is it" Melli said as we dragged our bags towards the entrance.
"were really doing this" Tilly smiled.
"oh god were really doing this" I said, he kissed my cheek lovingly.
We stood in line with our bags and the lady at the front desk smiled freakily as we aroached.
"hi, welcome to Virgin airlines, and were are we flying this evening?" she asked her fingers at the ready over a key bored.
"LA, last names, Morgan, Gelligornardo, and Watkins" I said sparing us the baby talk.
"great here are your tickets" she handed me three tickets.
"put them with your passport, ok just over there to check in your luggage, have a nice day!" she smiled again, not that she had really stopped smiling.
"Good evening, and welcome to Virgin airlines please tag your bags and I'm going to need to see your ticket.
We tagged our bags and showed her our tickets.
"right" she said typing into a computer.
"just walk over there" she pointed at the gates.
"have a safe flight" she smiled waving at us.
We started for the gate when I was stopped by someone behind me, they grabbed my shoulder and span me around.
"Mckenzie!" I said shocked.
"hey Chalice" he smiled.
"oh my god!" I said and he hugged me.
"long time no see" he said into my neck.
Tilly growled.
"Tilly, Melli" he nodded but turned his attention back to me.
"were you flying?" he asked.
"LA, what about you?"
"New York! I go to LA in three weeks with my team" he smiled, oh yeah he played rugby.
"wow true"
"now boarding flights for LA, lane 23" the announcers voice came over intercom.
"here" I scribbled my number down on the back of his hand.
"call me when your in LA" I smiled hugging him again. He nodded and hugged me back.
"bye" I waved, he waved and smiled.
"bye" he said.
I walked over to Tilly and Melli and Tilly put a protective arm around my waist.
We walked to terminals, I was so excited.
"please place your bag on tray and any electronics and or metal items" the man said in a bored tone.
We places our had bags on the tray and Melli and I shook off bracelets, necklaces, mobiles, compact mirrors and our metal healed stilettos.
While Tilly got off with only a set of keys and his mobile.
I pouted playfully at him and he winked at me.
We got through terminals and put all of our shit back on and in place and we were off again, walking through the airport.
"there it is" Tilly said pointing out the window at a huge airplane with Virgin written on the side.
"I can't believe it! Finally! I'm with you guys!" I said hugging them closely to me.
"yeah, LA here we come bitch!" Melli yelled and was given evils by a passing pedestrian who she modestly gave the finger to.
"Melli!" I exclaimed giggling along with her.
"Flights to LA are now boarding, please make your way to the exit now as we will be leaving shortly, thank you and have a safe flight" the announcers voice said.
"Quick!" I said walking faster towards our exit.
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