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Chapter 1

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He stared at his reflection in the dirty mirror and wondered when was the last time he had smiled. It had been such a long time since he had felt happy, so why bother pretending he was? He heard that familiar voice that he missed so often whisper his name.

"Mikey." He noticed the cherry haired woman standing behind him in the mirror. She smiled at him and her grey eyes shone. He turned around, hoping that Veronica would still be there even though he knew she was just in his imagination. The woman he once called his wife was gone. She was no longer there to smile at him and reassure him that everything would be ok. Nothing was ok since she had been so cruelly taken from his life. Mikey packed the rest of his clothes into his suitcase and buttoned up his jacket.

"Daddy!" The voice of his son called out to him from downstairs.

"Coming" He replied as he made his way downstairs.

In the living room, his son Tommy was sitting on the carpeted floor holding a booklet of drawings he had made for his father going away. He ran over to Mikey and sat on his lap holding out the drawings proudly, waiting for the usual "that's lovely Tommy" he so often got from his father and nanny. But Mikey seemed to be in a world of his own.

"Do you like it Daddy?" Tommy asked.

"Very much." Mikey said even though he was still staring into space.

Tommy grew slightly impatient. "You didn't look at it properly."

"Of course I did." Mikey took the papers and studied them closely. His son had drawn himself and his nanny waving to Mikey as he left for work. At the top right corner of the page was a red headed angel sitting on top of a cloud looking down at the other figures. At the bottom of the page in scribbled writing it read Tuesday.

Tommy pointed out everyone. "That's me, that's nanny, that's mummy and that's you." Mikey noticed his drawing was the only one not smiling.

"Why do I look so sad?"

"That's what your face looks like." Tommy said truthfully.

Mikey gave a dry laugh. "Oh it is, is it?"

"I wish you didn't have to go away from me." Tommy sniffed and cuddled into his father's chest.

"Me too." Mikey replied before returning to the booklet of drawings. "But look only a couple of days apart see." He turned the page to find a blank sheet other than the word Wednesday, written at the bottom, next page said Thursday. The last page had a childs representation of a train while Tommy and his father were reunited, an Friday written underneath. "Then we can spend the whole weekend in the countryside."

Standing at the front door, Mikey crouched down to Tommy and hugged him, stroking his blond hair and kissing his forehead. He asked his nanny if she was organised for when they would all meet on Friday before standing up to say goodbye.

"Well, I don't want to be late." He picked up his case and made his way down the crowded streets. Tommy clung to his nanny's side and waved at his father, trying to fight back his tears.

A/N Ok please don't hate me guys I know this should've been up last week but my Microsoft documents have been fucking up so I can't write things on the computer properly. I think since I took so long I'm going to attempt to upload the 2n chapter tonight as well.
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