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Vegas Dusk

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Dudes, I need your help! Please like, give me some ideas on how to finish this. It's the first story I've written in first person.

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The neon wings stretched across the freeway. They were a color that no one on earth had ever seen before. The yellow tape told you not to cross. But you did anyway.

You put your face next to the exotic creatures', scrounged up in confusion, your blurry blue eyes reflected the dead eyes looking past you. This was something unusual. So come it wasn't moving? You grew disturbed with this thing. The stranger lying on the freeway, heaven roadkill, blinked at you.

It spoke in a language you'd never heard. You wouldn't think it was a language because the way it drooled vulgarly off of the almost white tongue.

Your brow raised, the creature breathed in but made no sound. The eyelids covered the strange eyes for three or four seconds. It looked up at you, raising its arm.

“Are you my angel?” Its voice held you in strange captivity. It breathed in your language now. You swallowed and began to twitch. Something you hadn't done since high school. You couldn't think of something to say.

“I can't say so,” you finally chocked out, kneeling on the pavement.

“Oh,” the creature peered tiredly through plastic that caged the two of you in. “Who are they?” The creature gestured weakly at your people staring with shocked faces. You shook your head and looked down at the creature.

“Nobody.” You said, staring at the starry eyed creature. It looked towards earth's ceiling, eyebrows curved in pain.

“I think I may have fallen,” it says as debris flickers and lands on the awkwardly colored feathers. The wings twitch.

“From where?” You ask the creature with closed eyes. It catches your sly grin because you're hoping for heaven. A simple smile is dragged upwards from its blue lips. It turns its head to face you in quite off-beat manner.

“This amuses you,” it observes. The smile fades and the creature stares at the endless sky. “Sorry.” It barely whispers. You're slightly taken aback.

“What for?” You ask as fingernails dig deep into your palm. Your knuckles are almost as white as that tongue the creature has.

“For your loss,” You hold your breath, the creatures' heart thump is guilty loud.

“What have I lost?” You ask hesitantly. People are trying to come in now. They want to see the creature, too. It might be angel! What if heaven exists? Oh, no, it's the devil's work for sure! No God of mine would make a creature as wild as that. An angel has fallen down! Save us, for heaven is in need of us!

“Your light, kicks.” the creatures' hand extends and arches, fingers skipping over your eyes. “You're so polluted now...remember me?” it asks quietly and removes its' strange hand. “Your mind is a portrait of everything and everyone that has ever existed. Now, do you remember?”

You think. The creature lets you. For a good twelve minutes, you're burrowed in the landscape of your mind. The creature reaches out, its pupils lack any sort of direction. They look everywhere for you. The wings flap as madly.

It was ill luck. You weren't supposed to see this creature. It was supposed to leave like your father did when you were only three. Not a word, not a wave. But would soon cough up on these Vegas streets. It's only Thursday night.

“I don't remember you.” You say finally and cautiously, as the wings start to calm.

“California.” It says caustically. “I was in your heart in California, but the waves swallowed me up so fast.”

You pause, think for a moment. You'd never been to California.

“I haven't be----”

“Moscow, 1912.” You stare at this odd entity that reaches for you. “I bought you your first beer, but I was killed.” You can only be frustrated at this thing. “It was accidental, if it helps. A fire.”

“You're absurd!” You shoot up, catty in your ignorance. The creature laughs pitifully.

“Am I?” The creatures' eyes glare at the sky. “Or am I your star crossed lover?”

"Why are you so strange?"

"You're strange."


"I'm you."
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