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Rose Scented Hearts

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Valentine's Slash/Steven fic, little early but probably won't get a chance to upload tomorrow so enjoy! R&R xx

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AN: They're both 17 in this

“Just a little further”
“Steve I can’t see a fucking thing” Saul complained hands grasping desperately at the walls of the staircase leading to his basement bedroom; longing to pull the constricting yet colourful scarf that the blonde had pounced on him with off of his eyes as Steve whined
“Come on Saul play along” he rolled his eyes behind the blindfold; picturing the blonde’s pleading puppy dog eyes as he sighed, deciding to humour his immature partner. A thankful sigh of relief left his lips as they reached the floor and he felt Steve’s hands whip the makeshift blindfold off with a triumphant “Ta-dah!” His room had been tidied and draped with red fabrics and gold hearts whilst rose-scented candles perfumed the air and provided enough dim lighting to observe the petals scattered on the fresh bed sheets with a silver tray containing strawberries, molten chocolate and whipped cream. Surprised agate met excited but nervous baby blue and a grin stretched his lips, arms reaching for the petite drummer, lips’ seeking the shorter’s bitten ones
“It looks amazing” he murmured smoothly as they parted, Steve grinned tension leaving his body as Saul led him to the bed pushing him down, laughing as the blonde bounced proclaiming happily
“Happy Valentines baby!”
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