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Target: Karin

by TheLemonSage

Naruto is given a scroll containing the secrets of making women fall for him, a scroll he uses at first on the women around him but soon on the shinobi world as a whole, giving birth to the Ero-ninja.

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 18: Target Karin

A pleasant sensation was what pulled Naruto from his dozing. Blinking groggily as he awoke from the dream of being ridden by a beautiful blonde, he realized that it was due to the young and beautiful blond woman currently riding him although in a more demure fashion than the blonde in his dream even though they were the same woman. From the way Shiho was slowly moving her hips Naruto guessed that at some point he had fallen asleep with his half-hard cock still inside her. Most likely as a result of the dream he had returned to full mast inside her which had woken her from her own slumber and she decided to take advantage. Or the dream had been a result of her wanting to pick up where they had left off. In either case Naruto believed it was a great way to start the day.

Moving his hands to her hips, it was obvious she was surprised by his rejoining the waking world. Startled as she was, her body went tense including her velvet grip around his cock. After groaning in pleasure, he focused on her face and saw that she appeared a little worried over her taking the intuitive. To put her at ease he sealed his lips to hers in a kiss that sent tingles through her body that he could feel as a result of their being connected. Sitting back in the chair he smiled saying, “Now this is a great way to wake up.”

Relaxing Shiho replied, “Yes, I just couldn’t stop myself…I was afraid you…”

Kissing her again Naruto decided to let his actions do the talking so as they made out. He lifted her hips up and then slid her down his manhood causing Shiho to moan into his mouth. Repeating several times she got the hint and soon began aiding him by placing her feet on the ground in order to raise and lower herself. However just as the two were beginning to lose themselves to the pleasure of their actions the sound of voices approaching began to be heard. Shiho head whipped towards the door so fast Naruto feared that she had broken her neck. “Shit,” she said as she attempted to pull away from him due to her coworkers approaching.

Naruto though simply pulled her close causing her to say, “Nar…” but the rest was swallowed as the two disappeared in a red flash.


Yurika stepped into the office a moment later followed by a few of her office mates and was a little surprised by the smell of the room. One of the younger male analyst asked, “What’s that smell?”

Not surprised that her coworker didn’t recognize it since even though in his late teens members of the Cryptanalyst Department tended to hold onto their virginity a little longer than most shinobi. Still she was surprised when a mousy looking female of the same age said, “It smells like someone was getting busy in here.” The woman blushed upon realizing she was talking out loud and quickly moved to her desk.

“Come on,” the man said moving to his own, “The last one here last night was Shiho. She wouldn’t know what to do with a man even if he came with instructions.”

Moving to her own desk, Yurika said defending her friend, “Like you’re in a position to talk.” However she was forced to admit the man made a good point as she said, “Anyhow it’s probably just something that the vents carried in from another room.” But Yurika paused to wonder if the idea of Shiho taking a lover was so farfetched, as she noticed her romance novel lying on her desk forgotten.


Appearing in Naruto’s apartment the two still connected lovers fell to the ground due to Naruto’s being in a sitting position when he teleported. Falling onto his back Shiho fell on top of him driving his cock even further inside her. Moaning out loud as a result, Shiho was about to pick up where they left off when she noticed a pair of orange eyes peeking out at her from beneath the sheets on the bed. Sitting back in fear she moaned again due to her impaling herself on Naruto’s manhood.

The eyes were followed by a head of green hair as a young woman she didn’t recognize appeared. The woman looked over the edge of the bed down at Naruto and gave him a beaming smile which the blond returned. “Good morning Fu,” Naruto said brightly acting as if he wasn’t currently buried inside another woman.

Recognizing the name, Shiho realized that Naruto hadn’t only been sleeping with the girls that he had dated as of late. Feeling a little self-conscious, especially as more of the girl appeared from beneath the sheet revealing that she was nude as she leaned down to make-out with Naruto, and not sure what to do she stood up and began fixing her dress.

Fu noticed and breaking the kiss said, “I don’t mind waiting my turn if you want to finish.”

Backing up slowly, Shiho said, “Um… that’s alright… I should really get going I’m late for my shift.”

She turned to leave, but Naruto quickly stood and grabbed her from behind. Kissing her neck he said, “Do you really want to leave now?”

“N-no…but I’m a little uncomfortable at the idea of continuing in front of another girl.”

“I thought you already realized I had other lovers.”

“I did,” Shiho said, “But that doesn’t mean I want to put on a show for them.”

Naruto was about to let her go understanding her point but Fu surprised them both by saying, “Then should I put one on?”

Shiho looked back and was surprised to see the jinchuriki sitting back on the bed against the wall. She then spread her legs and slowly began rubbing her pussy. Fu began moaning as her actions began to reverberate through her body. Shiho was surprised at the boldness of the green-haired woman and actually turned to stare at her as she continued her self-pleasure.

Naruto approached Shiho from behind again and whispered into her ear, “See there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. How about we finish what we started?”

Shiho mutely nodded her head so Naruto slowly undid her headband that she used as a belt and then grabbed the hem of her dress lifting it over her head. Fu gasped, but whether it was from his revealing Shiho’s body to her eyes or the jinchuriki’s sliding a finger into her now glistening snatch Naruto couldn’t tell.

Reaching around Shiho’s waist, he began to rub her pussy and found that despite her earlier reservations she was dripping wet and ready to pick up where they left off. Still he decided on a little foreplay as they watched Fu continue to slide her finger in and out of her cunt, so began groping Shiho’s breast with one hand as the other continued to tease her pussy.

As Naruto’s apartment filled with the sounds of feminine moans and the scent of female arousal, he placed his now diamond hard dick between Shiho’s thighs after moving the hand that had been rubbing the cryptanalyst’s pussy to her other breast. He then began rubbing his length along her slit causing the woman to turn her face towards his over her shoulder and kiss him hotly.

As their tongues swirled around each other, Shiho lost herself in the sensations that her lover’s efforts were creating within her. No longer carrying that her tits were being played with or that her lower lips were drooling all over Naruto’s manhood in full view of the other woman present, she broke the kiss in order to say, “Fuck me.”

Naruto smiled and began guiding her to the bed from behind. Bending her over so that her hands rested on the bed, he put his foot between hers on the floor and gently spread her legs apart. Taking a moment he stepped back to enjoy the view of her bent over position as well as that of the jinchuriki on the bed pleasing herself in front of the blushing Shiho.

Naruto put his gazing on hold when Shiho looked over her shoulder to see what was taking him so long to bury his manhood inside her, and to entice him began wagging her ass to attract his attention. Taking the enticement, he stepped back up behind her and in one thrust buried his cock inside her pulling a deep moan from her throat. Gripping her hips firmly, Naruto began pounding her snatch as he watched Fu add a second finger to her own as she pleasured herself to the sight of him fucking a new lover.

Naruto pounded away at Shiho’s snatch as he watched Fu continue to treat the two of them to her little show. Wanting a closer look at the action he bent over Shiho grabbing both of her breasts in his hands as he pressed his chest to her back and pulled her close while he continued to rut away at her. Shiho’s nipples poked from between his fingers as he used his new handholds to pull her back towards him. Naruto smiled as Shiho moved her gaze from Fu’s drenched womanhood to the mattress of his bed probably feeling embarrassed that watching the jinchuriki’s self pleasure was having an effect on her. An effect that he could feel in the way her pussy would coil around him every time Fu let out a sensual moan. Knowing she was close he pinched her nipples as he pulled her roughly against him causing the woman to shout, “Ahhhhh Cumming!”

Her legs lost their strength as she fell forward on the mattress as Naruto let her go pulling his dick from her not wanting to cum himself due to his seeing Fu desperately wanted his attention next. Shiho slipped to her knees resting her head on the bed as Fu giggled due to Naruto grabbing her by the ankle to pull her towards him. Bending forward he cupped the petite girl’s ass as she wrapped her arms behind his neck and standing straight pulled her onto his dick. Both jinchuriki moaned in contentment due to being connected once more and began kissing deeply as Naruto began sliding her back and forth over his pole.

Shiho from her kneeling position on the floor had an excellent view of the action able to see Fu cunt as it swallowed and released Naruto’s cock. Naruto saw Shiho watching out of the corner of his eye and was pleased when her hand moved to her own just thoroughly fucked snatch as she began teasing herself. Both Jinchuriki were close to release due to their previous actions before joining together. Naruto mindful of that was therefore prepared when Fu pussy began convulsing around his dick in an effort to get him spill his load as she shouted her orgasm into the ceiling.

In an effort to get his newest lover in on the action Naruto pulled Fu from his dick allowing her to fall to the bed. Guessing what he wanted from the way he fisted his cock the seven-tailed host quickly slipped off the bed to kneel in front of him with her mouth open pulling the surprised Shiho next to her. Realizing what was about to happen, Shiho followed suit and just as she opened her mouth, Naruto exploded covering both their faces with several ropes of cum. Swallowing what did land in her mouth Shiho pulled her glasses off to clean the white strands from them but realizing she had nothing to clean them with was caught off guard as Fu leaned forward lick the cum off for her. Smiling at Shiho’s shocked expression the green-haired girl wiped a strand of cum from her own face and held the finger to Shiho. She cooed contently as the cryptanalyst after a moment’s hesitation accepted the digit into her mouth and licked it clean of their lover’s essence.

Enjoying the show but knowing the world waited for no one and that it was going to be a busy day Naruto suggested, “How about we pick this up in the shower?” Not waiting for an answer he began walking to his bathroom not surprised in the least as two pairs of feet scrambled after him in order to be first.


Naruto watched as his two teammates sparred wincing every time Sakura’s fist almost connected as Fu scrambled out of the way. His concern was due to the fact that in head to head matchup in a sparring environment Fu was at a serious disadvantage due to the substandard training she received from her Taki instructors. Mainly since it seemed from what she had told him that her training consisted of being thrown into dangerous situations and hoping her Bijuu got her through them. As a result she had excellent reflexes but tended to lack the more refined skills of the profession. Her recent time with Tsunade while he was in Spring Country and Anko’s taking the jinchuriki under her wing as well had helped her improve some, but he knew she still had a long way to go.

The other reason for his reaction was because Sakura refused to open up to the girl. He knew he was the reason for her behavior since he was so guarded around her lately while he had no reason to be with Fu. Although they tried not to show their affections around Sakura, there had been more than a few lunches were they had gorged themselves on Ichiraku only to doze off next to each other waiting for the others to return to awake and find they were holding each other with Sakura already back.

Sakura never said anything and she’d often be off by herself not looking in their direction but it was in the way that Naruto could tell she was forcing herself not too. He knew his keeping his distance from her was becoming a point of contention with Ino, not that she was becoming overly angry with him. But more than one night of passion with Ino had been disrupted due to her bringing up Sakura and his drifting apart and his refusal to correct the situation.

With a mental sigh he thought, “She makes it sound so easy.” And while true Ino seemed more than willing to provide the push he needed to get over some of the hang-ups he had felt to some of the women he had seduced, Shiho and Temari being prime examples. He suspected that even she knew getting through the wall between him and Sakura wasn’t something he could just blunder into. After all it would be difficult under the best of circumstances to explain one of the reasons he was pulling away was because he had started a relationship with her best friend. Let alone explaining that he had also begun one with another classmate, her teacher, her teacher’s first apprentice, and many other kunoichi she knew.

The crack of wood splintering pulled Naruto focus back to the spar to see Sakura carving out a chunk of a tree with her fist as Fu appeared to barely get out of the way. Looking out of the corner of his eye he saw that Kakashi seemed more engrossed in his book instead of the fact one of his team members seemed on the verge of decapitating the other so asked, “Um, Kakashi-sensei don’t you think they’ve sparred long enough?”

“Hmm,” Kakashi replied sounding disinterested in the whole matter as he turned a page in his book before spending a moment to eye the fight. Apparently not seeing the same thing as Naruto, he said, “Nah, Fu’s not going to get better if we don’t push her. Besides Sakura’s a professional, she’s not going to rough her up too much.”

Naruto wished he was as confident as Kakashi but he supposed his worry may have been due to the jealousy he imagined Sakura was feeling towards her new teammate, which may have been nothing but his own ego getting inflated. Kakashi was proven right though when a moment later Sakura connected with a kick to Fu’s stomach after dodging a punch from the jinchuriki. And while to Naruto it appeared that Fu flew back further and faster than he did when Sakura connected with one of her diminished blows, the fact that the jinchuriki didn’t begin violently coughing up blood due to massive internal injuries eased some of the nervousness he felt.

It ratcheted back up though as Fu hit the ground and as she rolled towards her feet became covered in a golden chakra. Standing upright, Fu’s feet didn’t touch the ground as they hovered two feet above the earth, instead the chakra took on the form of a giant armored being that resembled the meshing of a man and a rhinoceros beetle at whose heart stood the floating Fu. She was still easy to see as she floated at the center of the chakra armor that was almost nine feet tall, although from her face it was apparent she didn’t know what was happening and was scared.

Sakura, who had been running after Fu to follow up her attack tried to stop her forward movement but couldn’t before entering within Fu reach. Fu reacted on instinct and with a backhanded swing that the armor chakra mirrored hit Sakura in the side. Sakura cried out in pain as she flew away at a speed that showed the strange chakra shroud packed a serious wallop.

Moving quickly Naruto positioned himself in Sakura’s path catching her to prevent her from smashing into anything. Unfortunately for him though her momentum carried them both backwards into a tree where he absorbed the brunt of the impact. Naruto slid down the tree still holding Sakura who looked up in surprise at who had caught her having come to the belief Naruto no longer valued her friendship. However the way his eyes shone down on her as he asked, “Are you okay Sakura,” belayed her fears if only for the moment.

“Y-y-yes,” she replied surprised at the many swirling emotions just being in his arms was bringing about within her.

Wanting to remain in her current position for a while, she was nonetheless disappointed as his eyes moved from her to Fu showing just as much concern and a little of something that she couldn’t really place but believed stemmed from the many unguarded moments she had seen after returning from lunch during their training sessions. “Calm down Fu,” Naruto shouted, as he effortlessly stood despite the awkward position still holding Sakura in his arms.

Fu focused on him no longer flailing about the training ground due to her fear about what was happening to her and he could see the worry that he was angry at her so after putting Sakura down said more calmly and soothingly while closing with his fellow jinchuriki, “It’s alright Fu, no one is angry. We’re just as confused and worried about what is going on as you.”

Fu tensed and hearing footsteps Naruto believed it was because Sakura was stepping up behind him. But the green-haired girl calmed as Sakura said, “Its okay. I’m not mad Fu. Things like this happen all the time during training. That’s why we train together to learn about each other’s abilities.”

Fu calmed no longer afraid her teammates hated her but was still panicked as she replied, “I-I don’t know what’s happening…please stay back.” To both teens it sounded like her voice was coming from behind a tank of water.

Sakura stopped but Naruto didn’t saying, “It’s alright, I know you won’t hurt me,” as he continued to close with the girl before jokingly adding, “Just be careful where you swing those tree trunk size arms.”

Fu cracked a small smile and nodded so Naruto said, “Take a few deep breaths and try to center yourself. Maybe Nanabi is just deciding to take a more active role in your protection.”

Fu nodded and closing her eyes tried to center her emotions so Kakashi having watched the interaction with interest stepped up to his male student and asked, “What makes you think that?”

“It’s pretty obvious it’s her Bijuu behind this,” Naruto replied trying to thread the needle of telling the truth and hiding his recent activities.

“I’ll give you that,” Kakashi replied with a smile, “However, I’ve felt Bijuu chakra before and although it’s definitely a Bijuu it’s lacking all the malice I associate with it. Not to mention Fu made it sound like the only time the Nanabi would help her is when her life was on the line.”

Naruto shrugged and instead of saying he suspected that the Seven-tails was responding to Kyuubi’s request to help its host in order to receive some sort of compensation from him instead said, “Maybe it’s taking a more proactive role in order to no longer heal her when she’s at death door.”

Kakashi eyed him in a way that told Naruto the jounin believed he was holding something back. But, before either of them could speak more on the matter, Fu’s head lulled suddenly like she had fallen unconscious and the chakra around her dissipated. Naruto caught the girl in his arms before she hit the ground and breathed a sigh of relief when she let out a light snore. Guessing she had fallen asleep due to her meditation, he turned to Kakashi to say, “I’m going to take her to the hospital to get checked out.”

Kakashi nodded his permission so Naruto then took off running from the field with the sleeping girl in his arms. Sakura watched with what she imagined was a fair amount of envy but pulled her attention to her team leader as he said, “You should get checked out too Sakura.”

Sakura nodded as she grabbed her arm that had been hit already feeling a large bruise threatening to appear. Although she could probably handle it herself, she knew it would be best to have someone else check in case there was an unknown effect from being hit by Bijuu chakra. Not to mention she could probably run into Naruto in hopes of closing some of the distance between them spurred on by the memory of the way he had looked at her as he held her in his arms. Before leaving to follow after Naruto she asked, “What are you going to be doing Kakashi-sensei?”

“I think I’ll do a little research on any past encounters with hosts of Fu’s Bijuu. Maybe get an idea of abilities they’ve shown in the past.” Sakura nodded but was sure he’d mix in some reading of his porn and knew he also hoped to limit the chance of being caught by surprise like he had been today. Walking away Sakura pushed that out of her mind in favor of wondering what it would be like to be held by Naruto in a situation when her life hadn’t been on the line.


“Well that’s good,” Kyuubi said as they prepared to transfer her will into the body of the brained-dead women in the coma ward since outside the seal Naruto, Tsunade, Ino, and Yuugao were standing in a mostly deserted coma wing due to it being lunchtime and Ino was scheduled on duty.

“I suppose,” Naruto admitted, “Although if Nanabi wanted to show that it was going to be helpful it would have been better to try not killing Sakura in the process or showing off in front of Kakashi-sensei.”

Kyuubi smiled over her shoulder as she affixed a paper seal over the one on the gate behind which rested her Bijuu body. “Beggars can’t be choosers. Besides it may have been because of the thorough fucking you gave Nanabi’s host before attending your training that it decided to show itself in such a flashy way.”

Naruto was forced to concede the point, so moving on asked, “So how’s this work again?”

“Simple,” Kyuubi said indicating the seal she had just placed and had two palm outlines on either side of the symbol which consisted of what appeared to be scribbles around the kanji for the number one, “You place your hands in the two outlines and it will allow my consciousness to leave with one tail of power.”

“I take it that’s what the one in the center is for then,” Naruto said.

“Quite perceptive,” Kyuubi replied moving to him and after a light kiss slipped between the bars and added, “And here I thought you were just a pretty face.”

Naruto chuckled before saying, “Well let’s get this show moving along then. See you on the other side Kyuubi.” Placing his hands in the outlines he felt a little queasy and looking down noticed a black hole beginning to appear in his stomach. He felt a bit of panic for a moment but trusting Kyuubi noticed it was probably mirrored by the black singularity that appeared on the other side of the cage. Looking for Kyuubi he noticed her Bijuu body beginning to shake as energy began being sucked from it making it smaller. Finding her human body standing near the blackhole, for lack of a better term, she smiled at him as it began to pull her towards it but before her feet left the ground something clamped on his wrist disrupting the process as a voice he felt was familiar said, “Now that’s enough of that.”


Outside the seal, Tsunade felt her nervousness about the whole thing jump through the roof as the hole in Naruto’s stomach appeared. But trusting in Naruto, she kept her fears in check. As the red chakra began leaving her lover’s stomach to be absorbed by the woman on the bed she felt the fears recede as things were progressing exactly as Kyuubi explained they would. Naturally, that all ended as the chakra suddenly cut off with both Naruto and the woman who should be Kyuubi not moving a muscle.

“What’s going on,” Ino hissed as she watched the clock countdown to the end of the hospitals lunch break and to the increase of the chances of their being discovered as the floor filled with other personnel again.

“I don’t know,” Yuugao replied before asking, “Do you think she tried to betray us and he cut it off?”

“I don’t believe so,” Tsunade said moving to monitor Naruto’s vitals using chakra. “I didn’t sense a sudden upsurge in power suggesting she was up to something. I think it’s wholly likely that the Fourth left some sort of trap or other means to prevent someone from going around the seal.”

“So what do we do,” Ino asked looking at Naruto who appeared to look like a statue due to how still he stood.

“I don’t know,” Tsunade replied concerned, “I don’t know.”


“Fourth Hokage,” Kyuubi said shocked staring at the man holding Naruto’s wrist and whose chakra was disrupting the singularity and preventing her egress through it.

“Dad,” Naruto said his own shock at suddenly being face to face with his father written all over his face.

Minato smiled at his son but before he could say anything Kyuubi said, “You can’t be him. He sealed me using his soul to call forth the shingami.”

Naruto’s face fell at Kyuubi’s words surprising the chakra impression of Minato but he replied, “Very true creature. Still before my death I sealed my chakra into the seal to act as a failsafe in case you ever found a way to bypass or break it.” Looking at Naruto, he said, “Naruto, I regret not being able to see you grow but know that I was with you in spirit.”

Keeping his hands on in the outlines, Naruto looked away saying, “I know, and when I found out my dad was you, I was both happy and angry. But I understand why you did it dad so now I’m just happy.”

“Then why are you trying to undo what I gave my life to do,” the Chakra phantom said. “The Kyuubi would do anything to escape you most know this.”

Naruto looked from the seal guardian powered by his dad’s chakra and memories to favor Kyuubi with a smile before focusing on his father’s concerned face. “How much of my life do you know about?”

“Everything,” his father’s ghost said blushing probably due to his son’s recent memories, “I’m not exactly sure about what to say about your ambition and how you hope to achieve it…but I believe you can do it since I put all my hopes for a peaceful world into you.”

“Then you know Kyuubi is…”

“Naruto, it is a powerful creature that has often tormented humankind do you truly think…”

“Yes,” Naruto replied without hesitation, “You said the Kyuubi would do anything to be free. Well my Kyuubi isn’t the same as the creature you described, and I’ll prove it to you.” Naruto smiled as Kyuubi face teared up at his words. Focusing on the seal and Kyuubi’s bypass of it, he concentrated and the kanji of the number one turned from it to a four. Focusing his chakra into the seal, his father pulled his hand back as Naruto forced open the singularity again. Kyuubi consciousness as well as four tails of her chakra was pulled into the singularity where it took shelter inside her new vessel.

Turning towards his father he tried not to wince as Minato said, “Do you know what you’ve done?”

Naruto nodded though saying, “I do. I’m using the faith you put into me to accomplish the dream of world peace I’m sure you’ve shared with Jiraiya and when you sealed Kyuubi into me. We’ll stop Madara and accomplish our goal of unifying the villages.”

Minato seeing the determination in his son’s eyes smiled brightly and placing his hand on Naruto’s head said, “I’ll leave it to you then,” as he began to fade away. “I’m glad to have been your father.”

“Dad,” Naruto said as the comforting weight on his head faded feeling tears beginning to fall down his face. “Thanks for everything,” he called out even though he was alone.


Outside the seal the three women were surprised when a chakra outline of a fox with four-tails shot from the hole on Naruto’s stomach into the woman. Almost immediately the blackhole closed up and Naruto went limp but before he could hit the ground Yuugao caught him. Although it appeared something had changed due to how much chakra escaped Yuugao didn’t think it raised an alarm elsewhere in the building. She allowed Tsunade to quickly scan their lover and when the older woman nodded, she shunshined out of the room.

Ino who had been scanning Kyuubi noticed the Sannin staring at where Naruto had just been so getting her attention said, “Tsunade, she’s waking up.”

Tsunade spun and as the Kyuubi tried to move her new body helped the Bijuu sit up asking, “What the hell was that?”

“Your Fourth Hokage was far cleverer than I gave him credit for. He left some chakra behind to act as a last resort should I find a way around his seal. Naruto decided to allow me more access to my chakra from the get go to make a point.”

Tsunade made a face that Kyuubi took to believe the Hokage and their lover would be having words about changing the plan midstream. Focusing on the Bijuu she said, “Alright, but thanks to that delay, lunch is almost over so if you’re going to make with a medical miracle now’s the time to do it.”

Kyuubi nodded, and although painful due to her weakened body she managed to clap her hands together which caused a surge of chakra to spread from her in a shockwave that passed over everything in the room as it made its way through the building.

Tsunade felt a tingling as it passed and was glad she couldn’t detect Kyuubi’s chakra in it. Guessing she disguised hers by using her new body’s chakra signature, Tsunade was about to ask what happened when she noticed Kyuubi was unconscious. Lowering her down, the Hokage was about to scan her when one of the other patients in the room yawned, followed by another. Realizing what Kyuubi had done, she didn’t doubt that all throughout the hospital many miracles were happening so that Kyuubi’s would be just one story among many.


Sakura yawned tiredly as she headed to where Ino was assigned for the day. She like every other doctor and nurse had been running ragged as they tried to understand what had happened to heal pretty much every patient in the building. She had been just about to be seen by a doctor for the bruise Fu had left her with and to be checked out for chakra poisoning when the pulse had hit. Both she and the doctor had been shocked when the bruise began to shrink as it healed before disappearing altogether. Before either of them could really begin delving into what had happened Tsunade’s voice had begun shouting out orders through the paging system. Falling into the ‘not on duty but soon would be’ category Sakura had reported to her teacher to be assigned to a cancer wing.

The pulse had reached their as well and patients that had been on death’s door were almost completely health a few hours later. After several hours though no one was any closer to understanding what had happened including her since the pulse seemed to have taken out everything from viruses to heart problems. She had even heard rumors that a brain-dead woman was showing signs of activity as they had already removed her respirator.

Arriving at the Deep Coma Ward, she saw Ino moving frantically about the room as patients were discharged from the room for ones more suited to their needs. Ino noticing her said, “Sakura what are you doing here?”

Noticing that for a while now, Ino hadn’t been using her nickname for her and that it was about the same time as she seemed to have moved on from Sasuke she replied, “I’m being let off since my shift was supposed to be tomorrow. Pretty hectic day huh?”

“Yeah,” Ino agreed, “but in a good way.”

Sakura nodded in agreement since as a doctor death was an enemy and for one day at least it seemed to have been beaten back. Ino smiled at her but looking over her shoulder frowned. Looking towards where the blonde was, she saw a man sitting next to a bed where a woman remained asleep. Wondering what was bothering her friend she asked, “Do you know him?”

“No that’s the problem,” Ino said moving towards the last patient besides Kyuubi that was about to be discharged.

“What do you mean?” Sakura asked following her friend and helped as they moved the man to a stretcher so a nurse could move him to his room.

Ino waited until the task was done and the nurse was on her way to say, “He’s the woman’s husband and the entire time that she’s been here he’s never visited once. Now that she’s on the verge of waking up he’s sitting at her bedside like he’s never left.”

“Bastard,” Sakura said, noticing that Ino mirrored the sentiment. She surprised her blonde friend by saying, “I guess he’s kind of like Sasuke then, huh?”

She could tell Ino was about to inquire as to what she meant but was interrupted by her stomach as it begun to rumble. Ino blushed in embarrassment before saying, “Sorry, I didn’t get to take my lunch since I was on duty and well everything sort of happened after that.”

Sakura laughed but nodded her understanding said, “Go on, I’ll watch things here till you get back.” Ino nodded her thanks and left but not before sending a worried look towards the sleeping woman and her husband. Sakura moved to the watch station and curious began looking through some of the files of the patients kept there. She would look up from the file she was reading occasionally to see the man stroking his wife’s hand. She was just finishing reading a file on an Anbu medic named Taji who had awakened screaming out a warning to the Fourth Hokage. Since she had been found during the Kyuubi’s rampage buried under some ruins along with Biwako Sarutobi, who did not survive, Sakura guessed the woman had been having a nightmare of the Kyuubi attack when the pulse hit.

She was pulled from her musings by the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking up she saw, the unconscious woman’s husband approaching her station. Putting the file down she asked, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I was wondering when my wife would be moved to her own room?”

“She isn’t scheduled to be moved,” Sakura replied after checking a chart. “Since we don’t know what caused this and she was technically brain-dead for all we know she has simply moved from her previous status to a coma.”

The man nodded but looking back at his wife said, “I bet they are pretty thirsty when they wake up though.”

“Sometimes but she has an I. V. drip which is keeping her hydrated.”

“Still could I trouble you for a glass of water… something I can give her should she wake up?”

Sakura kept from frowning at the man guessing that Ino was right about him trying to position himself as the caring husband his actions showed him not to be. But seeing no harm in it said, “Sure.”

Standing she walked with the man towards the exit. He broke off to sit next to his wife and began stroking her hand again as Sakura left the room.


Kyuubi awoke to the feeling of someone running their hand over hers. To be honest she knew it wasn’t Naruto since they lacked warmth seeming to her to be something the person was doing to keep up appearances. She heard the door to the large medical wing swing shut and could sense she was alone with whoever was stroking her hand which stopped almost immediately. She then heard the man beginning to fumble in his pocket for something.

Blinking open her eyes, she was surprised to see her body’s husband leaning over her as he pulled something from his pants pocket. The husband pulled back surprised before an evil grin appeared on his face as he said, “What perfect timing.” Grabbing her arm roughly, he pulled it straight as he pulled a syringe free of his pocket. Pulling the cap free with his teeth he said, “Don’t struggle bitch, the last thing I need right now is you waking up and putting a damper in my great life. Didn’t you learn that the first time?”

Kyuubi naturally struggled trying to pull her arm free but was hampered by how weak her body was due to its long inactivity. “P-please don’t,” she squeaked afraid like she’d never been before.

“Shh, it’ll be just like last time. Now stop fucking struggling.”

Kyuubi tried to scream but found her voice couldn’t manage more than a rough yell that she doubted anyone outside the room could hear. Just as the needle was about to enter her skin a new voice said, “Here’s your water.”

Her attacker stiffened as he spun towards the returned Sakura, who having had a bad feeling had headed back, and saw that she didn’t have a cup of water but was wearing her black gloves, one of which buried itself in his face. Flying away from Kyuubi, the man went through the wall behind her bed.

Sakura didn’t spare him a second thought knowing he’d never bother anyone again instead checking on the woman who he almost murdered and if she had to guess he was probably responsible for her brain-death in the first place. “Everything’s going to be alright,” Sakura said soothingly seeing the fear in the woman’s eyes.

Kyuubi feeling her body wanting to sleep due to the adrenaline leaving her system, a new experience in its own right, said, “Thank you, Sakura,” before closing her eyes and falling fast asleep.

Sakura sat back surprised the woman had known her name but focused on more important matters of alerting security to collect the husband’s body and the syringe to analyze what it was full of.


“It turns out the syringe was filled with a poison that attacks a person’s higher brain functions. I believe, from what I’ve read about her condition and overheard him saying as he attacked his wife, is that while on the holiday where she fell ill he injected her with it and after she collapsed waited for it to run its course to bring her back to Konoha.”

Tsunade nodded agreeing with Sakura as she gave her report about what was found in the syringe she had taken the day before. Much like when Sakura had been learning the medical profession from her Tsunade asked, “Why do you believe the doctors at the skiing resort they were staying at didn’t catch the poison she was admitted almost as soon as she collapsed?”

Sakura was surprised by the question having grown used to Tsunade being rather short with her lately. But seizing on the opportunity to recover some of the closeness they used to share said, “That’s because this stuff isn’t the run of the mill poison most husbands use to off their wives or vice-versa. Its shinobi grade quality and is easily curable. But you have to know what to look for and by the time the doctors were even thinking along those lines it was already burnt out of her system causing the brain-death she suffered.”

Again agreeing with her apprentice Tsunade said, “I would concur. Well done. That’s one problem taken care of at least.”

“What do you mean Lady Tsunade?” Sakura asked confused since the Hokage made it sound like there was more to the open and shut case.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself over,” Tsunade replied but could tell Sakura was interested so giving a few details added, “It’s just her family is already taking steps to block any move on her part to retake her company. They’re trying to hold onto their power and since many of them reaped the benefits of her being incapacitated are loathe to return to how things were.”

“It seems to be a pretty easy solution to solve to me. It’s here company so she should run it if she wants to once she’s out of the hospital.”

“Can I quote you on that,” Tsunade replied her tone light. However the moment passed and turning to look out the window of her office said, “However, money and power have a way of making even simple things far more complicated then they need to be.”

Sakura nodded and having noticed her name removed from the hospital schedule for the day asked, “Milady, I noticed I wasn’t scheduled for my shift. Is there a reason?”

Tsunade nodded replying, “Yes, you have a mission but I’ll explain it when the rest of the team I’ve assembled is here.”

The two made idle chit-chat as they waited. After ten minutes the door opened and Tsunade saw Sakura’s eyes light up as Naruto stepped into the room. They dimmed somewhat as Hinata as well as the rest of Team Kurenai entered behind him. Fu entered via the window and as expected Kakashi appeared last. Once all the principal players had gathered Tsunade began the meeting saying, “Our intelligence network has recently picked up the trail of Itachi Uchiha.”

Tsunade paused to watch everyone’s reactions as expected many were surprised at the sudden revelation. Naruto’s being the most evident to see, since she had kept the information from him in order to insure he’d be surprised when it was revealed. Plus she would admit a part of her wanted to reveal it in a situation where she’d be the one calling the shots due to her not exactly being thrilled at the idea of sending him after Akatsuki. Sakura’s reaction surprised her though as her gaze suddenly moved to Naruto. Tsunade didn’t doubt that her student had already made the leap that a mission involving Itachi was bound to be tied to Sasuke in some way.

Therefore she wasn’t surprised like everyone else was as Sakura said, “I take it this team is tasked with locating Itachi and capturing to bait Sasuke.” Although Sakura sounded sure she waited until Tsunade nodded her head to say, “I don’t think we should bother and instead concentrate on protecting Naruto from Akatsuki.”

“Sakura…” Naruto said shocked his head turning towards his teammate, “Does this mean…”

Sakura smiled at him briefly before saying, “If the rumors Sasuke killed Orochimaru are true then that means he’s making his move on Itachi. I bet Itachi is letting his location be known so Sasuke can find him. It seems to me both of them have been looking forward to this day and we shouldn’t get involved.”

“That’s quite the change from your earlier hopes,” Tsunade said diplomatically.

Sakura looked down at her feet and Tsunade could tell she wanted to look at Naruto as she replied saying, “I-I’ve been rethinking my priorities Lady Tsunade. Also, if we get between Sasuke and his pursuit of Itachi…I can’t say for certain he’ll remember we’re his friends. We should concentrate on defeating Akatsuki and right now the best case scenario is Sasuke kills Itachi hurting the organization without us needing to lift a finger. T-the worse is… he doesn’t.”

Tsunade leaned forward and rested her elbows on her desk, kept her lower face covered by her folded hands. Studying Naruto over them she asked, “What do you think Naruto? You are one of Akatsuki’s targets so I’ll let you make the call. Should we let Itachi and Sasuke have their match and make our move depending on the winner?”

Naruto pulled his gaze from Sakura to stare at Tsunade, who could see he was touched by Sakura wanting to protect him over her desire to return Sasuke to Konoha. However, knowing what they knew about the Uchiha massacre she already knew Naruto wouldn’t just let the two brothers fight. Blowing out a breath noisily he asked, “Is the information source reliable?”

Tsunade kept her surprise at the question from her face and figured he meant Jiraiya since Konan would find a way to contact him herself. Tsunade shook her head no saying, “I’m afraid not which lends credence to Sakura’s theory that Itachi is baiting Sasuke for some final confrontation.”

Naruto let his chin rest on his chest as he looked down in thought. Once he raised it having come to a decision he said, “I believe we should go.”

“Naruto,” Sakura said her tone trying to convey how serious she was about her decision, “Right now you…”

The blond jinchuriki gently cut her off saying, “Sakura…it makes me happy that you are worried about me. But I’m not going to die anytime soon. Besides…I don’t believe Sasuke failing to kill Itachi is the worst scenario that we can expect from this meeting.”

As Naruto responded and mentioned how happy Sakura’s words made him feel Tsunade noticed that Hinata reacted slightly. It wasn’t much and she doubted anyone else saw it but having noticed that the Hyuuga had become rather dismayed at her own lack of progress in changing the color of her chakra, didn’t doubt that she feared now that Sakura was showing signs of moving on past Sasuke feared her own place in Naruto’s heart would be hurt by the pink-haired girl joining the Harem due to Naruto’s long standing crush on her, even if Naruto didn’t play favorites.

“W-what would that be,” Naruto’s pink-haired teammate asked unaware of Hinata’s reaction to her change in priorities.

Looking at her, his eyes showing a seriousness Sakura had never noticed before, he replied, “That Sasuke wins and unable to live without his hatred of his brother finds something new to despise.”

“Okay then,” Tsunade said focusing everyone’s attention on her, “We’ll continue on as I planned. Your mission is to locate either Sasuke or Itachi and upon doing so to capture them. Fu I guess I wasn’t nearly as hard on you as I should have been all things considered. Why the rest of your team is on the mission we’ll see about rectifying that. That is all.” Tsunade smiled as Fu gulped audibly and then watched her lover leave to prepare for his mission while fearing for his safety. But she knew he was right in his decision yet hoped that in the coming confrontation between brothers she didn’t come out the loser.


Kyuubi watched as a nurse name Kaori checked her vitals before scribbling them down into her clipboard. “Is there anything I can get you?” she asked sweetly.

“No thank you,” Kyuubi replied politely.

“Okay,” Kaori said tucking her clipboard under her arm as she headed for the door, “But I’m just a button push away if you need anything.”

Kyuubi nodded as the woman left to check on another of the coma patients that had awakened due to the healing chakra pulse she had unleashed. Laying back into her pillows Kyuubi tried not to let the jitters she still felt at her near death experience get to her, or the annoyance she felt at Tsunade sending Naruto out of the village on an Uchiha hunt before she could experience pleasure at his hands.

Although Kyuubi knew Naruto would have needed to keep his distance till she was discharged. The fact that she was a few days away from just that and he was on a mission for Kami knew how long meant she would probably have to go without for a while longer. Shifting her focus to her new body she was surprised at just how well it was taking to her Bijuu chakra. Although immediately after taking residence inside of it and using the chakra pulse she had in her unconscious state set about enlarging the body’s chakra coils. But what truly was surprising her was that her Bijuu chakra and her human chakra was merging and in effect was causing her to regain her power at a far faster rate than she expected.

Sighing in boredom, she turned her focus to what she would do once discharged from the hospital. First on her list was naturally taking charge of the company her body had built before her death. But with very little information to proceed on at the moment, she shifted gears to the matter of her fellow Bijuu. Fu’s new ability she suspected was Nanabi responding to her request. Therefore she knew her fellow Bijuu would soon be expecting Kyuubi to make her presence know in order to reward it. She knew Nibi was likewise no doubt anxious to experience more pleasure as well so she would need to talk to the two-tails as well.

Naturally once both learned that she was free she didn’t doubt they would expect the same for themselves and while she didn’t doubt Nibi would continue to help once free. Nanabi did cause Kyuubi some worry. Staring up at the ceiling, she began formulating a plan for the seven-tails to both earn its freedom and to make itself useful at the same time. Thinking of some of the other matters on Naruto’s plate she sat up suddenly as she thought of a way to get eyes inside the prison. A smile began appearing on her face as she began working out the details and although there were one or two things she knew would give Naruto some pause was convinced it would work. Not to mention it was probably the best solution they had.

Filing the idea away so she could work on the necessary seals after she was discharged, Kyuubi turned her attention to the door of her room as it opened. Ino smiled at her, although it still was a little weak due to her blaming herself for Kyuubi being attacked and despite the Bijuu assuring her she didn’t share the sentiment since even she had doubted the man would be so brazen, it held a hint of satisfaction which caused Kyuubi to ask, “Well…?”

“They’re pretty much reacting as expected,” Ino reported having been monitoring the vessel of Kyuubi’s extended family and those who ran the shipping company in her stead.

Matching Ino’s smile Kyuubi asked, “Well then, when can I expect some company?”


Sakura watched Naruto and Hinata as they leapt from tree to tree in front of her while attempting to work up the courage to talk to her teammate and trying not to let Hinata’s close proximity to him get to her. The combined Team Seven and Eight had been on Sasuke’s trail for over two weeks and knew they were close. This sign came in the form of a ten kilometer patch of blasted and charred earth at whose center resided the corpse of Manda. Although Kiba had told them he had Sasuke’s trail and Kakashi had called for them to move out. Naruto had just stared into the glazed over eye of the summons for several minutes before responding to Kakashi’s order. He hadn’t talked to anyone since then as they moved as he appeared to be focusing inward, his keeping pace with his fellow Konoha-nin being due to years of practice.

Sakura wanting to know what Naruto had saw in the summons dead eyes moved closer to ask, but was beat to the punch by Hinata. “Naruto,” she said sounding concerned, “What is bothering you?” Too say Sakura was surprised at the ease with which the Hyuuga managed to talk to Naruto would be an understatement. Even if she had suspect the two were closer than they had tried to appear during the mission thus far.

Naruto didn’t seem like he was going to answer at first as he remained silent, but giving a weary sigh that seemed to convey a large amount of responsibility rested on his shoulders said, “I’m trying to come to grips with what Sasuke has become.”

Naruto looked over his shoulder at Sakura, and she guessed from the way he looked at her that he expected her to come to their old teammate’s defense. Instead she simply asked, “What do you mean?”

Sakura took a small amount of pleasure in the surprise her query caused to appear on Naruto’s face, but it faded as he answered, “I-it’s just I can’t imagine throwing away the life of one of my summons like Sasuke did. I know Manda was a bastard and a monster from the stories Pervy Sage would tell me. So I can’t imagine Manda would volunteer to be summoned in order to shield Sasuke from that blast hence he must have controlled him somehow. That means it was a conscious effort on his part to trade Manda’s life for his.” Thinking of how Sasuke had once thrown himself in harm’s way for his benefit, Naruto said, “He’s truly becoming someone I don’t think I’ll be able to recognize once we meet again.”

“Naruto,” Hinata said sadly knowing how much Naruto cherished the bond he had shared with Sasuke.

Sakura surprised both Naruto and Hinata though as she said, “Then we’ll have to stop him.” Naruto looked back at her and she tried to give him a smile but instead looked a little queasy. Not sure she could actually follow through on her words she said, “Naruto…I…I don’t think I’d be strong enough to actually…”

“Don’t worry Sakura,” Naruto said reassuring his teammate, “We’ll do everything in our power to prevent it from coming to that. But if it does… leave everything to me.”

Sakura stared at Naruto’s back in surprise as he again focused forward surprised at just how sure of himself he was. She could tell it wasn’t just him trying to put on a brave front for her, something she would have been grateful for in itself, but that he had thought long and hard on the matter. She was positive that when the time came for a choice to be made on Sasuke’s fate Naruto would be well prepared for that moment.

Sakura felt so childish in Naruto’s presence now and realized that in a sense despite his foolishness in the past he must have always felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. The mature Naruto in front of her had always been there, but he had just chosen to hide him behind a carefree smile. She had just begun to wonder if the changes she had noticed in Ino and the others kunoichi was a reason for his more serious outlook. But just as she began to think along that avenue Kiba called for the group to stop.

“I’ve got Sasuke’s scent again,” he said as the rest of the team came to a rest around him.

“The battle must have taken its toll on him considering the time between the blast and now,” Shino said, “He may not be at a hundred percent just yet.”

“Likely,” Kakashi agreed, “there’s a small village up ahead. He may be there recuperating. Let’s try and get there before he decides he’s rested enough.”


Karin was returning to the inn from shopping for supplies. But she had also taken some time to buy a new perfume that she was sure would put Sasuke in the mood for a little fun. Thinking along that line made her blush, feeling excited by the idea but a moment later her mood dropped as the reality that Sasuke hadn’t touched her since the one glorious night in which she had been his. Remembering the night, she recalled it had been shortly after her defection from the Grass Village upon learning of Sasuke’s leaving the Leaf Village for Sound. Still star-struck from their brief meeting during the Chunin Exams and haunted by his smile as well as the feel of his cool chakra she had left her village that very night.

It hadn’t been easy but eventually she managed to find Sasuke again. Orochimaru had been impressed by her Mind’s eye of the Kagura ability enough that he had offered her a position in his forces. In truth she didn’t care so long as she could be near Sasuke and had been pleased that as she told the Snake Sannin about how she had found them that the Uchiha had looked interested in her. Still he had played hard to get for the majority of the year that they had been at the Southern Base where she had found him. However the night before Orochimaru and Sasuke were set to leave for another of Sound’s many bases Sasuke had come to her and asked if she would one day consider doing him a favor. She naturally agreed but wanted something from him in return, a night with him.

She had said it expecting him to coolly play it off as he had so many of her other advances. But to her surprise he had agreed, and it had been so exquisite she had blacked out. The next morning she had been surprised to find herself in her bed fully dressed but had chalked it up to Sasuke being a gentleman since they had let their passions loose in a supply room.

As Karin recalled the memory she felt herself grow wet, although far more then the recollection of her losing her virginity to Sasuke usually caused. Feeling a pleasant tingling sensation coursing through her she concentrated on it and realized what she was feeling was actually a person’s chakra. An extremely powerful chakra, which was bearing down on the small village where Team Snake had taken refuge after Sasuke’s battle with Deidara. Feeling the other signatures with the powerful one and able to tell one was a dog she guessed that Konoha was on the hunt and they were the prey. Running for the inn she briefly wondered why her body was reacting so strongly to the one chakra since only Sasuke’s had effected her similarly in the past but never so strongly.


“Shit,” Kiba cursed although he didn’t stop moving.

“What is it?” Naruto asked excitedly having moved to the front of the group in his enthusiasm to catch up to Sasuke.

“The scent trail is splitting up. They’re onto us somehow I’m sure of it.”

“I’m on it,” Naruto said creating the hand sign for his go to jutsu. He began channeling some chakra and like in Spring Country he mixed in some Kyuubi chakra feeling it would be best if the clones could take some abuse. He could tell something was wrong almost immediately as the chakra didn’t respond like he was used to and as a result the clones he created all tumbled to the forest floor after appearing looking sickly just like they used to in the academy.

“What was that?” Kiba asked trying not to laugh and failing, “I thought you didn’t have that problem anymore.”

“Naruto are you alright,” Kakashi asked concerned.

“Yeah…sorry,” Naruto replied wondering if it was a side-effect of Kyuubi’s consciousness no longer being a part of him. Creating the clones again he didn’t use any of the Kyuubi’s chakra and hundreds of clones sprung into existence like normal. They took off in all directions, with only Hinata knowing that the Naruto that remained wasn’t the real one.


Moving from tree to tree, Naruto felt bad about leaving the clone behind but was hoping to get a moment alone with Sasuke and suddenly Hiraishining away from the team would mean he’d need to answer far more questions than he was prepared too. Truthfully he didn’t know what he would say if he did get his former teammate alone but he’d worry about that when the time came.

As he continued traveling waiting for one of his clones to dispel in order to tell him in which direction to head, Naruto allowed his mind to wander to the problem with his chakra control that he had just experienced. Normally when he had called on Kyuubi’s chakra it had always seemed to be second nature. Granted it was generally for big things like summoning Gamabunta or when he had fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End. But now it seemed almost slippery as if the chakra was just out of reach and when he did seize it he couldn’t really control how much he used.

He supposed he should just be lucky he had learned by using the Shadow Clone jutsu as he didn’t want to think about what would have happened if a Vermillion Rasengan had blown up in his face. Still he was a little disappointed since having extremely durable clones would have been a blessing in the coming moments of that he was sure. Sighing at the loss, he wondered if Kyuubi had suspected something may have happened to his chakra control of Bijuu chakra but immediately pushed the thought out of his mind. He knew, and the recent bold attack by her body’s husband proved that due to what they had done being a first to both their knowledge that the unexpected was to be anticipated.


Karin was at the back of Team Snake trying to keep pace with the rest of her teammates. But it was proving difficult due in part to the way she was reacting to the powerful chakra signature. Doing her best to ignore it, she tried to not let the disappointment she felt that Sasuke hadn’t even praised her using his old damaged shirt to throw the pursuing Konoha-nin off their trail. It may have been in part due to the powerful signature splitting into hundreds moments later. When she had reported such to Sasuke all he had said was, “Naruto,” before continuing on without breaking stride.

Karin had been doing her best to keep them away from the many clones currently scouring the forest. However due to her growing tiredness as well as the distraction of her rising arousal due to her using her chakra sensing abilities and the strange effect Naruto’s was having on her a clone managed to spot them.

Coming from the front and to the side the clone shouted, “Sasuke,” after placing a hand on the trunk of the tree it landed on. Leaping directly at his old teammate when it became apparent the Uchiha didn’t intend to stop, he said, “Damnit stop man. I need to talk to you.”

Sasuke quickly drew his sword and buried it into his surprised teammate’s chest as he said coldly, “Naruto stay out of my way. If you get between me and my ambition I’m going to kill you.” The clone burst into smoke and Sasuke flew through it landing on the next branch and leapt away again without looking back.

“Man that’s cold,” Suigetsu said before snidely adding, “Hey, I thought you were supposed to be good at sensing chakra. What’s the matter too busy perving over Sasuke?”

“Shut up,” Karin snapped wishing the former Mist-nin was close enough to hit. Her arousal forgotten momentarily as it was replaced with annoyance at the blond Konoha-nin that had just made her look bad in front of Sasuke.

A flash of red appeared behind her followed by a poofing sound before Naruto shouted, “Sasuke!!”

Karin wondered how the blond had gotten behind them so quickly since the closest clone had been hundreds of yards away. Karin did a quick sweep to make sure there weren’t any more clones and realized the one behind them was a diversion. Sasuke landed on a tree branch and leaping into the air to the next tree was surprised as Naruto dropped down from the leaves above.

“Watch out,” Karin shouted pushing Sasuke out of the way and collided with the descending blond. Smashing her head into his, she blacked out but a part of her still felt the strong arms that she believed belonged to Sasuke encircle her as they fell to the ground confident he’d never let anything bad happen to her.


Naruto rubbed his back as he leaned behind a tree having used it to break his and the girl’s fall. As he had wrapped the girl up in his arms after she pushed Sasuke out of the way as they fell a little disoriented himself due to her hard head, he had heard the white haired boy ask Sasuke, “Hey are we just leaving her behind?”

“We know where Itachi is. Her part is over. If she wants to catch up she can unless you want to go back for her.”

The boy’s reply had been swallowed by the distance between them as well as Naruto’s learning that falling from a tree hurts, especially when you are the one acting as the cushion for someone else. Naruto figured he must have blacked out for a while himself because when he came to there had been no sign of Sasuke. Not only that but the Uchiha had managed to avoid all his remaining clones and was doing an excellent job of also hiding from the new ones he had created upon waking.

Therefore, Naruto hoped that Karin would lead him right to Sasuke so had hidden behind a tree in hopes of when she woke up he could track her to him.


Karin moaned as she sat up finding herself on the forest floor. Rubbing her head, she winced from the knot she felt there but the pain helped her remember what had happened. Standing quickly, she looked around for signs of Sasuke sure that sure the Uchiha must be nearby defending her since he wouldn’t just leave her behind. Not seeing or hearing signs of a battle she turned to her Mind’s Eye of the Kagura ability. At the outer edges of her chakra sensing ability she could just make out Sasuke but it was overshadowed by the chakra hiding twenty feet behind her.

Feeling the arousal Naruto’s chakra was causing too well up inside of her. She quickly shut her ability down and although it didn’t cause the lust she felt to disappear it did bring it down to a more manageable level. “I know you’re out there,” she shouted turning to the tree he was behind.

“Shit,” she heard the boy curse as he stepped out from his hiding spot.

“Did you really think I’d just lead you right to Sasuke?”

“I was kind of hoping,” Naruto replied stepping towards her, “Look I know you don’t have a reason to trust me…but I really need to talk to Sasuke.”

“Before or after you drag him back to Konoha,” Karin said defiantly.

“Hopefully before he kills his brother,” Naruto responded quickly, “It’s really important, please.”

Karin could see that Naruto was being truthful with her but not wanting to betray Sasuke said, “No, I’d never get in the way of his fulfilling his dream.”

Growing angry and wondering why it was girls were so hung up on Sasuke especially one that had just been abandoned by him, Naruto snapped, “Why are you being so stubborn about this? He just left you behind like a piece of trash.”

Responding in kind Karin shouted, “Why are you, huh? He did the same thing to you.”

Karin could see her words touched off something in Naruto which his words showed as he replied sadly, “You’re right… but if Sasuke kills Itachi things will spiral out of control.” Naruto paused to take a deep breath and meeting her eyes she was surprised to see two pools filled with pain as he continued, “If that happens I’ll be forced to fight him probably to the death…neither of us wants that so please tell me where he is going.”

Karin nearly told Naruto right then the earnest and emotional tone in his voice telling her how important it was to him. However, what kept her mouth shut was the fact that the only thing that had mattered to Sasuke for all the time she had known him was killing Itachi and she couldn’t be the one to take that from him. Therefore with a small hint of the regret she felt entering her voice she said, “I-I can’t, I’m sorry.”

Naruto seemed to deflate but seemed unwilling to push further for some reason. She went on guard as several ideas seemed to occur to him but he rejected them as he turned away saying, “I understand…you must feel pretty strongly for him.”

“I…” Karin began but trailed off not sure how she felt at the moment since it was apparent that Sasuke had indeed abandoned her. Hoping that maybe Sasuke had had a change of heart she switched her ability back on and found she couldn’t even sense him any further. But whether it was because he was out of her range or because she was standing next to Naruto whose chakra was causing all her pent up lusts to boil over she didn’t know. What she did know was that she was emotionally hurt, angry, and horny, so taking her glasses off tucked the rim into the collar of her shirt and approaching Naruto from behind wrapped her arms around him while in a sweet voice whispered, “Why are you so hung up on Sasuke when you’re here with a lonely woman like me?”

“Gah,” Naruto said surprised as he spun out of her grip and turning to face her found that her harsher persona had given way to a softer and more sultry one. Backing up, Naruto tripped over a half hidden branch and falling on his ass asked, “W-what’s gotten into you?”

Karin dropped to her knees as she slowly began to crawl towards him on all fours saying, “It’s not so much what’s gotten into me but what I want to get inside me.”

Naruto didn’t know where the sudden switch in personality came from but watching her crawl between his outstretched legs like a large predatory cat had an effect on him. An effect she could see as his member filled with blood creating an outline of his cock along his leg before it began tenting his pants. Despite not understanding what brought Karin to such a state since he hadn’t even attempted to seduce her, Naruto was more than willing to reciprocate due to his own frustrations of having gone without since the mission began as he and Hinata hadn’t been able to find any alone time together. Another reason was that once he got his hooks into Karin, he’d simply be able to make her tell him where Sasuke was heading.

Thinking along that line made Naruto feel disgusted with himself since he’d be forcing Karin to betray Sasuke. Therefore just as she was reaching her hand towards his package he rolled backwards to a crouched position causing her to say, “Don’t be shy now. It’d be a real shame not to put that sword you carry around to good use.”

Naruto smirked at her as he replied, “How about this? I’ll please you as much as you want, but then you’ll tell me where Sasuke is heading,”

Karin paused as some of her old feelings for Sasuke resurfaced warring with the lust Naruto’s chakra had instilled in her. The small battle of emotion caused a bit of her harsher persona to re-emerge as she said, “You’re fairly cocky, aren’t you? You’re going to have a hard time satisfying me considering who my first was.”

Naruto’s smile never wavered in the least due to what Karin was implying since he was rather certain considering Sasuke’s abandoning of the young woman he doubted he’d put much effort in pleasing her. Putting some smugness in his voice he said challenging, “Then what are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid,” Karin said quickly although her eyes said otherwise as she felt she was quickly losing control of the situation.

Standing Naruto walked towards the woman where reaching down he cupped her cheek as he guided her to her feet. Staring into her red eyes Naruto simply said, “Good,” before tenderly giving her a kiss that stole her breath away. Once the kiss ended Karin was panting heavily and trying to compare Naruto’s kiss to Sasuke’s found she couldn’t even remember the one she shared with the Uchiha. Sasuke was banished from her mind by his follow up one which quickly grew heated. Losing herself in the kiss as their tongues began wrestling each other, she was caught by surprised when Naruto abruptly ended it and spun her around.

He quickly began planting light kisses on her neck above her high collar before nibbling on her earlobe. Meanwhile he pulled her towards him resting her ass against his crouch where he began grinding his cock into her. As she began matching his actions, he moved one hand from her hip to her breast where he fondled her through her shirt while his other hand traced over her belly-button as it passed over the exposed skin on its way south.

Seeing Karin biting her lip to prevent from moaning he asked, “How am I doing so far?”

Still trying to keep up her harsher persona Karin nevertheless admitted, “N-not bad.”

Naruto chuckled, the vibrations passing through his chest and into her as he said, “You’re right, I can do better.”

“B-better,” Karin said surprised since despite her words she was having a hard time remembering ever feeling so good.

Naruto didn’t respond with words instead he snapped open the button on the shorts she wore and finding she wasn’t wearing panties, his hand quickly dove in past her shaved mound to her drenched lips which he began to massage. “Ahh,” Karin moaned as her head shot back to rest on his shoulder as she stared up at the sky.

“That’s better,” Naruto said whispering into her ear, “Don’t you agree?”

Karin didn’t respond in part due to his sliding a finger inside her at that moment and as she began moaning due to his ministrations he moved the hand on her breast to her hips pushing her shorts down. Once gravity dropped them to the ground, he used the hand to free his cock from its confines. He then lifted her right leg in the air and removing the hand working over her pussy held it up showing her how wet she was.

Placing his cock up against her entrance he asked, “Now do you want to be impaled on my sword? You should know you will tell me where Sasuke is afterwards.”


“Pardon, I couldn’t quite make you out. What was that?”

“yes,” she responded to his teasing although with still only a whisper.

“Sorry, how about one more time with some real desire behind it?”

“Yes! Please I want you to fuck me. I’ll tell you what you want…just please fuck me.”

Naruto smiled before plunging forward but to his and especially Karin’s surprise he tore through her hymen pulling a pained yell from her throat. Naruto dropped her leg causing Karin to drop forward her glasses falling from her shirt to the ground and bending down to look, saw the blood leaking from where Naruto had taken her virginity.

Mind reeling as she tried to understand what had just happened and perhaps due to the pain, Karin remembered the night she had shared with Sasuke. But now she remembered that after he had asked for her help and had heard her demand, that as her eyes had sought out his had found that they were the red pupils of the Sharingan. Realizing that he had put her under a genjutsu she was surprised she didn’t detect it when he had done it but realized it was probably because she didn’t want too. “That fucking bastard,” she thought angrily as she realized the only thing she had been to Sasuke was a chakra bloodhound.

Naruto was coming to the same conclusion as her and guessing how she was feeling at the realization said sympathetically, “Karin… I’m sorry.”

Looking over her shoulder she could see his blue eyes watching her sadly, but to her surprise all Karin felt was an emotional distancing towards her previous crush as she focused on the handsome blonds’ face. Naruto began to pull out but whether to end their encounter or to continue she didn’t know. All she did know was that she wanted to feel needed and therefore said, “Don’t stop…please.”

Pushing forward, he caused her to moan as he pulled her torso back up against his chest as he slowly fucked her while they stood in the clearing. No longer teasing her, he spoke earnestly as he said, “Don’t worry Karin. You’re mine now and I’ll take care of all your needs.”

Karin couldn’t detect a falsehood in what he said and seeing only kindness in his blue eyes nodded her head before locking her lips to his. As they kissed Naruto began fondling her breasts through her shirt again, but wanting to feel them without the cloth barrier began to unbutton her shirt. Panicked Karin broke the kiss as her hands moved to her chest in order to cover it as she said, “No! Don’t.”

Naruto paused in his efforts to please her saying softly, “It’s alright… I just want to see all of you.”

Mindful of the many bite marks on her skin which was why she covered so much of it she said looking away, “N-no, you don’t.”

Naruto was confused until he noticed something under the high collar of her shirt. Moving it aside he exposed a bite mark. Karin realizing what he had seen removed her hands allowing her shirt to open and showed her chest was covered in them. To her surprise Naruto didn’t pull back in revulsion instead he began running his finger over one on her chest as he rested his chin on her shoulder asking, “What are these?”

“My chakra has the ability to heal others if they suck it out, but doing so leaves these hideous marks on my skin.”

“Hideous,” Naruto replied and shocking her placed a kiss against the one on her neck. “They aren’t hideous; no they show just how beautiful you really are.”

Karin’s head spun almost completely around as she tried to look into his eyes to see if he was mocking her. Instead all she saw was honest sincerity as he explained himself saying, “Karin, I’m sure there are plenty of people who knowing they could save a life but be marked by it would choose to keep that ability to themselves.” Grabbing both of her legs he lifted her off the ground as he once more began pumping into her from behind as he added, “You truly are a gorgeous creature.”

“Oh Kami,” she moaned as Naruto began sliding her up and down his cock. As she moaned contently feeling as if her body had been crafted solely to accommodate the large piece of meat currently plunging in and out of her, Karin couldn’t believe how it seemed as if the center of her whole universe shifted from the Uchiha who had abandoned her to the powerful blond whose arms she was now in. And shifted it did as she’d tell him everything he wanted all she’d ask in return was that he’d never let her go.

Once more looking over her shoulder to stare into his eyes she tried to convey her desire through her own. To her amazement it seemed that Naruto received her silent message as he nodded slightly causing her to seek out his mouth and upon finding it began kissing him. The kiss ended as Naruto’s cock began hitting up against the entrance of her womb causing her to convulse around it. The kiss’s ending also highlighted the fact that she was near her end which she announced as she began chanting, “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. I’m Cummmiinnngggg!!!!!”

“Me too!” Naruto shouted in unison with her as he began filling Karin’s womb with his seed.

Karin was no stranger to experiencing an orgasm as she had indulged herself frequently in the art of self-pleasure while entertaining fantasies of Sasuke. However, just like her genjutsu orgasm at the Uchiha’s hands, they had been rather weak in comparison to the pleasure that was currently coursing through her body, a fact that was highlighted as she began squirting something that had never happened to her.

As Karin’s orgasm died down Naruto felt her go slack in his arms as she passed out. Gently setting her down, he cleaned her up and used some chemicals that Tsume had provided him and his girls with in order to fool her fellow clansmen and their nin-dog partners’ noses since he didn’t need Kiba or even Kakashi to know what he was up too. After dressing her and putting on her glasses he lifted her in his arms and began returning to his team using the mark on Hinata as a beacon.

He was half-way to his destination when he began to experience memories of the clone he had left with them. Memories which informed him that he was too late, Itachi was dead and that Sasuke was in the hands of the masked man that claimed to be Madara Uchiha.

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