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“I don't know why I do it. It's like I can't stop it. I feel suffocated when someone gets too close. They want to take care of me. I've never had that in my whole life, Slash. I'm just not used t...

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Axl Rose never allows himself to be happy.

He sabotages every relationship he has ever been im, Slash had witnessed every single one. The guitarist had quietly observed them, watching behind his hair as Axl picked holes in his relationships.

Erin wasn't supportive enough.

Stephanie didn't pay him any attention.

The truth was, Axl was so insecure, he would push away anyone who loved him. He would drown himself in his music, scribbling away in the corner, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him. The only person he confides in was Slash, his best friend. He would crawl into the guitarist's bed at night, curling around the younger man like a vice.

“They all leave, one way or another. But you won't, will you, Slash?”

He would ask this into Slash's ear every night he slipped into Slash's bed.

Then Slash would calmly reply,” No, I will never leave. The day I leave you, is the day I die.”

Axl would slowly fall asleep, unknowingly pressing a small kiss to the crook of Slash's neck before he dropped off.


“...if you can't live with it, live with me, then you can got to hell!”

Slash jumped, his guitar falling to his feet in shock when Axl's bedroom door was slammed shut, two people storming into the living room.

Liv, Axl's recent girlfriend of three months, was fuming. Her cheeks were red and her hands were shaking as she yelled back at Axl.

“It's not my fault you cannot commit. You didn't say we were anything more, so I went on one date, with one guy. Nothing happened, you had no right to flip out.”

“No fucking right? When your sitting at a bar, flirting with some washed up pop star when you have been seen with me, how bad does that make me look?”

Laughing, Liv shot back,”Nothing can make you look as bad as you already do. Hitting your ex- girlfriends, threatening camera men. Why did I even bother?”

Slash gasped, he wanted to smack her himself but he had to keep calm.

Axl took a step back, and Slash noticed the signs. His jaw was stiff, his eyes were closed and his hand was curled into a fist.

He was ready to fight.

Slash got right into action, “I think it's best if you leave, Liv.”

She took one more look at Axl,”Gladly.”

After the door was slammed shut behind Liv, Slash glanced over at Axl before sitting back down on the couch, eyes never removing from the glaring redhead. Axl quietly stared at Slash before sitting down next to the guitarist.

“Why do you keep doing this?” He asked Axl, who was picking at his nails, calming down.

His head snapped up,”Doing what?”

Slash sighed and shuffled closer to Axl, grabbing at his fidgeting hands,”Pushing people away who actually care about you.”

Axl pulled his hands away from Slash, his hands settling in his lap. Slash rolled his eyes and leaned back into the cushions. Axl would come to him if he needed him, the singer knew that already.

Slash stood up, about to make his way to his bedroom when a small, whisper stopped him.

“I don't know why I do it. It's like I can't stop it. I feel suffocated when someone gets too close. They want to take care of me. I've never had that in my whole life, Slash. I'm just not used to it.”

This grasped at Slash's heart. He always had someone there for him growing up, it was either his family or friends. But Axl had no-one but himself or Izzy, if he was around. He was always alone, getting rejected from family. Axl had never been taken care of.

Sitting down next to Axl, Slash pulled the shaking redhead into his arms, running his fingers through his long hair. After a few moments, Axl pulled away, looking up at Slash, who was stroking his back lovingly. Then, slowly, Axl leaned forward, his gaze slipping between Slash's eyes and lips.

Their lips met for the first time, sending a shiver of electricity through Slash's body. His hand cupped the back of Axl's head. Running his knuckles down Slash's cheek, Axl sighed happily when the brunette parted his lips for him. Slash waited until Axl was comfortable before he pulled the singer on top of his lap, hands settling on Axl's hips.

“Let me make you happy.” Slash whispered, squeezing Axl's ass suggestively. The singer groaned, allowing himself to ground against the man beneath him.

Axl flattened his palms on Slash's shirted chest, fingers playing with the necklace around his neck. His eyes roamed Slash's face, observing the emotions, trying to figure out if he could actually trust this man, if he would be able to let him in.

Slash looked up at him, fingers grabbing Axl's chin, forcing the singer to look at him. He noticed the tears beginning to fall from Axl's eyes. His hands brushed the hair away from Axl's face before cupping his pale cheek.

”Just trust me, please.”

Axl nodded, hair falling over his eyes again. Their lips brushed quickly, Axl's face hiding in Slash's neck, relaxing for the first time in years.
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