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Been to Hell, and never going back (maybe..)

by XKilljoyParadeX 1 review

trying for a slightly more light-hearted tone..? idk maybe not

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-04-03 - Updated: 2013-04-04 - 211 words

hmmm... so this is what happens when I delve into my mind at 2am. Interesting.

Been to Hell, and never going back (maybe...)

So you've been to hell...
It was pretty intense wasn't it?
bet it wasn't what you expected,
wasn't as exciting as you thought it would be,
wasn't the release you needed.
Lets face it, it wasn't even fun.

Now you now how easy it is to get there -
too easy really.
Someone really should work on that.
In fact you ended up there by complete accident didn't you?
I think most people do.

There's only really one good thing about it -
when you're there it's easy to pretend that you're not, right?
You can trick yourself into thinking there's nothing really wrong.
I suppose that's probably the point.

But I wouldn't recommend you go there again.
Maybe you won't want to, but the temptation's always there.
So I guess all I'd say is do what ever it takes to avoid it,
to ignore the lure of the escape
(it's definitely overrated).


and stay away from sharp objects in future.

thoughts, anyone? I'm wondering if anyone will get the metaphor behind this.. is it obvious? or is it just obvious to me because I wrote it? ..
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