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Exit Music (for a film)

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There's a way to make everything go funny. And not haha funny.

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So this is pretty much just babble but I need to write something right now to keep my mind busy, because the last two days have been um,interesting to say the least. I kind of accidentally overdosed on painkillers and I’m still feeling extremely weird about the whole thing.
No, omfg it was nothing serious, (and it was literally a total accident, I'm just an idiot who can't remember how many pills they've taken :s) )like I didn’t have to go to hospital or anything- I just got sick and passed out. Yeah, fun. But anyway I’m fine now, it was just Friday that I thought I was gonna die. And then I honestly thought I had died when I fainted (I’d never fainted before then..).

lawl. my life.

Anywaay...this was meant to be a poem not a fucking life story, so, yeah :)

I’m floating
on a cloud
of confusion
my feet don’t touch the ground
I’m floating
through an empty space
filled with foreign life-forms
where am I going?
I’m floating
my existence is hanging
in front of me
swinging just in, just out of reach
I’m floating
not sure whether
to let myself sink
to let myself fly
I’m floating
but I'm scared now
please help me
get back down?

(I do love Radiohead)
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