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Infinite Wisdom Of Bob

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Bobs a genus who likes pizza and cartoons. Not much else to say here. No spoiling it!

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A/N: hey sorry last chapter took so long. iPod problems. Life problems too. Here is not so long awaited chapter 4! Also it'd be really awesome if you could go to see my poetry account at same name as here :D ~xo ntfrnk

"Bren? Get up. Made ya coffee." Ryan nudged at Brendon's almost lifeless body curled up on the small bed. It was almost 10:45 and he was still asleep. He must have bad sleeping habits Ryan thought. 

"5....more....5 minutes grams. Pleeease?" he whined in his sleep flipping over. Mmm...comfy warm bed. Not springy like last night... his thoughts trailed off.

"Brendon! I'm not your grandmother I'm Ryan!!" Ryan did a facepalm. Stupid. 

"What!?" Brendon jumped up and looked around. What was I doing sleeping at Ryan's? And, wait a minute why am I in a different bed!? Brendon was in Ryan's house in Ryan's bed in Ryan's shirt and Ryan was in his underwear.

"Good morning to you too." Ryan laughed and rolled his eyes giving him a cup of coffee. 

"Um, okay. You uh.. You okay? Hangover? You really shouldn't drink so much, it could really hurt you." Brendon fumbled over his words trying to remember going to sleep in Ryan's bed. He couldn't though so he just drank his delicious coffee. Tastes like hazelnut. Mmmmmm.

"Fine, I got my coffee. Are YOU okay?" he looked skeptically at Brendon, pressing the back of his hand to the younger boy's forehead. 

"I'm fine Ryan. Nothings wrong. I-I-I'm really sorry about last night. I shouldn't have done that you said you like girls, I'm-" Brendon babbled on until Ryan finally cut him off. 

"It's fine, chill Bren. We'll put It Behind us alright?" he smiled and his eyes seemed to twinkle at the sun shining in his eyes. 

"Y-yeah. Sure." Brendon stood up. "Hey um I should like, go. Where are my clothes?" he looked around. Ryan walked over to a chair and picked up a blanket off of it, Brendon realized that was the blanket he'd originally fallen asleep on. Under the blanket was his clothes. Ryan handed them to him. 

"Thanks," Brendon smiled and took the clothes. "Why exactly was I in um, your bed?" Ryan turned red. 

"Um, you were uh, asleep. And I uh, was cold. And you woke up. And um, came into my bed? And um. Yeah?" Ryan tried looking like he might faint from embarrassment. Brendon's mouth fell agape. 

"Wh-what? I your bed?" You could say his eyes were the size of the moon then. 

"N-nothing happened! I just, um, we cuddled?" He ducked his head. His face was redder than a tomato with a fever. 

"I thought- but Ryan you said you don't like boys?!" Brendon exclaimed. But he said he didn't! What is his problem!? he thought. 

"I don't anymore! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry I didn't mean to I'm so sorry!" Ryan buried his face in his hands. He looked like he was getting yelled at for breaking the neighbor's window with a baseball. Suddenly, Brendon realized he was crying.

"Ryan? Ryan are you okay?" he walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder. 

"No, I'm not. I'm sorry Brendon. I don't, I don't like boys. I was drunk still I swear!" He looked at him with teary eyes. 

"Okay, fine Ryan. I believe you. Should I just, go?" he pulled on his clothes and ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry Ryan. I'll see you Monday? I uh," he checked his phone. It was 11:30 already. "Shit I'm late I have to go. I'm so sorry." he rushed out the door. He could feel the tears stinging in his eyes. 

Ryan wouldn't ever like or want him. What did he mean 'anymore'? He needed to ask someone. The only person with enough wisdom; a quiet genus who saw all. It was time to visit Bob. 

"DING DONG!" Man why's his doorbell so loud? Brendon thought to himself, he rang again. "DING-DIN-" the door swung open. It was Bob. He looked very pissed. 

"Why are you here?"

"Geez someone doesn't like company!" Brendon laughed. 

"Brendon, you have a phone learn to call first. Why are you here?"

"I need help. What do you know about Ryan Ross?" 

"It's gonna cost you." Bob crossed his arms. 

"How much?" he took out his wallet and waved it. Bob looked questioningly at him. 

"Call Dominoes. Give them my address. Like green pepper and mushroom pizza?"

"Um, yeah?" Brendon laughed. 

"Great call in a medium. You're paying. Then come sit down in the living room. I'll help." Bob turned around and walked to watch TV. 

At least it's 7-dollar Sunday.


"Thanks. Keep the change." Brendon took the pizza, handed William the delivery boy a ten, and shut the door. 

"Here. Medium, cheese, mushroom, and green pepper. They also gave us some breadsticks." He placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Bob lowered the volume on the TV. 

Looney Toons, typical. Brendon thought and rolled his eyes. 

"Thanks. I'm starved. My Parents are out of town for the next week and my brother doesn't live here anymore so I don't eat much. It's too much effort." he sighed and opened the pizza box. 

They both had a slice before Bob turned to Brendon. "How may I help?" he said grabbing a breadstick. Brendon told him the whole story, 

"-and then he said 'I don't like boys anymore.' and I thought about it before saying I had to go. I figured you would know. You know all" he finished with a sigh. 

"You're not recording this are you?" Brendon shook his head. Bob nodded. "I bet you're thinking why he said anymore?" Bob asked. 


"He was bisexual. He dated a boy named Daniel. But one day his dad saw him with Dan and flipped out. Dan was permanently forbidden from seeing Ryan anymore and he actually moved on really fast. Ryan's dad beat the shot outta him though. He told him no son of his was gonna be gay. From that day on Ryan swore he wouldn't like boys because he didn't want to be hurt again by one or his dad. He started a band and now he drinks a lot too." Bob said. 

"Oh, well what do you suppose I do? Think I have a chance?" Brendon's hopes leaped an inch. 

"Dunno. You said you slept in his arms unconsciously, yet he knew, then possibly. I'm the info guy, not problem-solving guy. Sorry man. If you already told him how you feel then just wait a bit. Ty and lure him in somehow?" He grabbed another piece of pizza. 

"Thanks Bob. I'll try." Brendon smiled, he knew just who to ask now. He got up and started toward the hallway. 

"No prob. Thanks for the pizza man, wanna stay and eat some? I really shouldn't finish it all. Too much weight gain and my mom might put me on a diet!" he chuckled. "Plus, Johnny Bravo is up next."

Brendon shrugged. "Why not." he sat back down to watch the next few cartoons. 

At least I'm in good company! 


"Pete? You there!?" Brendon sang into the phone. 

"Chill your boobies Brendonator! I is a here." He could hear Pete laugh on the other side of the reciever. 

"You home?"


"Well then where are you?"

"Outside your window." Brendon looked out and realized Pete throwing gummy bears at his window. Pete saw him and waved violently. 

Brendon rushed downstairs out to his lawn. "What the hell Pete!?" 

"What'd I do?"

"You've been outside but didn't knock even though I was calling you!?" 

"Oh, yeah that. I dunno. Bored I guess. Patrick had to go to work and I had to keep my mind off of him somehow." 

"You're a dumbass. You know that?"

"I prefer the term 'Idealist' or 'Secret Genus'."Pete snugged. "Why did you call anyway?"

"I need help-"

"It doesn't look like it. Anyway that's not my job. I only do that for Patrick, I did once for Mikey too.." Pete cut him off. 

"No you stupid pervert! I need advice!!" Brendon slapped him. Pete rubbed the side of his face.

"Oh... That hurt man!!"

"Get over it Pete. You idiot. I just need your advice, how do you get a guy who only likes girls to like you?"

"Hmm.. Tell him?"

"Did that. Not good."

"Well you could always be a girl for him?"

"What the hell Pete! First I'm a boy, second, I don't think I can be a girl."

Pete smirked. "I can help with that!" he grabbed Brendon's hand and pulled him down the street. They were going to fix the problem. 


Longer this time!:D hope you enjoy!!-xo
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