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Jazz Hands And Rock N' Roll Animals

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These kids are streetwalking cheetahs with a capital K.

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The bullets continued to rain against the windows, shattering the glass as the eight killjoys huddled in the cellar of the Dead Pegasus gas station. It was pitch black save for the one flashlight that Party Poison had grabbed before they ran down and hid.


"What if they find us? What if they hurt you? What if you die?!" the tiny curly-haired girl, Kitty whimpered to her older brother Fun Ghoul.

"What if I hurt you before they do because you won't shut up?" Kobra Kid growled.


"Shut up, Kobra. She's only twelve!" Ghoul hissed. "We'll be fine, soon they'll go away, okay honey?" he said softly to Kitty. She nodded and buried her face in his chest.


Ghoul's best friend Raging Wires quickly put her chocolate brown hair into a bun and got out her black and rainbow spark-covered raygun. "Best be ready for a takeover." she said bravely.

"Save your breath, we're going to die." Kobra snapped.

"And I never got to see Hollywood." Jet Star mumbled sadly.

"What is with you all? If they find us, which they won't, we'll be ready." Party stood up, pulling his black and red checked bandanna over his mouth.

Doctor Dream and Riot Dice, the two new additions, stood uncertainly in the middle of the dank cellar alcove. "Well, we'll have your back if it comes to that." Dream said. Riot nodded and flipped his messy auburn hair out of his face.

"I swear, if they mess up my freshly dyed locks I will kill them." Riot said sassily. Party turned around and raised his eyebrows.

"Okay, one: if you're going to stay with us, I'm the sass queen. Not you. And two: that's the least of our problems." he snipped, putting his face just millimeters away from Riot's.

"Hey, hey. Calm down. You're both fantastic, okay?" Jet Star stood between the two teens.

"I'm not just fantastic, I'm fabulous. I put the 'fabulous' in Fabulous Killjoys!" Riot snapped his fingers in front of Party's face.

"You used to be part of BL/I, tell me what will happen to us." Kobra ordered to Raging.

"How do you expect me to know, Kobra? I was just a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W soldier in training." Raging snapped. "You don't like me, do you?"

"How'd you know?" Kobra Kid smiled sarcastically.

"You cheeky bastard! Well guess what? I don't like you eith-"

BANG! The door burst open up above them and heavy combat boots thudded across the floor right above their heads. Dirt rained down.

"Where are they?! You told me they'd be hiding here." a deep voice boomed.

"Sir, I swear I saw the little one run in here fifteen minutes ago. They're just really good at hide and seek? -loud smack- Oww! What was that for?" a high voice whined.

For being a complete and utter idiot! Eiko will punish us if we don't find them, least not the tall grey-eyed one and his friend with the red and yellow gasmask." the bass-voiced man yelled.

"They know who you are?" Kobra whispered to Doctor Dream. Dream shrugged and quietly got out his raygun from his dark blue vest.

"Guess so."

The several feet thumped across the room and over where the cellar was hiding under a stained carpet. More dust fell from the ceiling and Kitty sneezed. Ghoul hurriedly slapped his hand over her mouth and tightened his arms around her. "Did'ja hear that?" the whiny voice questioned. A slap rang out.

"Of course I did, moron! They're somewhere in here. Come out, come out where ever you are." the deep voice cajoled mockingly.

"I'm scared." Kitty sniffled.

"We all are. What, you think we're staying in this cramped cell for fun?" Kobra quietly snapped. Party Poison backhanded him.

"I THINK I HEARD SOMETHING!" A punch was heard.

"That was you, nitwit!"


Incoming call from: Kurai Eiko. Incoming call from: Kurai Eiko.

"Hello? No, si-ma'am. Yes ma'am. We can't find them. Of course. Come back? O-okay. Noted." The boots then thudded to the door and out. A car engine started and then faded away as the vehicle left the vicinity.

"Well, that was close." Party Poison sighed.

"Too close for me." Raging Wires muttered. Ghoul hefted Kitty up in his arms and climbed out of the earthen cellar first. He peeked out.

"All clear, guys." Everyone else crawled out and stood up.

"We should see if they mentioned us on the radio." Jet Star mused.

"What, wanna get famous?" Kobra sneered.

"No, so we know if we should get the hell out of here." Doctor Dream stated flatly, taking his hockey mask off. The sun was starting to go down, pink and violet rays shining through the busted windows. The Killjoys stood around awkwardly until Jet Star went behind the counter and pulled out a taped-together radio. He turned the knob a couple times until they heard a faint voice coming in.

This is Brenda Walker with a special news report. At 2:30 this morning four rogue killjoys were found in Better Living Industry's control room trying to detonate the building. We're at the scene of the crime, waiting for Korse to come and update us. Back to you, Brad.

They killjoys stay around the old radio in silence until Doctor Dream kicked at a spilled PowerPup can on the floor angrily. "Now what?"

"Let us the hell out!" the tall, electric-blue eyed boy yelled, pounding at the iron door. Karma Police was having a bad day. Already, he had: been in three Drac fights, lost his group's only map, broken his toe (don't ask how), and fallen out of a window. Things weren't looking so bright for the rebels.

"Come off it, Karma. The fuzz ain't gonna just say 'Oh, just 'cos you asked politely, we'll let'cha walk'." Leather Vengeance, a boy with aviators and choppy black hair drawled.

"Sammy, stop being such a jerk." Antique Static, a younger girl with long white-blonde hair and a button nose sighed. Vengeance shot an annoyed look at his younger sister but shut up. He looked up at the pretty blonde-haired girl staring out the cell window.

"What do you think we should do, Vinny? Even though Karma got us into this mess." Vengeance tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around.

Vinyl Rabbit was silent for a moment, then she sat down on the soiled mattress and put her arms around Static who was miserably looking at her ripped blue tutu. "We wait."

"Hey, wait a minute. Didn't we vote that Vinny was the genius of the group? What kind of answer was that?" Karma frowned.

"A smart one. We don't do anything to piss the big guy off. We play it safe." Vinyl said confidently. The others nodded, slightly confused.

The door burst open and in walked three burly S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W soldiers. They grabbed Vengeance and Karma and pulled them out before either one could protest.

"VENGEANCE!" Static shrieked, fighting to open the door. Vinyl struggled to pull her back, hugging the younger girl to her.

It was night by the time the boys were shoved back inside, bloody and bruised.

This is Brenda Walker from CBS News, coming to you live from Better Living Industries. We just got a phone call from Korse himself saying that the executions of the rebels would commence in two days. The rebels will be hanged in Battery City's town square on May twenty-second. Back to you, Brad.

Kitty burst into tears and Fun Ghoul lifted her up, shushing her while the others stared at the radio in shock. "Th-they're gonna d-die," she sobbed.

"No they won't. Not if we can help it." Party Poison paced around the room anxiously, running his hands through his bright red hair.

"Nah. They'll die." Kobra stated. This earned him a punch from Fun Ghoul.

"Listen, smart-ass. If you don't stop making the kid cry, I'm going to give you something to cry about. Now shut it." Ghoul snarled. Kobra raised his hands in defense anc backed off. "Riot, kindly take Kitty to the back room and keep watch for any more Dracs." Ghoul said, not looking away from Kobra's embarrassed face. Riot nodded and gently pushed Kitty towards the door.

"Hey, I'm almost an adult! Lemme stay!"

"You were just crying a second ago, hun."

"Oh come on, I'm an actress, it's what I do." Their bantering voices faded as they walked away.

Fun Ghoul turned around and yawned. "I'm getting real tired of you, Kobra."

"I was just messing around." Ghoul's eyes widened in disbelief when Kobra said that.

"Messing around?! How old are you, thirteen?"

"She needs to grow up."

"Don't tell me what she should or shouldn't do! We're in the middle of a fricking war, she's scared." Ghoul growled.

"We're all scared." Raging said tiredly. "Listen, stop fighting and listen to Party Poison. He's been trying to tell you what we're going to do for five minutes."

"Thank you." Party Poison strolled over to the counter and tugged down a large map of California. "This, my friends, is our plan. . ."

"Woah." Doctor Dream breathed. "This idea is crazy. How're we going to get past Eiko?"

"I haven't thought that far yet." Party sighed.

"We're gonna do what to them?" Everyone whirled around to see a barely-awake Kitty, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"What are you doing up so late? Where's Riot? I told him to keep an eye on you." Fun Ghoul said, exasperated. Kitty put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows.

"You actually expected Riot to pay attention for more then ten minutes? He's designing a new raygun right now."

"Gays." Ghoul muttered and went off to berate Riot and his designing skills.

"Hey!" Doctor Dream yelled angrily. "I take offense to that."

Kitty hopped up onto the Formica counter and took the map from Kobra's hands, grinning teasingly at him. "Ooh, what's this? Are we drawing pictures, cos I love drawing, especially drawing Riot and Dream making out. Once I walked in on them in the bathroom and Dream's shirt was off and Riot had peanut butter on his di-mmf!" Kobra quickly slapped his hand over her mouth to stop any further arguments. Kitty narrowed her eyes at him.

"You never shut up." Kobra said exasperatedly.

"That's 'cos I like to annoy you." Kitty smiled sweetly at him.

"You're a demon, you know that?"

"I'LL MISBEHAVE IF IT TURNS YOU ON. NO MR. RIGHT IF YOU WANT MR. WR-" Kobra slapped his hand over her mouth again.

"GHOUL! C'MERE AND TURN YOUR RADIO OFF." Kobra yelled. Kitty got loose and ran out of the room, laughing like a maniac. "Kids these days." Kobra Kid grumbled.

"And you're one of them." Doctor Dream said pointedly. Kobra rolled his eyes and stalked to the bathroom. As he walked out Fun Ghoul walked in dragging Riot Dice with him, Riot looking sheepish.

"We ready to explain our plan to Riot?' he asked. Then he looked around. "Okay, where's Raging?"

"I'm up here making s'mores!" Raging called from the roof. Everyone walked outside to see a bonfire and a very excited looking Raging, dark green eyes aglow. "I worked really hard on this."

"Thanks, 'm starvin'." Ghoul grabbed a bag of StayPuff marshmallows and dumped all the contents into his mouth. Raging stood next to him, mouth open. "What?' he said with his mouth full.

"You ate the last bag of marshmallows!" she hissed, face getting redder by the moment. Raging grabbed the front of Ghoul's shirt. "You. Will. Pay." With that she stomped away and down the side of the building. The others followed her into the gas station, grumbling to Ghoul about eating the last marshmallows.

"What? I was hungry!" he whined.

The two teens were thrown back in the musty cell. "Well. Negotiating didn't work." Karma Police stated, dusting himself off. Antique Static looked up from her perch on the window sill.

"You tried to negotiate?" she raised her eyebrows.

"I believe he just used sarcasm." Leather Vengeance wiped dried blood off his face. "And it didn't work." He wiped away more blood. Antique Static shook Vinyl Rabbit from her deep sleep on the mattress.

"What happened?!" she gasped.

"Life." Karma grumbled. "We got to talk with the big man himself and may have pissed him off."

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