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If You Take A Pete To The Park (chapter 5.5 peterick edition!)

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Mini chapter about Pete and Patrick I promised. Not nc-17 but mentions. Read with disgretion or blah.

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A/N: Hey, I really apologize that I haven't put up the next chapter. I'm figuring things out right now. to make it up here is the Peterick side chapter I promised to those of you I'm in contact with! :D its inspired by the style of the if you give a mouse a cookie series of kids books (WHICH I DON'T OWN!!)  anyway, enjoy!!

If you take a Pete to the park,
He's going to want you to push him on the swings. 

And if you push him on the swings,
He's going to be high enough to see the ice cream man. 

And if he sees the ice cream man,
He's going to want ice cream. 

And if you get the Pete some ice cream,
He's going to end up sticky from it melting. 

And when he's an ice-creamy mess, 
Your going to have to go home and clean him up.

And when he's all clean,
He might be cold from his shower.

And if he's cold,
He's going to want to cuddle. 

And if you are going to cuddle with a Pete,
He's going to want to kiss you. 

And if he kisses you,
Your going to be kissing for a long time. 

And a long time means long,
Until it's sunset. 

And when the sun sets,
He's going to be very tired because of the long day. 

And if a Pete is tired, 
He's going to pass out. 

And when he passes out,
You'll have to put him into bed. 

And once you get him into bed,
He's going to make you fall asleep next to him. 

And when you fall asleep next to him,
You will wake up to warm lips on your own. 

And that means those warm lips are fully energized, 
And the Pete is going to want to go out. 

And when an energized Pete wants to go out,
He's going to ask to go to the park. 

Lesson to be learned: if you have a Pete and your a Patrick, don't take him to the park. 

But when your a Patrick, even though kisses are nice, it's way too much work. And so he does what the sensible Patrick would;

He stays home with Pete in their apartment,
They don't go to the park in the first place,
And they watch their favorite movies, 
And have sex a lot during the day. 

The End!
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