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For AJ.

by electricviolence 2 reviews

We are an island of misfit toys.

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This is for AJ. (atomickilljoy) I know a lot is happening with you right now, and I want you to know that you're not alone. You may not think this is true but you are perfect , just the way you are. You are my sister. You are my best friend-- My fucking rockstar. I love you. We all love you. If you need anything, you can e-mail me. I always find a way to use that, even when I can't get on Facebook.

We are an island of misfit toys.
Trying to change our bashed up pieces,
and replacing what makes us different.
From our paint,
our hinges and wheels,
To our parts,
Even the way we feel.

We are a band of the world's most angry punks.
Pissed off and wide-eyed,
Yellow-bellied and tongue-tied.
We have so much to say,
and no way to let it out.
So, we're forced to scream and yell
and beg through our music as if it's going to let something,
anything through.

We are the rebels that overthrow the king.
Plotting, corrupting, pillaging.
We will take what we can get and feel nothing.
Because we are considered to be nothing.
We are not small or big enough,
Pretty enough,
Smart enough,
Or good enough for self-proclaimed royalty.

We are a family of misfit toys.
Helping each other find our missing pieces,
and assuring that there is nothing wrong with being different.

We are that band of angry punks,
screaming sweet nothings at each other all day because we know,
someone here is gonna listen.

We are the rebels that will over throw the king.
Because despite of our differences,
We are fine,
just the way we are.

We are a family that fights together.
And, I'm not about to change that.

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