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I'm a Green Machine

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Lazer Queen is reunited with an old friend called Green Machine, a man she hadn't seen in years. Though here are two problems with this reunion, one being Blade Runner's death and two being the man...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. It's a little later in the day then usual but seeing as this is the first hot, sunny weekend we've had so far in Great Britain I was out enjoying it. But anyway, chapter up, enjoy. Sorry It's a shortie, but enjoy anyway.

BTW I'm not a sheep so am not calling this character what everyone else seems to call him, and there is an explanation to the name, but that won't be revealed straight away. And if you're smart enough you may just work it out yourself.

Chapter 17. I'm a Green Machine

My smile got even wider at the reunion with my old friend.

“Green Machine? Is that you?”

Helmet Guy, Killjoy name Green Machine, wears a blue helmet with a visor, always down. He has a head of brown hair poking out of the bottom of this said helmet. He wears a small vest top with the word ‘noise’ written across the front. He also wears white leggings adorned with blue spots and a man thong over the top. He usually travels by roller-skates.

“It’s me honey! And hasn’t it been a while?” Wow, two reunions in one day... I was overjoyed, so overjoyed I embraced my old friend in a tight hug.

“Green Machine! God it’s been so long! How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good. I can see you’ve held up well though, but no Blade?” My face dropped slightly at the mention of my best friend.

“...Yea, no Blade.”

We both heard a throat clear from behind me, that is when I remembered red boy’s presence. I looked behind me to see Party’s angry yet curious eyes, I took my place back beside the pillar I had been leaning on before and started introductions.

“Party, this is an old friend of mine, Green Machine.” I then moved my eyes back to Green Machine. “Green, this is Party Poison, leader of the clan based in zone 6 on the outskirts of Battery City.”

“Oh, I know who he is. Even out here in Battery City you guys are known very well. As are you Lazer, one of the only members of Clan Killjoy left alive.” My eyes moved to the floor again, he obviously didn’t know about Blade.

“Why do people have to keep reminding me of that? It’s not like I don’t already know, like I have to keep being reminded.”

I then heard Party speak up, but speaking to Green instead of me.

“Well, in all the time I’ve known Lazer she hasn’t mentioned you.”

Here we go again; the annoying Party Poison is back... I guess it’s just with people he can’t trust. But does that mean he trusts me now?

I then heard Green speak up in a rather inappropriate tone, knowing Party Poison wasn’t happy with him being there.

“She’s met far too many Killjoys to just mention one in particular.”

An argument was brewing. I could tell, just by the way they were talking to each other.

Party spoke again, speaking matter-of-factly.

“She mentions Blade Runner a lot.” Green, also speaking matter-of-factly.

“Blade Runner’s her best friend.” Party, matter-of-factly, drawing out the first word for emphasis.

“Was her best friend.” Green, menacing.

“What’s that suppose to mean?!” I’d had enough.

“He’s dead Green!” They both looked me, as if they’d forgotten I was there. Green looked confused and sad, Party looked guilty.

“Now stop it, both of you!”

I didn’t wait for either of them to reply. Instead I walked back into the building, leaving them both to their argument.

Not a great start, not a great end. I'm actually quite disappointed in this chapter if I'm completely honest, but it was just an introducing of a sub character really. For those interested I will have a few other sub characters in, they're basically characters that don't play a main part and I mention once or twice. Kinda like Blade Runner, but he's a main sub, so don't worry about keeping up. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the chapter even if I'm not too fussed about it. Remember, if you have any advice or ideas give me a holler.

S xx
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