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Oneshot for mah Sammo. Baby you're awesome. c;

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My body's tired, my souls excited and I wish that I was gifted. My body's tired, my soul's excited and I wish I had some spunk, The singer belted out as the dirt-encrusted Jeep sped along the snowy highway. Inside, two teens were hysterically laughing about their latest adventure at Fairview Heights Preparatory School. Sam's choppy auburn hair fell in her face as she tried to catch her breath. Tears of mirth rolled down her face. "And what about when Mr. Worsnop saw you twerking on the table screaming Get It Up? Priceless." The smaller girl sitting in the passenger giggled and not-so-humbly bowed. "You are so gonna get it when we get back."

Kitty widened her chocolate brown eyes innocently. "Who, me? I'm not the one who, at the 'anti-PDA' assembly stood up and kissed me." Secretly, Kitty liked it and wished Sam would do it again. But she knew it was just a joke and obviously Sam was straight. There were a few times when 'things' happened, like when Sam accidentally touched her ass, or when Sam got drunk and proceeded to tell Kitty how much she 'looooooove'd her. But she was drunk. So it was most certainly not on purpose. To sum things up, Kitty was going to die single.

Sam rolled her eyes. "I told you, I are too many tacitos that day ." Kitty giggled, crinkling her nose and Sam couldn't help but blush. For a while the girl had a mad crush on the other, and now it was starting to show. She wasn't sure what was worse, getting caught skipping school to go get some lip piercings, or getting caught (hopefully but probably never going to happen) making out with the smaller girl by Kitty's extremist Catholic parents. "So, you scared?" she taunted then paused. Wait, was Sam going overboard to hide her feelings? Was that mean? "I mean, you sexy?" She inwardly groaned. "Fuck me, I meant- Yeah never mind." she mumbled under her breath.

Kitty blushed a deep crimson and hid her face behind her thick raven fringe. They stayed silent for a few more minutes, each in their own deep thoughts, looking out at the whirling snow outside. Sam shot a glance at Kitty who was playing with her UglyDoll Icebat keychain hanging from her skinnies. "I-I think I'm ready for this shit." Kitty joked.



"Maybe we shouldn't do it." Sam said quickly over the hum of the engine. "Yanno, wait a bit." Her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as they rounded the corner into their small town.

"Someone's getting cold feet." Kitty teased. Fuck, she shouldn't of used a marriage term. She definitely was not a fag. "Ohhh, I've heard this before. If my parents find out you took me they'll freak and then you'll have to switch schools but my parents will put a restraining order on you with a 100-mile radius and you'll have to move to America, missing the upcoming Sum 41 concert."

Sam turned pink and bit her lip. Kitty knew her well. "It's not that, it's just that, uh, I have homework." The car stopped in front of Pierced Shitless, the piercing shoppe. Kitty got out and skipped over to Sam's side.

"Come awn. You could care less about homework!" Kitty screwed up her face, and in a fake made-for-television-seen-on-tv voice said "Sam enjoys long walks on the beach, playing the guitar, skiing, hot young men, and skipping school." She impatiently grabbed Sam's hand and started pulling her in.

"Wait! We don't have to do this to prove that we're punk (their original reason for getting in a shit ton of trouble at school and stealing Kitty's brother's car)." Sam said hurriedly and flashed Kitty a not-so-convincing smile. Kitty pouted and then grinned evilly. "Aw fuck, not the face." Sam groaned. Kitty looked up pleadingly at Sam, lower lip pushed out and large eyes childlike. Sam rolled her eyes.

"Pwease Sammy?" the kitten begged.

"Nope." Sam crossed her arms and gave the girl her best 'fuck off' glare.

"Pweeeeeeeeaaaaaaass-" Sam scowled.


"-ssssssssssssseeeeee?!" Kitty added a whimper at the end for effect. Sam sighed.

"Fiiiiiine." she growled.

"Yay!" Kitty held out her arms.

"You're kidding."

"Nahup." Sam looked up to the sky as to pray to dear Jesus that she wouldn't have to heft the small girl around. A snowball flew past her face. "Sorry!" Someone called. Apparently God was angry with her. She rolled her eyes again and held out her arms. Kitty jumped up and wrapped her legs around Sam's waist. "I wuv woo Sam." she nuzzled Sam.

"Yeah, yeah." Sam laughed and carried her in to the shoppe. They walked in to see a gangly teen with messy blonde hair and black and white glasses sat at the counter reading an issue of Playgirl and blasting Smashing Pumpkins. He didn't look up when they walked up to the sign-in desk. He chewed a thick wad of gum noisily and flipped a page.

"See, I told you it wouldn't work. Let's go." Sam whined. Kitty huffed and clambered off the tall girl. She stomped up to the desk.

"YO CASANOVA!" she screamed in his ear. The boy jumped up, also revealing a name tag on his Joy Division tee. Mikey.

"What's going on? Is this a holdup?!" Mikey pulled out an inhaler and anxiously puffed on it.

"Yes, this is a holdup." Kitty sighed. "No! We wanna get our lips pierced."

Mikey put down the inhaler and resumed gazing at the half-naked men in his magazine. "Call to make an appointment or stop by to set up a date. Thanks, bye." he said flatly. Kitty bit her lip, paused, and promptly grabbed Mikey by the collar.

"Listen, you little shit. Either fucking give us the piercings or we'll do it ourselves, most likely resulting in an infection, and then we'll sue you, and you'll have to go to court and then you'll be arrested, and you'll hafta go to jail and room with a bunch of older gay dudes and you'll drop the soap which will result in you getting fucked in the as-"

"I get it!" Mikey said in a high-pitched voice. Kitty smiled, dimples and all.

Sam walked out of the bathroom, now sporting two silver rings on her lips. "Okay, you're turn!" she said to Kitty brightly. Kitty was nowhere to be seen.

"I don't got all day yanno." Mikey stood by the door.

"Shut it, dickhead." Sam snarled. "Kitty?!" she called. Kitty appeared under the desk, face pale.

"I just realised that we're missing LA Ink right now. We should just go home."

"Haha. No. Seriously, c'mon, we have to get back to school before they notice we're missing." Kitty miserably followed the taller girl to the back room, decorated with skull wallpaper. Kitty shivered and sat down on a black leather couch. Mikey walked away to get more supplies.

"You alright?" Sam asked softly. She sat down next to the other.

"No," the smaller girl squeaked. She buried her face in Sam's shoulder.

"I thought you wanted to do this. You were the one who dragged me in here." Sam said quietly, rubbing Kitty's back soothingly.

"I'm scared of sharp things though! I don't know why I wanted to do this. I can't Sam, I can't." she said tearfully.

"Is this about your parents?"


"Well, fuck 'em. We're gonna get this done. You want me to hold your hand?" Sam ruffled Kitty's curls and she nodded. "Okay."

Mikey came back with the sharp implement in his hand. "Ready?"

"I guess." Kitty whispered.


"FUUUUUCKKKK!" Kitty yelled. Her grip tightened on Sam's hand and Sam was glad that Kitty trusted her. "FUCKING HELL THAT FUCKING HURT." she said, lips trembling.

"Pay me at the front when you're ready." Mikey shuffled away.

"You did it, baby!" Sam squealed then stopped, gulping. "I so didn't mean that. At all." she mumbled. Kitty was crushed. Sure, Sam didn't like her that way but it still hurt. Kitty turned away from her. "You okay?" Sam gently turned the shaking girl's face towards her to see the other near tears. "Hey, it's alright. We're done now."

"Did you really mean that?" Kitty asked softly. She thought this was kind of romantic, them sitting alone in a darkly lit room, snow falling outside. The only thing from keeping this moment becoming Oprah-worthy was the Smashing Pumpkins blasting up front.

"I think." Sam said slowly. "How bad does it hurt?" she lightly ran her finger over the other's lips. Kitty winced.

For a moment they had a cliche stare-into-each other's-eyes moment, icy blues mixing with deep russet. Sam leaned forward, closing her eyes tightly, and lightly pecked Kitty's lips. Again. Time slowed down and their lips interlocked, soft and surprisingly sweet. "Ahem." Both heads shot up to see Mikey staring at them strangely. His eye twitched.

Suddenly Kitty stood up, grabbed Sam's hand, threw a chunk of money at Mikey and ran out the door into the blue and white atmosphere. "Did you really mean that? Tell me the truth." Kitty demanded breathlessly. Sam stopped.

"But you're parents. The kids at school. That sorta shit."

"Right now that's the least of my problems."

"Then yes, I did." A car skidded by, splashing white sludge at both girls soaking them. They didn't care though. The Christmas songs playing loudly, the sun pushing through the clouds, the people jostling the girls trying to get past them and finishing their early holiday shopping, it was all in the background now. Sam grinned, finally free to show her true feelings for her now-girlfriend. She ran out into the middle of the street.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Kitty called fearfully.

"Ignoring everything! C 'mon, it's fun!" Sam yelled back, twirling in the snow as cars honked and choice words were called out to her.

Kitty giggled and shook her head. She ran towards the other and grabbed her face, kissing her forcefully. "You're shit at being romantic, you know?"

Sam laughed and rolled her eyes. "You're shit at being tall." Kitty gasped and fake-scowled. She hit Sam lightly.

"I might have to get shipped to boarding school after my parents find out."

"I'll come with you."
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