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Michael Way swallowed nervously as he drove nearer to Saint Lucia's Orphanage For Girls. His hands clenched the wheels and beads of perspiration appeared at the nape of his neck. Fuck, why'd he decide to do this? Excuse him, but he broke up with Alicia months before- right when Alicia mentioned having children. Mikey wasn't exactly a kid kind of person. Having Frank Iero as a friend was enough, thank you. He kept telling himself this was put of good will, not loneliness.

The Orphanage was a tall stone building, somewhat dilapidated and cold looking. It had winding spires and ivy growing up the sides. It was dreary looking to say the least. Right next to the Orphanage was a rusted playground with dozens of children in grey and navy uniforms running around. Screaming.

He sighed and drove to the nearest parking spot. ERRRCHH! The kids looked over. An adult! Maybe he'd adopt one of them. . . They ran over to Mikey, grabbing his hands and all babbling at once.

"My name's Sarah!"

"You should adopt me."

"I'm a good kid, I swear!"

"No you're not, Luke!"

"Yeah I am."


"SILENCE!" a woman's voice bellowed out. A grey-haired, thin woman holding a baby shoved her way through. "All of you, inside, now!" she snapped. The children shut up and ran inside as fast as they could. "Now," she forced a smile. "Are you here to adopt a child?"

"I'm here to buy a car." Mikey joked. The woman didn't smile and her nervously laughed. "My name's Michael." he said quickly.

The woman's thin lips parted into a grimace. "What a pleasure. Call me Sister Nora." she said. Mikey held out his hand but she didn't shake it. He slowly pulled it back. "Now, shall I show you into the Orphanage or are we going to exchange greetings all day?" she asked haughtily.

"I'd like to see the kids now." Mikey mumbled. Sister Nora nodded and stalked in, Mikey trying to catch up.

The inside was worse than he expected. He thought he'd see brightly colored rooms and toys laying about. Instead, the walls were stained and peeling and the floor was a dirt-encrusted wood.

After having Mikey see the canteen, the playrooms, the greenhouse and the schoolrooms, she walked up a creaking staircase to the second floor. Children ran up and down the hallways screaming and laughing. She shooed them away and stopped abruptly. "These are the dormitories. Last stop. See me when you've decided on a child." With that Sister Nora stomped down the stairs.

Mikey slowly walked in, looking around the faded white room. White iron beds were in rows and he was almost about to leave when one bed caught his eye. The small space on the wall above the bed was littered in posters. Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag, Misfits, Joy Division. He grinned and sat down on the bed for a moment. A squeak emitted from under him and he jumped up.

The bed dipped in the middle and bumped Severy Adam's head while she was hiding from the nuns. She squeaked and the person on the bed screamed (rather girlishly) and jumped up. "Who's there?" a male voice called out.

She swallowed hard and crawled out. A tall man with brown hair and black and white glasses stared at her in shock. She stood there, not knowing what to do.

The man scratched the back of his neck. "H-hello. Uh, is this your bed?" he stuttered. Severy nodded shyly. "Oh, sorry. My name's Michael but you can call me Mikey. What's your name?"

"Severy." she whispered.

"I see you like bands. I do too. Actually, I'm part of one. My Chemical Romance." Mikey smiled. Severy decided she liked this man and sat down on her bed, motioning for him to sit beside her.

"I like music. And I used to play the bass, before my mommy and daddy died. I'd play for my sister." she said quietly.

Mikey's eyes widened and he made a small smile. He liked this kid, a lot. "Do you like it here?"

"No. It's scary and cold." Severy pouted.

"How would you like to live with me? I'm not that interesting but it gets pretty lonely being in my house by myself." Mikey mused. Severy's eyes widened and she grinned and nodded. She'd finally be able to get out of this hellhole.

Mikey took her hand and they walked downstairs.


After seeing her room, a cosy room in the attic with books and plushies, Severy felt right at home. She watched him play bass (of course she knew the song, Headfirst For Halos, she loved MCR), helped him right the bass part for a new song called Our Lady Of Sorrows, and even got to pick out what they'd have for dinner, sushi.

At bedtime Mikey read Severy a story, using different voices for the characters. He tucked her in and awkwardly kissed her on her forehead. "Goodnight Severy. Sleep well and I hope you'll get used to living here with me."

Severy smiled up at him and turned over, clutching her new teddy bear plushie. Then she nodded off to sleep.

It was raining heavily and the red sedan patiently drove up a winding road. Inside, a Hispanic family was arguing. The father was trying to see the map- practically in the dark, and the mother was trying to get cell phone reception. The two kids in the back were fighting over a blanket since the heat had gone off and it was about forty degrees outside. "Daniel, I'm telling you, you're going the wrong way! Hello? Hello? I'm getting no reception here." the mother sighed.

"Romy, I'm trying, okay? Stop yelling at me." Daniel said angrily.

The two children in the back, a nine-year-old and a five-year-old were pulling at the blanket. The littlest girl yanked on Severy's light brown hair, also grabbing a gold streak- she had just gotten it. "Gimme my blankie back! Severy!" she shrieked. Severy growled and opened the child's hand to release her hair.

"Stop hurting me. Mommy said I could have it." Severy scowled.

"It's MINE! Moooooommy!" the littler one whined. Romy looked back at them tiredly.

"Sev, give Kitty her blanket back." she sighed. Kitty stuck her tongue out at Severy.

"Here, have it, baby." she taunted. Kitty slapped her on the arm and smiled meanly. Severy had had enough of this. They had been fighting for three days and Severy was always the one who got blamed.

"I HATE YOU!" she yelled. Kitty looked at her in surprise and burst into tears. She sobbed loudly as Daniel and Romy's yelling started up again. Suddenly the car swerved on a puddle. Severy gripped onto her armrests and screamed as the car careened off the cliff.


Everything went black.

Severy shot up in her bed, scared. The lights were off and she was quite disoriented. "Mommy?" she called out. Mommy was dead. "Daddy!" Daddy was dead too. "Kitty!!!" Kitty had been sprawled out over Severy that night, eyes glazed and blood seeping through her shirt. "DADDY!" she screamed. Mommy's favorite was Kitty and she never really payed attention to Severy. Severy was uncomfortable around women after her mother died. "DADDY, DADDY!" she screamed, tears rolling down her face. Suddenly the door burst open and Mikey ran in.

"What?! What happened?!" he said breathlessly.

"Daddy," Severy sobbed, holding our her arms. Mikey hurried over to her and took her in his arms, shushing her. She could tell he didn't exactly know what he was doing but didn't mind. He was here now. Mikey sat on the bed with Severy on his lap and waited for her to calm down.

"Did you have a nightmare, baby?" Mikey asked quietly. Severy nodded, catching her breath.

"I killed them. I killed them!" she said, chocolate brown eyes filled with tears. "There was so much blood and Mommy and Daddy and Kitty didn't wake up and the glass was everywhere and-and-"

Mikey rubbed her back soothingly. "It's okay, shh. Your mom and dad and sister are in a better place. It's okay now." Severy hiccuped and nodded. She yawned.

"B-but there're gone." she said sleepily. Mikey smiled sadly at her.

"I'm here for you now." he murmured. Then he started rocking the small girl and she fell asleep.
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