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Parties, and other less pelasant things.

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There isn't the seks here. Just mentions of it and language.

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A/N I apologize I haven't updated in 25836995798 years. But here's chapter 6!

When Ryan saw Brendon waiting for him like that, he just couldn't resist him anymore. He realized he just couldn't fake straight anymore. He completely took all sexy, dolled-up Brendon had to offer and it was amazing. He wished he would've done it sooner, but was extremely happy he waited until now (he fucked a Brendon in pantyhose and a skirt does it even get any better?!).

Brendon stayed the night, and it was hot, sweaty, and unimaginably great. 

"Ryan!" A sing-song voice called to a sleepy Ryan. "I got you some breakfast!" it rang again. 

Ryan opened his eyes. Standing over him was a cheerful Brendon, still in a black langere top and the small skirt. In his hands he held an old breakfast tray carrying two glasses of orange juice, and two plates of waffles with syrup. He smiled, "Wait, shouldn't I be the one doing breakfast? It's my house!" he laughed. 

Brendon put the platter down. "You don't have to do breakfast but you can do me anytime!" he smiled sitting down near Ryan on the bed. 

"Listen, Brendon," Ryan cleared his throat. "Last night, I, um-"

Brendon cut him off, "I know you're not into guys anymore so I dressed like a girl. I figured if I was a girl we could um be together? Or if it's too creepy we could have some kind of no obligation rel-"

"Brendon stop!" Ryan covered Brendon's mouth. "I never stopped being gay," he sighed, "I only faked it because of my dad. I really, really like you Bren. I've liked you since the first time we talked. And what you did was so amazing, you are really hot." Brendon blushed. "I'm just worried, my dad wouldn't accept it and I don't want to have to shut you out."

Brendon grabbed Ryan's hand. "Well maybe we can take it slow and if you don't want this we dont have to do it,"

"And if I do want it?"

"Then we can figure it out from there alright? We don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. My friends are really accepting we could start with them and they might actually be able to help us."

"I'd like that." Ryan smiled and gave Brendon a kiss. Brendon pulled away smiling, and got on one knee. 

"Ryan, will you be my boyfriend?"

"Yes, I'd like that too Brendon." he smiled. Brendon leaned in to kiss him deeply before they ate the waffles. (I mean they were getting cold. Nobody likes cold waffles!)


The two boys walked into the cafeteria the next day, grabbed their food and went to the table Brendon's friends. Once everyone was there, Brendon held up a hand. 

"Everyone, I have an announcement." all of his friends got quiet, until Pete laughed from the silence. But Lyn-z slapped him and he shut up, rubbing his shoulder. "Thanks. As of last night- well this morning," Gerard wiggled his eyebrows in an oooh! look who finally got himself some' expression and Patrick chuckled. "Ryan has agreed to be my boyfriend." He smiled and Ryan blushed. Everyone sitting there clapped and laughed. Pete even said "You go girl!" to Brendon who really could care less. 

Gabe ran from the back end of the table after hearing the announcement, and grabbed both boys' hands raising them into the air, whistling loudly. 

When everybody at the tables around them looked at him with disgust (that's nothing new to Gabe), he just yelled, "Hey these guys get more sex than you do!" and they all looked away. The friends laughed, Gabe grabbed Pete's ass and went back to his seat. 

"Congradulations!" Alicia said speaking for everyone. "You're all so gay," Mikey smirked. And when received 6 nasty glares, "I mean it in a good way!" he corrected himself. Everyone could really care less. This called for celebration!


After school, instead of their usual place, they went to Pete's friend Dirty's house for one of his nightly house parties. Theres some shitty band playing too-loud music, people everywhere, and it's almost so dark you can't see, the only light comes from about 3 lamps in various corners of the house. The girls got in free, but the boys had to either pay five bucks or bring beer. 

They all chipped in, even the girls, and sent Gerard to the cheap liquor store with $24.56. He came out with a crate of beer, a 6 pack of a different beer and $1.23 (I told you it was cheap), which he kept. It got all 7 boys in no problem. 

Ryan had to admit, it was actually pretty cool. He had never been to any kind of punk or rock party. People were smoking weed in the back yard, he wanted to try some but the smell made Brendon sick, people making out in corners, and he saw some people going upstairs where they had been told bedrooms were. They got beers, Pete and Patrick went to dance in what appeared to be a mosh pit, Gerard and Frank went to bum some cigarettes out front, the girls went to who-knows-where, and Gabe went to have sex with a questionable amount of people in the basement. The new couple listened to the band for a bit, sat on a couch with some hipsters and talked about government and indie music, and then went upstairs. 

There were 4 bedrooms, a hallway bathroom, and a bathroom connected to the largest room. The two stood in the hallway looking around. 

"Well you can take your pick." Brendon shrugged. He'd only done something like that in a place like this one time before. He was overly intoxicated, and it had been with, of course, Pete. Something was really wrong with that boys head. 

"Um, let's try the master bedroom?" Ryan pointed down the hall. The two walked up to the door and peaked in slowly. Sure enough the room was occupied.

All the others were too. 

So to make the best of the situation, Ryan has a genus idea. The two walked into the first room, not making a single sound. Brendon crept across and they both grabbed the still moving blankets edges. 

"One, two, three!" mouthed Ryan. They pulled the blanket off the couple in the bed and screamed before running out. Which caused the two who were in the bed to scramble about like headless chickens. 

Ryan and Brendon watched from the doorway for a few seconds laughing at the two idiots before running to the next room. 

They did this two more times before deciding to do something to the shower couple. Stupidly enough, they left the door unlocked. Ryan creeped in and put his hand around the edge of the curtain. Brendon crept in behind him and crouched down ready to scare (and possibly mentally scar) the couple in the shower. 

The two counted down and Ryan flung open the curtain. Almost in unison they screamed "AHHHHHHH!" but as it had started with an intention to scare it turned out to scar them instead. You'd never guess who was in the shower. 


The couple bolted out of the bathroom and ran down the staircase to the party below. 

"Ryan! Oh my Jesus fucking Christ! Ryan!!" Brendon gasped. "Holy Fuck!"

"I will never be able to unsee what I just saw." Ryan was distraught. 

"I'm thinking maybe we need to leave?" Brendon suggested, and Ryan nodded furiously. The two we t out front to find Frank and Gerard smoking on the steps. 

"We have to leave." Brendon was blunt. 

"What?" Frank raised an eyebrow, "We just got here an hour and a half ago!"

"Frank we just saw something so horrible we cannot unsee it ever! Just take us home please?" Ryan pleaded. 

"What could be so bad, guys?" Gerard moaned, very annoyed. Ryan bent over and whispered what they had seen into his ear. Gerard cringed. "Ewwww!" 

"What!?" Frank practically yelled. Gerard leaned over to repeat the sight Ito Franks ear. "Dude!! That's disgusting!!" he shuddered. "Get in the car. We'll drop you off." 

"Thanks guys." Brendon said, as the four boys climbed into the car. Gerard drove them back to Ryan's place, dropped them off, then returned to the party. 

"That was terrible." Brendon shuddered. 

"That was disturbing." Ryan agreed. 

The two decided to be safe for the night, being scarred by what they'd just seen. So they sat on Ryan's couch, tangled like a human pretzel, watching old cartoons. 
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