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Chapter Three

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"Oh and saved by the bell!" Brendon giggled, "...And our angry business partners."

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Author's Note: So bros, turns out this fic takes a lot of research and I ended up getting engulfed in looking for good source pages to up my wine speak and learning all my grapes. (YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MANY THERE ARE! THEY ALL MAKE DIFFERENT WINES AND ARE GROWN IN DIFFERENT PLACES AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THE WAIT BUT WRITING IN BETWEEN ALL THAT STUDYING TAKES A GOOD LONG WHILE.) PLEASE TELL ME SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE LIKING MY EFFORTS HERE.

Chapter Three

"Are you a purrin' pear?! Purrin' pear?!" Brendon exclaimed to the new kitten enthusiastically as he scratched the humming thing affectionately behind its ears.

"Oh my God Brendon!" Ryan groaned as he watched the tiny creature become just as excited as his boyfriend. "Stop it. It's too cute! Oh God!" Ross was off, landing on Brendon's back to tackle him before he knew what hit him. His partner flipped around underneath him with no challenge at all.

"I don't know where you get off acting like that." Ryan sternly said, placing his hands so that they were firmly bearing down on Brendon's wrists, making them stay above his head. "I guess I'll have to make it so you aren't prancing around like this and you're just screaming, won't I?"

"You're gonna discipline me?" Brendon's eyes actually went wide with want. Then he smirked.

"Wait, are you sure you can handle it in your condition, you know, being pregnant?"

Ryan gave him a light but stinging pat on the cheek. "You are so in for it." That wasn't a threat, oh no. It was promise. "You're gonna get it extra hard."

"Ooh, I haven't got evil Ryan in a long time. Not since you wanted to punish me for my Zinfandel ranking higher than yours on the state's best wine list."

"Keep being a cheeky little shit, see where it gets you..." Ryan nibbled into his lower lip.

"Ryan I swear to all that's good you better get his ass away from me! Why would you call him here!" The sound of the doorbell being jammed repeatedly rang, erupted, and sliced right through the vineyard's cliffside manor house and their romance.

"Like I'm any happier to be stuck around a stuck up, snobby bitch like you Smith."

"Oh and saved by the bell!" Brendon giggled, "...And our angry business partners."

Ryan practically fell into a front flip that was quite likely to cause an injury trying to get out of his room and down the stairs and across the house, shouting and panting: "You are so not off the hook Bren! And get down here! RIGHT NOW!"


"So you made me stay in the same area, causing me incalcuable suffering, with this insufferable jackass because you're..." Spencer choked it out, "pregnant... by our enemy?"

"Brendon! Out of all the guys you could have, you're saying you knocked him up?!"

"Yes, dumb ass, that's what pregnant means." Spencer exhaled sharply, rolling his eyes which had long been ice cold. "I think a grape tie would have even understood that on the first try."

"Will you two please shut up?! I am not in the mood. I am getting such a headache." Ryan snapped.

"Congratulations Urie. You hooked yourself a bitch. Hormonal bitch too." Jon scoffed.

"Don't EVER talk about my boyfriend like that again or I will fire you!"

"Your boyfriend? God, what else haven't you told me Ryan?" Smith demanded.

"You mean, he's not, he wasn't a one night stand?!" Walker seconded.

Spencer balled up a fist. "Is there any chance you might know what your IQ is so I can gauge what kind of stupidity I am dealing with and know whether or not I should slit my wrists now?"

"You could maybe jump out that window over there. It would save you the trouble of trying to find a knife and having your melodrama run out." Jon suggested.

"Please tell me we never acted this juvenile to one another in public Bren. Please." Ryan pleaded. "If these two morons did influence us to, we are hiring new help. Period."

Brendon's associate let out a low whistle. "He's got you whipped."

"Of course, if Mr. Urie is anything like you, which he has to be, there's no way he can think for himself." Spencer chuckled.

"I think you're going to respect myself and Ryan if you want to keep your job." Brendon explained firmly. "He'll let you go if I tell him to and I'll do the same to you Jon if he breathes a word of trouble to me." He left no time for them to revel further in their own shock and bewilderment which had only strengthened itself tenfold with this new announcement, (not to mention complain.) "Now I love him very much and there is a good chance there are going to be wedding plans that we're going to need all the aid we get with after the baby or even in the near future-"

Crap. Brendon had forgotten he hadn't told Ryan of the tiny but crucial detail of his intent to marry him. As the three of them, two whether they liked it or not if they didn't want to lose their paychecks, scooped Ryan off the floor and lugged his unconscious body back up to the bed, Brendon could only hope that his fainting was a good thing.


“Brenny come here.” Ryan didn’t like how he whined feebly but it couldn’t be avoided when he joined him in the world again long after their colleagues had seen themselves out, bitching and moaning the whole time.

First off, he wove his fingers into his hair and kissed him softly for a couple of minutes. “Yes.”

Then he begged Brendon for the pain pills he had sitting there all ready for him, Brendon continuing to dab at his head with a cool washcloth. It wasn’t a very romantic way for an accepted engagement proposal to go down but Brendon just kept petting his hair. He was above the world now. He would do anything for Ryan; he would go squish all of the harvest from the thousands of rows with his feet and wouldn’t give a damn that it wasn’t his commercial vineyard.

As sappy and irritatingly corny as it was, all he could do was let Ryan’s “yes” replay in his mind over and over.

“Um…” Brendon began, “Can I give you a massage while we discuss ring options?” Okay, now he was bubbling over with glee.

“Man, I was gonna handcuff you to the headboard and get out my whip and everything!” Ryan pouted half-heartedly as Brendon laughed and rolled him over.

“Oh well. Having you as my slave for all eternity is good too Bren.”
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