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Giving you a heads up if you are reading any of my stories, also Hozzie's oneshot. I will delete this tomorrow

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[/Hey guys

I thought I'd tell you why I haven't updated recently and maybe you'll understand and hopefully forgive me?

Anyone who knows me could tell you I have EPIC trust issues, I don't even trust most of my family! Anyway I fell for a guy, like really hard, and he broke my heart. He told me he'd never hurt or leave me and it turned out to be a huge fucking lie, he did both. He essentially crushed me and ripped out my heart because ' he likes someone else who doesn't have issues' and I've been feeling really fucking shitty lately. But that's not all.

I've been having issues with my sons school too, he just started (he's four years old) and already he's getting bullied. The school's excuse was 'They're just kids, they'll grow out of it...' and that really, really pissed me off. The kids bullying him are like 10 years old and he's terrified of going to school! I can't change his school because there isn't another one around for fucking miles and I can't drive so we're pretty much screwed.

And now the icing on the fucked up cake of my life recently, my amazing best friend. I had the worst life a while back, I could barely leave the house or talk to anyone and my self harm issues were so bad that there was cuts all over me, I'd even attempted suicide. My...mental problem...hadn't been diagnosed yet and I was a wreck. My best friend Grace got me help and looked after me til I eventually got better, she never gave up on me. She fell in love with this awesome guy y'know and he loves her so much its amazing. So what's the problem you may ask?

He has cancer.

He's had it twice before and beaten it but now its back and she is in pieces. I don't know what to say or do to help her, I just listen to her break downs and try to be there for her but i feel like I'm a shitty friend because I don't know how to help!

Anyway I have good news for you guys! The Living Sin chapter is done and will be uploaded tomorrow, heads up its REALLY long, and I'm sorry for making you wait and I hope you forgive me!

Hozzie, your oneshot is also done and I'll upload tomorrow, thanks to some help from an online supernatural obsessed friend, I managed to get it done :)

I guess I just had to get all the dark shit out of my system hence the poetry and oneshot I wrote and I hope you all understand.

Again I'm sorry
Vikki xoxo
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