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Chapter Eighty Four - Skin

by McrmyBVBparawhore

She shouldn't have let him kiss her. It only intensified the feelings she no longer wanted to feel for him. But at the same time she couldn't force herself to pull away, get up and then leave the r...

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A/N I've been coming up with a lot of ideas to try and help solve the writer's block and after writing then re-writing this chapter about a hundred fucking times, I've finally decided on what's going to be happening the next few chapters, so yay for curing writer's block. Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter, it's much appreciated and I'd love to see what you guys think what might happen next in the the story, so please review if you can! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eighty Four - Skin

Acid shifted in her sleep, feeling a warm body against hers then quickly realized it was Poison. His sleep was interrupted by her movement and woke up a few seconds later, confused. Why was Acid in his bed? They couldn't have slept together, he was still fully clothed and so was she. Had they innocently fallen asleep together? How had he even gotten back to the diner, was the whole scenario with Karl a dream? No, it wasn't a dream. It was too vivid, too real. Plus his body still ached painfully as if he'd been in agonizing pain for days.
With a throbbing headache, Poison groaned. "What the fuck happened?"
"You don't remember?" She almost sounded disappointing.
"Remember what?"
"N-nothing . . . it's not important. What's the last thing you remember?"
"I remember your father torturing me . . . I remember gaining consciousness a couple times the the back of the car then blacking out again."
"Really? That's all?"
"I'm sorry, but that's all. What happened, Ace?"
"We got you back here and Jet gave you some pretty heavy painkillers mixed with some Better Living meds. You were completely out of it, Poison. I'm not really surprised you don't remember anything." The look of disappointment on her face nearly broke Poison's heart, something else had happened she wasn't telling him about. He knew it.
"There's something else you're not telling me."
Acid shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Like I said it wasn't important, Poison."
"You're sure?"
"One hundred percent positive."
"Okay then," Poison fully planned on asking someone else in the diner about what Acid was hiding from him. He trusted Acid, but wanted to know what exactly is was she was didn't want to discuss with him. "Ace?"
"Do we have any food? I'm fucking starving."
She smiled. "Yeah, but we're down to canned foods again, we need to stock up on more food. Is canned okay?"
"I'm happy with anything remotely edible."
A small laugh escaped her soft, delicate lips. "Alright, I'll be right back."
While Acid left the room, she felt hollow and empty. She knew he wouldn't remember, she almost hoped he wouldn't remember since it just seemed to make things easier between them. Jet said there was a fifty fifty chance of him recalling anything from the amount of heavy painkillers he'd taken so why was she left so disappointed?
She lazily grabbed some of the revolting canned food, sighing.
"Hey, Acid?" Ghoul asked before she could leave to give Poison the food he desperately wanted. "Have you talked to Death lately?"
"Not really, I've been keeping a pretty close eye on Poison. Why, is something wrong with her?"
"I-I don't know, she just doesn't seem like the Death we all know and love. Usually she's lively and outgoing, but the last few days she's been extremely distant; she only speaks when she's spoken to. I'm just worried about her."
"I completely understand why you're worried, she was captured and tortured for crying out loud and I feel really bad about this, but Poison's just woken up. He's a little confused and-"
"It's okay, I know you'll wanna spend time with him. Just when you get a chance, you really need to talk to her. Death's not been herself since she came back and I think she really needs you right now, Ace."
Acid wanted to talk to her sister desperately, but after Poison being dangerously pushed to the brink of death by her own father she felt like it was her duty to make sure he was on the mend. "I promise, I'll talk to her soon. Is Violet still here by the way?"
He nodded happily, a grin spreading across his face like wild fire. "Yeah, she is."
"That's great, I'm glad you get to spend some time with her, Ghoul. Violet seems to be really good for you, I can tell you're both happy with each other."
"We are, this is definitely happiest I've been in a while."
She wrapped her arms around him. "Well, I'm happy for you, Ghoul. You deserve happiness out here."
"Thanks, Ace. You do too."
"I promise I'll talk to Death later, I feel guilty for not doing it sooner."
"I'm just worried about her. We all know they must've hard on her in there, she lives with us for fuck's sake. She hasn't talked about what they did to her, I think she's holding in all the negative emotions."
"Okay, thanks for letting me know Ghoul."

A few hours after waking up, Jet questioned Poison about his condition and gave him some of the milder painkillers to ease the pain he felt. He took the opportunity to ask Jet about the last couple of days, which he still had no memory of.
"So . . . what exactly happened while I was on the meds?"
"You don't remember?"
He shook his head. "Not a thing."
"Well . . . nothing really, you were in and out of consciousness, Acid and Kobra mainly kept tabs on you."
"It's probably nothing, but I'm convinced Acid was hiding something before. Something about the last few days. Do you know anything about it?" Jet knew instantly. Acid hid the fact Poison told her he still loved her.
"Sorry man, but I don't."
"Please don't give me that bullshit, you and I both know something happened and neither of you are telling me about it."
"It's not my place to tell you . . . it's between you and Acid, Poison."
"She's fucking stubborn when it comes to shit like this, she won't tell me if she can help it."
"With the subject this is about, it's her choice to tell you. Not mine."
"Jet, I have a right to know. Please just fuckin' tell me already."
"Did you ever stop to think that maybe there's a reason she hasn't told you anything, Poison? It's a touchy subject and neither of you'll want to discuss it, believe me you've avoided this enough in the past."
"Jet, I'm fucking begging you here dude."
He paused. "I can't."
"Jet, I need to know what it is. Please just tell me."
Jet sighed heavily. "You . . . You told Acid that . . ." He struggled to finish.
"I told Acid what?"
"You said you still loved her . . . then proceeded to say you'd always loved her and if you ever said you didn't, you were a liar."
"And now you understand why she didn't want you to know."
"Well, what else did I say?"
Jet shrugged. "I don't know all the details, Poison, just the basics. Acid's spent the majority of the last few days in here with you, only she knows everything you said. You're gonna have to ask her if you want the whole story."
"Shit, why did I have to fuckin' say that?"
"Maybe because it's the truth," Poison opened his mouth to argue, but Jet quickly cut him off again. "And don't even think about denying it because we all know it's the truth. You still love her."
"It used to be the truth, Jet." Poison corrected.
"That's what I don't understand with you two. There are clearly still unresolved feelings, yet you just chose not to talk about them when you have a real chance to be happy with each other."
"It's not as simple as that, we have Bandit to think about too. Imagine how hurt she'd be if we got back together only for it to end in heartbreak again. I couldn't do that to her, Jet."
"And you really think Bandit seeing her parents unhappy and sometimes even fighting makes her happy?"
"That's not what I said and you know it."
"Look, I know I can't make these decisions for you and it's really none of by business, but if you think there's a possibility you could end up being happy with her again you need to talk to her about how you feel."
Poison spoke after pausing for several minutes. "I don't think we could ever go back to what we used to be, Jet. Too much has changed."
"Just tell me you'll talk to her if there's even the smallest chance you could go back to what you were, okay?"
He nodded. "Okay. I will."
"Now, back on to the meds." Jet said, changing the subject to what they had been originally talking about.

Later that night, Acid brought Poison another can of food along with a fork like she had done earlier. To begin with, he didn't notice her. He was too caught up in the slightly torn and dirty comic book in his hands to notice she entered the room.
He looked up at her when he felt her sit down on the bed next to him. He instantly placed the comic book down next to him to give Acid his full attention.
She handed him the food with a smile on her face. As cliche as it may have sounded, the innocent smile on her lips still gave him the same butterflies he'd gotten when they first met almost seven years ago. Poison began to realize why he'd told her he loved her in the first place in his almost drunken state.
"Thought you'd be getting hungry again."
"Thanks, Ace. You know you don't have to keep doing this, right? I mean, Kobra could just give me the food."
"Don't be stupid, I'm only getting you a can of food and a fork then walking to your room to give it to you. It's not exactly the hardest thing in the world to do."
"I just don't want to feeling obliged to do anything."
"I don't."
"Good . . . Ace, there's something we need to talk about."
"Okay, what is it?"
"I-I . . . I remembered what I did while I was drugged up on the meds Jet gave me," He lied to cover up for Jet
"Yeah, oh . . . look, I just wanna say that I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking clearly and I-"
"You don't have to explain yourself to me."
"But I do. What I said wasn't-"
"It's okay. You don't need to worry about what you said, Poison."
He nodded. "I just don't want things to be awkward between us."
"They won't . . . But there's just something I wanna say."
"Go ahead."
"This isn't easy, but . . . I'm so fucking tired of it all, Poison."
"Yeah, tired. I'm tired of pretending. Pretending that everything's okay when in reality it couldn't be more fucked up even if we tried to fuck it up even more that it already is."
"What are we talking about exactly?"
"Just this whole situation. I mean after Better Living took control of me, I feel like I've been more of a heartless killing machine rather than a real human being."
"Everyone knows you're not a heartless killing machine. We all love and care about you, Ace."
"I just . . . Actually, never mind. I'm only here to give you the food. I don't want to bitch about my problems."
"You're not bitching about anything. I wanna listen so if you want to, talk to me."
"Alright . . . Sometimes I can't help but think about the past whenever I feel like the future's getting darker and darker. Back then I was so fucking different, I was happy. And I was with you, and Bandit was just a baby . . . I just want to go back so badly a lot of the time when everything was so much simpler."
He looked into those familiar icy green eyes he'd adored for years, feeling the urge to comfort her, wrap his arms around her and never let go. He'd never let go for anything or anyone.
"We all think about the past, Ace. It's okay to feel this way."
"But it isn't."
"Why? Why do you think it isn't?"
"Because I think it's bringing back feelings we'd much rather leave buried in the past."
Poison took a second to think about what Acid was telling him. Was that Acid's way of telling Poison she felt the same way as he did? Did she love him too the way he loved her? Or was he taking everything she told him differently to the way it was meant to sound?
"When you say feelings . . . "
"Sometimes I think I still have feelings for you."
"What kind of feelings?"
"You know what kind of feelings, Poison. You don't need to force me to say it, right?" After there was just silence between them, she sighed. "Sometimes . . . I think I still lo-"
"You don't have to say it. I-I just didn't know what to say to that."
It was her turn to be silent while Poison's eyes continued to melt into hers. He carefully brushed strands of her dark hair behind her ear and out of the way of her precious eyes. With those strands of hair gone, he could see the beauty of her gaze without being distracted.
Poison leaned in while Acid remained still. When his lips made contact with hers, it took a moment for her to respond with a soft kiss of her own. Poison cupped her cheek while he kissed her, brushing the side of her face gently with his thumb.
She shouldn't have let him kiss her. It only intensified the feelings she no longer wanted to feel for him. But at the same time she couldn't force herself to pull away, get up and then leave the room. Acid wanted to stay there with him. She wanted to be with Poison.
They eventually grew tired of the innocent kisses, they wanted more and so they allowed the passion between them thrive.
Acid tangled her fingers in his messy crimson hair, Poison ran his hand up her thigh and began tugging on the waistband of her pants, asking for her permission to remove them. She was uncertain and pulled away from the kiss temporarily. No words were shared in that moment, Acid just took a brief moment to think about what she was doing before allowing his hands to remove her jeans slowly down her pale legs.
She lay down on the mattress and looked up at Poison before removing his shirt. Under the shirt, she saw the bruises and stitches. She'd managed to forget about the wounds for a little while before being painfully reminded of them again.
"I'm not hurting right now, Lexia." He reassured her when he noticed her eyes tracing each outline of the stitches.
"Good." Her lips reached up from underneath him to press them to his again. Poison's hands swiftly removed her shirt, leaving her in just her underwear and Poison just in his jeans. Acid slid the jeans down his legs until they fell onto the floor. After that, they took their time, they were gentle.
She softly and carefully kissed the bruises on his chest, hoping by some miracle her lips would erase each ugly blob of purple on his otherwise flawless skin. To her disappointment, the kissing did nothing. It didn't remove the blotches, but Poison didn't care. He only cared about her in that moment and nothing else mattered.
He began using his fingers to toy with one of the straps on her bra, sliding his finger underneath it and playing with it until pulling the strap down her arm. She unhooked the bra and carelessly threw it over the side of the mattress. She didn't care for anything other than him. They were all that mattered in that moment.
"I love you." The words rolled off her tongue effortlessly as if they belonged in her mouth.
He didn't reply, he just continued to undress her and himself until there was nothing left. Until they were just skin on skin, until it was difficult to tell where she began and where he ended, until they were just sparks of pleasure and love.
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