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“C’mon, Slash. You want it, you take it. There’s nothin’ stopping you.”

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Axl’s smirk returned but he stayed still, trying to coax Slash into making the first move. The redhead had waited months for this, and he wanted it to last, but he wanted the guitarist to come to him. Axl didn't wanted to push him or scare him off.

He tilted his head and set his gaze on Slash’s full bottom lip as the guitarist licked it nervously. Slash scooted closer to the older man, slowly leaning forward, not sure if he wanted to kiss Axl or not, all he knew was that he wanted Axl, and he wanted to see where it would go.

“C’mon, Slash. You want it, you take it. There’s nothin’ stopping you.”

Slash narrowed his eyes as the words sunk in, his heart was beating against his rib cage and his palms began to sweat. He was acting like a teenage boy on his first date and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not. But he couldn't stop it, he couldn't help the feeling he was getting as Axl continued his magic on his crotch.


Slash closed his eyes and slowly hello leaned in, brushing his lips against Axl’s, like he was testing how it felt. The second their lips touched, Slash felt a jolt of electricity run through his veins, something that felt better than the greatest drug he had ever tried and he soon wanted more. Axl’s lips were so soft, better than any girl he had ever kissed, but at the same time they were rough, like they knew how to take control and Slash knew that he wanted to experience that.

Axl inwardly smiled as Slash pulled away but soon came back for another kiss, but this one was harder, like he was silently telling Axl that he wanted to deepen it. The singer refused, he wanted to see how far Slash was willing to go, how much he wanted the redhead. So he started to respond to the kiss, but still held back, passing the control over to Slash. His eyes slid shut, enjoying of how great the younger man felt, wanting to pin him down and show him how much the singer had yearned for this.

As the minutes past, Slash’s confidence began to grow after he heard Axl let out a groan of pleasure, and it affected him, he realized that he wanted more of it, he wanted to worship this man. After one kiss, one simple meeting of lips, he wanted to devour Axl. He wanted his approval, his acceptance.

‘How the fuck does he do this?’

Axl let out a groan as Slash’s teeth sunk into his lower lip, unwilling drawling a moan from him, something that no-one had managed to ever do. He was shocked because it was only a small, innocent kiss, that was nothing. Not even when he had the hottest girl riding him had he ever let out a moan, this was new to him. Axl almost jumped when he felt Slash’s wet tongue swipe across his lower lip, and he parted his lips, his eyes rolling to the back of his head when Slash’s tongue darted into his mouth, searching for a partner to join it.

“Axl, come and help me?”

The pair jumped apart, Slash letting out a gasp when his lips were ripped from Axl’s as a voice shouted from the outside the apartment door met with a sharp knock. Axl licked his lips as he snapped out of the daze that Slash put him in, swallowed his anger because they were so rudely interrupted, and made his way towards the front door. Slash fell back against the couch, his back bouncing off of the cushion, panting as he watched Axl open the door, revealing Izzy on the other side. He dropped his gaze to the floor, trying to calm himself down.

“What the hell is that?”

Axl’s question hung in the air as Izzy disappeared into the hallway again, and came back, pulling a heavy looking rug with him. He was sweating from pulling it up all the stairs that led to their apartment, and his hands were red from rubbing against the material. He dropped it at the door, leaning against the frame as he tried to catch his breath. The guitarist opened his mouth to answer Axl but then Duff appeared out of nowhere, Slash guessed he was carrying the end of the rolled up rug, and jumped over it, landing in the apartment.

“A rug, duh! Iz bought it off a guy in the street, he was chucking it out. Got a good price, too. We thought that we could throw out that one, since it’s got smoke stains in it.”

Duff kicked the rug underneath the coffee table, which had burns in it from all the cigarette butts that were on the floor, to emphasize his point. Izzy rolled his eyes at Duff, before ordering Slash and the bassist to bring the rug inside. The two younger men let out a tired sigh before doing at they were told, making their way out the door to bring the rug in.

Izzy moved over to Axl, his eyes narrowing when the singer looked away, not willing to meet his best friend’s eyes, knowing that he was suspecting something. He could tell from the flushed look on Axl’s pale face and his bruised lips that something wasn't right. He looked over at Slash who was arguing with Duff about which angle to bring the rug in, and noticed the disheveled state that he was in.

“What happened here, Axl?” Izzy hissed, raising his eyebrow in annoyance.

Axl’s eyes widened, and he shook his head in denial, a bored look on his face. He was sick and tired of being told what to do by his friend, and he knew that after what had happened that he wouldn't be able to stay away from Slash.

“None of your fuckin’ business, Iz.” Axl growled silently, making sure to keep his voice down so that Duff and Slash couldn't hear.

Izzy stepped closer to his best friend, running a hand over his face, knowing that he shouldn't have left them two alone. He knew that something like this would happen. He thought that he could trust Axl for a few hours, but he knew deep inside that even if he did stay, he couldn't keep Axl away from Slash for much longer.

“Y-You can’t do this, Axl. This isn't going to end well, you know it won’t.”

Axl just gave him a sadistic grin before backing off and making a sharp move towards his bedroom. Once in the small room, he closed the door and started getting ready for bed, the memories of what happened that night still fresh in his mind. He could tell that Slash was wanting more and was sure that the guitarist wasn't going to sleep well that night. He chuckled before lighting a cigarette as he got into bed.

‘Plan A – complete.”
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