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Where's Lazer Queen?

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Lazer Queen has just left the zone 6 hideout and is contemplating on decision. Little does she know that the four men have been greeted by presence of the Sad Man himself.

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Hey guys, another chapter up. Now, these next couple chapters are gonna be a little more complicated then the last ones as they jump backward and forwards in POV's but I have made it obvious who's POV I'm in. Hope you enjoy and I love you all.

Chapter 38. Where's Lazer Queen?

Lazer Queen

I was sat in my car driving towards Zone 9, driving back to the zone where I didn't want to go. I was driving back and was already half way through the journey, but that didn't mean I didn't think about turning back, that was the thought that continually crossed my mind like a horrid reminder of exactly what I had left behind, exactly where I so desperately wanted to be.

I couldn't stop my mind from thinking about that base, I couldn't distract myself from these thoughts. I didn't want to think about it in the fear of turning back, but I just couldn't hold back though thoughts as they creeped even further in. I didn't want to think about it or even them for that matter, but I couldn't help it, I couldn't stop it.

It killed me that I couldn't distract my mind, I couldn't stand that my head couldn't block those thoughts. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't take my mind off of those four men, I couldn't just leave them at the back of my mind. I couldn't ignore the little aching tug on my heart strings, I couldn't ignore the tight churning and squeezing in my stomach.

I got to the point when I gave up trying to forget, so instead my mind lead to question even though I already knew the answers. Why did I leave them? How could I just leave those four men? I drove off almost as if they meant nothing to me, but in fact it was the complete opposite, they meant everything to me. But even through my questioning I knew why I left, and believe it or not but it wasn't only to protect me or them.

The truth is, I'm waiting, waiting for the day that will come and I don't want to miss it. In the end there will be a war, a war too big for even me to handle, but I'll have to try. I will stand on the frontline of this battle, ready to lead. And as I walk past I will salute the dead and carry on leading the fight. I'll accept death as if it was a blessing, a cold memory in which I would be delighted to see, I just have to make it far enough to live for that moment.

It's the truth that in the end the good guys will die and the bad guys will win. And after the war is lost the bad guys will collect their dead bodies, lining them in order of rank. They will bury them in order and spit on their graves. It's a horrible fact that I may very well be at the very front of that line, my rank in Killjoy's being high, and laid next to be will be next lead in the line, I will lay next to Doctor D himself in honour and glory.

In the end when our dead bodies are buried or burnt into flames the Sad Man will look down at me and smile with an evil smile filled with pride. He will smile that smile that silently said "I've won, I've finally won... and there's nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me now." And then he would leave, walk away from my corpse and lead the new world of controlled peace.

But if this war ever does come, when this war comes, I know who I want to stand with, who I want to stand beside. I know who I want to see on the last day I live, I know who I want to protect and keep alive... The four Killjoys I have grown to love, the four Killjoy's I left behind.

And there was the answer to the unasked question. I had to turn back.

Party Poison

It hasn't been too long since Ghoul had seen the Sad Man outside our base and we were almost completely prepared for what was to come ahead. We knew what to expect, every Killjoy knows what this man is like and we know it never goes down pretty. A visit from the Sad Man himself means it's personal business, he wouldn't leave the city for just any old Killjoy.

Once we were all ready we headed for the doors and were all set to go outside and face the highest rank in the whole of Battery City, a man that came here to find our friend that he wants dead. So we travelled through the multiple locks in order, us all standing side by side as a group. We had our disguises on, our Killjoy identities equipped and our guns at the ready.

We already had our plan of action, we had thought it out once we saw that man standing outside. First of all, if he mentions Lazer Queen, deny ever meeting her. Second, if he starts shooting, shoot back. And three, try not to get killed. The girl's coming with us, her 'explosive' hidden behind her back, her mark in bringing a piece of Lazer Queen to the fight. We were almost up at land level and we were ready to face the Sad Man, as ready as we ever could be.

We finally passed all the locks and felt the sand beneath our feet, a comforting yet deceiving feeling. The temperature was hot and the sun was shining high in the sky, casting its strong rays across our cheeks. Across the way there stood the Sad Man and his Draculoid minions, they were facing us in a protective manner as we did the same. After a few more seconds we all started walking in their direction as they did the same to us, battle stances at the ready. We each met in the middle a good distance away from our base, and we were finally graced by the Sad Man's evil glare.

The Sad Man who was stood in front of me raised his gun in a warning manner and asked.

"Where's Lazer Queen?" I didn't retaliate with emotions nor did I raise my gun as I kept a serious expression before answering his question.

"I don't know what you're talking about." The Sad Man's face scrunched with anger, angry at the fact that I wasn't giving him his answer. He then spoke in an aggressive manner to show his seriousness.

"I won't ask you again. Where-is-Lazer Queen?" I shrugged my shoulders at his words, trying to prove to him that his words didn't frighten me before I replied.

"I wouldn't know. How could I when I've never even met the girl." He glared at me past his gun before he spoke in an accusing yet angry tone

"I know she was here, has been for a while. Now, this is the very last time I'll ask... Where-is-Lazer Queen?" I stared at the man meeting his evil eyes and showing no fear or weakness. Showing him his presence didn't scare me nor did his threatening words.

"How would I know? She left a while back now... How am I suppose to know where she went?" The Sad Man let a menacing, crooked smile slip before speaking in a threatening tone.

"Wrong answer..."

Ok guys, hope you liked the chapter and hope you'll stick around for more.
S xx
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