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Part 4

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“Breathe, Slasher,”Axl purred, smirking at the brunette,”Calm down and answer door, he’ll think you’re dead.”

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Jumping apart, Slash fell against the bedroom door as Axl leaned against the wall across from him, watching as the brunette held onto his door handle for support to stop himself from falling to the ground.

But, as if he was in a trance, Slash stepped over to Axl and brushed their lips together again, catching the older man by surprise but he didn't hesitate before responding to the kiss.

"I-I can't,"Slash started between kisses,"...fuckin' stop."

It soon turned into another passionate embrace, Slash’s hands diving under Axl’s t-shirt, running up his chest, he craved for more contact, it wasn’t enough. He pinned the redhead to the wall, just like Axl did to him, and deepened the kiss.


The knocking started again, Duff’s voice raising as he began to worry about his lover. Pushing Slash away, Axl adjusted his clothes then told Slash to do the same, and the younger man obeyed, cursing Duff’s name in his mind for ruining the moment.

“Breathe, Slasher,”Axl purred, smirking at the brunette,”Calm down and answer door, he’ll think you’re dead.”

Axl patted his arm before walking back into the living room, falling back into his seat and propping his feet onto the coffee table. Slash composed himself and let out a sigh before he moved toward the door, unlocking it before opening it, forcing a smile on his face when he met Duff’s bright blue eyes.

“Hey, Duffy.”

Duff smiled at the nickname and let himself in,”I've been banging on the door for ages, were you sleeping again?”

Slash shook his head before following Duff into the living room, trying to think of a believable lie but his mind came up blank. His mind was still fuzzy from the heated moment he had with the redhead that he could hardly remember his name.

“Sorry, Duff, we were jammin’ in his room, I guess the volume was up too loud,” Duff’s head snapped toward his step-brother, a wide smile appearing on his face before he leaned down and pulled Axl into a strong hug.

”When did you get here, man?”

Axl laughed at the blonde’s enthusiasm, standing up to greet him properly as Slash looked on, letting out a sigh of relief and mentally thanking Axl for saving him. The step brothers pulled away before Duff slumped into the seat next to the redhead.

“Your mother sent me over to meet Slash about that job the second I got in the fucking door. I told him thanks but I didn't need it, and somehow we started talking about music.”

Slash’s eyes widened after hearing the lie, shocked at how Axl could do it so easily and smoothly, as he sat down across from them. Duff rolled his blue eyes and nodded,”Yeah as soon as Slash starts, he can’t fucking stop, it’s like an obsession.”

He went to defend himself but froze at the weird look Axl sent his way, a confusing feeling settling in his stomach. The blonde leaned down to pick up Axl’s drink and that’s when the redhead quickly pointed at Slash’s neck, mouthing something at him before he dropped his arm when Duff turned back to him.

The brunette looked into the mirror above Axl’s head the red bite mark on his dark skin, just below his ear. He bit his lip to keep himself from gasping, hoping that Duff didn't see it, but the happy look on his face got rid of his fears. Slowly, Slash moved his hair so the mark was fully covered, and went back to the conversation.

“So...shouldn't you be at work, Duff?”

Duff’s chuckled,”Nah, Steven’s covering for me. He owes me for bailing him out with that girl a few weeks back,”

Axl looked over at Slash and knew that he was trying to get rid of the blonde and he had to stifle his chuckle at how desperate the dark man was for his attention. His green eyes ran down Slash’s body, and Axl could feel a heated feeling beginning to take over and he cleared his throat loudly.

“Umm, Duff, your mom wanted you to pop round, she’s worried, you haven’t been there for a while. She’s been checking your room to see if you left an address or number so that she can contact you.”

Duff’s jaw dropped and he jumped up,”She’s been in my room?” Axl smiled innocently and nodded,”Shit, I gotta go! If she looks in my drawer...”

Hugging his brother quickly, Duff quickly grabbed his jacket and said his goodbye’s before running out of the house, slamming the front door behind him. Axl laughed silently, knowing the lie would work, the blonde was extremely paranoid about people being in his room in case someone accidentally found his drugs stashed in his bedside table.

“How did you do that?”

Axl got up from the couch and stalked over to Slash, crawling onto his lap so that he was straddling the brunette, settling his hands on his shoulders. He leaned forward so that their lips were a breath apart, looking at Slash through hooded eyes, tempting the younger man. Slash swallowed, wanting nothing more than smashing their lips together.

“I have my ways...”

Slash gave him a small smile,”I don’t doubt that,”

Axl pressed against him before swooping down and capturing Slash’s lips with his own, his tongue instantly finding it’s way into his mouth, hands working it’s way in between their bodies. His fingers pulled at the waistband of Slash’s boxers as the dark man stood up on jelly-like legs, making a stumbling path to his bedroom, his mouth still attached to Axl’s.

“Mmmm, you taste like chocolate,” Axl moaned, rubbing against Slash, legs tightening around his dark hips.

Smiling into the kiss, Slash closed his eyes as the redhead’s lips ran across his cheek to his jawline, causing them to tumble into the staircase wall, a picture beside them falling to the floor, glass shattering. But this didn't stop them, all Slash could see was red hair flying around him. It was like he was bathing under the red sunset and he didn't want to ever leave.

Somehow, they fell into Slash’s bedroom, the brunette kicking the door shut before landing on the bed. They both chuckled as Axl spun them around so that he was on top. Slash looked up at him, a dark lusting look in his eyes as Axl grinned down at him.

”At long last, Slasher.”
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