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“Knock Knock.” “Not another lame ass joke, Axl, I mean it!”- Axl tries to make his favorite bassist smile....

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“Knock Knock.”

“Not another lame ass joke, Axl, I mean it!”

Axl pouted, looking up at the tall blonde with wide innocent green eyes. He had been trying to make the bassist smile for the last half hour and he was becoming frustrated that he hadn't won yet.

Duff sighed,”Who’s there?”


“Buster who?” Duff asked in a bored tone.

“Buster Cherry! Is your daughter home?”

Axl bucked over laughing wildly at his own joke, but Duff didn't even grin, instead he just rolled his eyes, rubbing his temple at the bad attempt.

“That was crap, Axe, I seriously thought that you had better than that.”

Axl hit his arm,”You just have no sense of humor, jackass! ”

Duff raised an eyebrow, amused at how easily he was winning, and he bit his lip, stopping himself from laughing. Teasing his boyfriend was, in his mind, one of the greatest things ever since he knew how much of a sore loser the singer was.

“Please tell me that my eyes and ears aren't deceiving me,” he mocked,”is the amazing Axl Rose giving up?”

Axl glared up at him, he had thought of almost everything to make his lover smile, and nothing had worked. He bit his lip, silent for a few seconds, and just when Duff started to think that he had won, the redhead shot up and spun around.

“Axe, it’s not gonna work, so you’re just gonna have to gi-”

“Sit up!”He commanded.

Groaning on protest, Duff reluctantly did as he was told and turned around, face to face with Axl. The shorter man scooted closer to him, making sure that he was gazing into Duff’s eyes. The bassist opened his mouth to say something but Axl quickly hushed him.

The redhead cupped his face and made sure that Duff was looking at him. Pressing against him, Axl spoke softly,”I love you, Duff.”

Duff smiled widely, his baby blue eyes brightening up.

“Yes!” Axl cried out, smirking at the younger man.

Duff tried to compose himself, but the smile wouldn't disappear and it was the most beautiful thing that Axl had ever seen. Axl pulled him close and kissed him deeply. Returning the kiss eagerly, Duff whispered against his lips.

“Fine, fucker, you win...i love ya too.”
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