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Be My Valentine?

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-Frerard One Shot- God I hate this stupid holiday. IS IT EVEN CONSIDERED AS A HOLIDAY!? This sucks! I'm basically just gonna be reminded that I am forever alone another year.

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Be My Valentine?


Dear Gerard,
I never thought that it was possible to ever fall so hard for someone. I used to never believe in love. That is... until I met you that is.
Whenever I see you, I can't help but look like a tomato by blushing so hard. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever you smile or look my way. Sometimes the butterflies feel like hornets, leaving a stinging pain in my stomach and sometimes chest.
Fireworks - no. Dynamite explodes in my head whenever I hear you talk. Whenever you talk my brain melts because I can't think straight.
And lastly, whenever I just see you my heart pounds a million times per minute. It's like beating drum and sometimes I think it beats so loud that everyone in the world can hear it.
I love your personality. I love the way you look at things different. I love how your songs tell a story, along with your art.
I love you...
Sometimes I think you love me as well... but a guy like you would never love me. Especially since I'm a guy as well.
I just hope that this letter can change us from being friends into something else.
Sincerely Frank

"This is stupid," I mumbled, crumbling up the white piece of paper and shoving it in my pocket. "He would never love me..."

I sighed as I sat on my bed. Why does love have to be so complicated? Why does it have to be an estimated game? And why did love have to hurt? All of these questions will never be answered, leaving me stuck with love sickness.

I lie down on my soft bed, turning on my side to see my calender. "Oh no..." On my calender there was a small heart besides the number fourteen. Valentines Day was tomorrow. "NO!"

This was going to be hell...


Valentines Day

"Why is everything so pink!?" I shouted, my hazel orbs looking down the main hallway of the school to see a pink catastrophe.

Everything was a different shade of pink. Baby pink, hot pink, bubblegum pink. Pink, pink, pink! It was everywhere and it bothered me so much. Someone could write a book called "Fifty Shades of Pink" because I swear to something, there are at least fifty shades of this revolting color.

I bet a pink monster decided to come over last night, just to vomit pink! Or maybe Cupid decided to shit a load all over the place! Whatever the reason was... IT WAS STILL PINK!

My friend Mikey chuckled at my reaction to the pink filled halls, holding two cups of Starbucks coffee in his hands. His brown eyes looked at my small figure through his black rimmed glasses, and took a sip of his coffee with an amused look. Little prick. "Well it is Valentines Day, Frank," he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "Get anything for the special lady?"

I rolled my eyes and went to my locker, putting in my combo and opening it. "You know there is no special lady and you know I don't do shit on this day besides sleep, eat, and-"

"Learn stuff? Shit? Be a fatass?"

"Yep! Basically!" I shoved my book bag into my locker and pulled out a few things I needed for the school day, grumbling.

Ugh... Valentines Day. I absolutely, positively, DESPISE this day. They might as well change it to Singles Awareness Day.

It disgusts me seeing people giving their loved ones a stuffed animal or a box of chocolates. It disgusts me seeing people kissing each other and hugging, just rubbing in the fact that they love each other.And it disgusts me knowing that people would end up mucking around with each other, not just to prove their love and affection, but for the hell of it. Everything about this day disgusts me! And it's all because I'm not with the person I love.

"Oh come on grumpy pants. Cheer up! Valentines Day isn't so bad." There was a slight pout on his face as he took another sip of his coffee.

"Oh you have got to be shitting me Micheal!" I exclaimed, still getting some stuff out of the mess I call a locker. Oh God... why do I have to be so disorganized? I thought.

"What?" Mikey asked.

"Well of course you don't mind this day! I mean, you have a girlfriend that you have been with for two years! You are not forever alone like others here!" I pointed at myself when I said those last few words, causing Mikey to chuckle a bit. "What's so funny, Way?"

"Oh nothing. It's just... there's nothing bad about being single on Valentines."

"You say that now but just wait until you're single. Then you'll know exactly how it will feel like to be me."

"A gay little shit?!" The look on Mikey's face was so childish it was hysterical. It was the face a kid would make if they thought they saw a unicorn, which is always the look on Mikey's face when he has Red Bull.

I chuckled. "Exactly." I then closed my locker door and hugged my things close to my chest.

"Maybe you'll get something," Mikey said in a cheerful tone. He was balancing on the balls of his feet, acting as if he knew something. Knowing him, he probably did know something that I didn't. But then again, this Micheal James Way.

He's a smart blond that people dislike because being smart is considered "nerdy". But I find him being smart cool and he's actually awesome EXCEPT when he decides to be a little dick. Then I hate him.

"That day will come when pigs fly." I responded, walking to class.

Just like Mikey, no one likes me here at this school. My reason is different though. It turns out that if you are gay in high school, you are known to be a walking disease. How great is that? And me being gay has cost me every Valentines Day because I, Frank Iero, have never recieved a valentine. Ever! It sucks!

Mikey followed me, still acting as if he knew something. "Well Frankie, I believe I have heard rumors that someone might get you something."

I rolled my eyes. "Ha ha. Very funny dude. I am laughing my ass off as we speak." Sarcasm was dripping out of my mouth as I spoke. This guy... if he wasn't so breakable I would punch him right now.

"Believe me Frank. Believe me. Oh! Hold on a second, okay?" I stopped walking and turned to see Mikey going off to a locker that wasn't his. "Hey brother!" I heard the awkward teen yell, going off to a raven haired guy that was slightly shorter than him.

"Hey Mikes." I felt my heart pounding fast in my chest as I heard that angelic voice. Gerard Way was his name. The older brother of Mikey Way, and the guy that gave me love sickness.

Oh only God knows what Gerard makes me feel when I see him. I feel as if I'm floating on a soft cloud. I feel as if I'm light headed and I'm going to faint. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to throw up. And Gerard would never know!

Mikey handed Gerard the coffee cup that he did not drink out of, getting a smile from his older brother as a thank you. They were talking about who knows what and laughing a little. But then they started talking in a hushed tone that no one could make out if they heard.

I wonder what they're talking about I thought. Probably nothing special I guess. Just some Way family secret.

Just then I caught Gerard looking at me. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes. He waved at me and smiled, going back to his conversation with Mikey.
I looked down quickly. I think I might just faint! God dammit! I am in love with Gerard big time and it might be the death of me! SNAP OUT OF IT FRANK! YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL! I shouted in my head, mentally slapping myself.

"I'll see you later Geetard!" I heard Mikey say cheerfully. His footsteps were heard and I then saw two black converse below me. "Is the floor interesting to you Frank?" the blond asked me, chuckling.

I looked up at him. A tint of read was shown on my cheeks. "Yeah. Very interesting. What were you and Gerard talking about?" I felt myself blush again as I said his name. Oh just kill me now love sickness! Please!

"You'll find out later, lover boy." Mikey winked at me and smirked. God dammit I hate him. He was probably the only one that knew about my crush on Gerard, besides Ray and Bob but they didn't really care. But Mikey knowing I like Gerard is awkward.

What makes it awkward? Not only is Mikey the younger brother, but he always teases me about it! And sometimes Mikey would joke, saying he's gonna tell Gerard. It worries me to death because what if Mikey did tell?

My life would be ruined if Gerard found out! No matter how much it pains me, Gerard must never find out that I like - no... LOVE him. He must never find out unless I tell him... which is never.

The bell rang, telling everyone in the halls to get to their classroom. I sighed a bit, walking slowly. "When am I going to find out?" I asked the awkward teen.

"Soon enough. Now, let's hurry up and get to class before we're tardy."


Throughout first period I couldn't help but feel disgusted. I just wanted to puke in my math textbook because of the lovey dovey atmosphere.

All the girls in the class room had a small stuffed animal holding a heart that either says "I love you" or "Be mine?" on it. They were so awestruck by the stuffed animal and even played with it for a while. Sometimes the girls would admire other stuffed animals as if they haven't seen one before!

And the guys didn't have anything special, but they still got something. They either got a card or a heart shaped box of chocolate. None of the guys really cared though but they did rub it in in each others faces, saying shit like "Oh my girl loves me so much that she got me chocolate. I love chocolate."

And then here I was! Sitting in the back of the class and watching everyone go all goo goo over something so simple! You know how difficult it is not to shout, "It's just chocolate and a stuffed animal! You see that shit everywhere at the Dollar Store!" at people? It is a very difficult challenge.

The bell rang thankfully, causing me to stop looking at the presents everyone had gotten. I picked up all my books quickly and bolted out of the classroom, not wanting to hear any more bull out of those people.

The hallway was worse though. I was back in the pink explosion and there were more stuffed animals and cheesy cards to be seen. It is sickening! I just wanted to get out of this bubblegum pink land and go to my next class as quick as possible.

"Oh dammit..." I mumbled. It's a Friday and that means I have gym next period. God damn you block schedule! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have that humiliating class. "I'll just skip today."

I ran through the halls quickly, going up a couple staircases and occasionally running into a person here and there. No one got hurt though. The teddy bears holding a heart would always block any harm to me or the other person.

Eventually I reached the school roof, not getting noticed by any teachers or students. I came up here just in time before the bell rang.

I sighed a little and sat down at my usual spot on the roof. It was a good spot; a spot that showed a great view of what was in front of the school. There was some shade but it wasn't cold because a bit of sun reaches the place. And this spot would hide me from anyone that decided to come up on the roof, which is never. That's why I always come up here when I want to ditch because no one else goes up here and it is a good place to clear your thoughts.

I definitely needed to clear my thoughts.

Putting a hand in my pocket, I felt the crumbled up letter I wrote last night. "Oh what to do... what to do..." I mumbled.

"What to do with what?" I heard a voice ask. I jumped a little and turned to see who it was that asked that. "Oops! Sorry Frank. Didn't mean to scare you."

It was Gerard. Gerard was up here on the roof! And it was just us two! Oh thank you God for this... if you are real. "Oh it's fine, Gerard." I smiled.

"Mind if I sit down?" I shook my head and made a gesture for him to sit down. So he did. "So... what brings you up here?" he asked, looking at me.

"I didn't feel like going to gym and humiliating myself," I responded simply. "What about you? What brings you up here?"

He chuckled. "I'm not allowed in chemistry for a few days."

"Why is that?"

"I tried to make the classroom explode." He had a smug look on his face as he said that. "Now people think I'm a terrorist because I made the class go boom boom."

I laughed. "Boom boom? Really?" It was cute...

"Yes boom boom! Got a problem Iero?"

I laughed more. "I'm going to say no just because I don't want to end up like the classroom!"

The whole time on the roof, Gerard and I just talked. I tried to contain the butterflies in my stomach and it worked. I wasn't freaking out, I wasn't looking down to cover up a blush. I was actually talking like a normal person.

We both made each other laugh at each others stories. One story in particular made us both have tears streaming down our face by laughing too hard. "So he literally stuck the fork in the toaster!?" I asked, gasping for air.

Gerard was laughing hysterically and it took him a while to respond. "Y-yeah! He d-did!" was all he managed to say before bursting out into another fit of laughter.

"Silly Mikey! Is he trying to die!?"

"I have no clue! But it is a dumb way to die!"

This caused me to laugh more, making it hard for me to breathe. Soon enough though our fit was cut off by the sound of the bell. "Ah shit," I grumbled.

Gerard had finally calmed down. "Guess it's time to go back."

"Yep." I got up and stretched. "I'll see ya around Gee." I then started walking, putting my hands in my pockets.

Wait a minute... I felt around in my pockets but couldn't feel the piece of paper. NO! I turned around quickly and almost dropped dead. Gerard was holding the letter... and reading it.

I might as well just die now! That letter is going to ruin everything! "Gerard! Stop reading that!" I exclaimed, going back to him quickly.

Too late. He read the whole thing

"Frank... I..." he paused.

"I know what you're thinking, so I'm just gonna go." I snatched the letter from his hand and started to walk again, but was stopped. Gerard's pale hand was wrapped around my wrist. "Gerard?"

"Do you really feel that way Frank?" His voice was quiet and soft, but also serious.

I nodded a simple yes. "Now can I go?"

"Not just yet," he said, pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket. He handed the piece of paper to me. "Mikey and I were talking about this poem I wrote earlier, and I wanted to know what you think about it."

I sighed. "Alright." I took the poem and handed Gerard the embarrassing letter. "Here." I then started to read the poem.

It was the most beautiful poem I have ever read.

My past has drawn a detailed line,
darkness comes out to paint a sign.
Scorpio's symbol balanced with light,
come dear child, embrace the fight.

Dark against light, future and past,
his scale shall tell, the choice is vast.
A voice broke out among the rest,
writing in ink upon my chest.

How sweet your voice, sickened and pale,
breaking all odds, never to fail.
Hair so soft and the color brown,
You always smile, and never frown.

You lead me out of my black hole,
making my heart completely whole.
I used to walk along a jagged path,
treading along, you killed my wrath.

Seeing your face, it makes me blush.
How I wish to kiss those lips, oh the thought gives me a rush!
I dreamt one night we'd dance around,
Slow and steady, perfectly bound.

My suit of black, and yours of white,
holding you close, and hugging you tight.
We spin around inside my dream,
underneath the starry stream.

After waking up I soon recall,
Friday morning, feeling so small.
You are my crush, I must admit.
When our hands touched once, I blushed a bit.

Then I knew from that day on,
I would love you until I was gone.
I'm in love with you,
But you already knew.

"Wow... this is really beautiful Gerard. But why do you want to know what I think?" I asked, handing the poem back.

"Keep it. It's yours."


"Yes yours. I wrote that poem for you." A light shade of pink appeared on his pale cheeks. "I love you Frank..."

"Y-You wha-" I was cut off by a pair of soft lips pressing on to mine. Oh my God!

He was kissing me! Gerard was kissing me, right here and right now!

It took a while for my brain to process what was going on but before he pulled away, I kissed back . Our lips danced with each other. This was a rush!

A few more seconds and we both pulled away. Gerard looked into my hazel eyes, a dark red blush on his cheeks. "Can I ask you something Frank?"

"G-Go ahead." The butterflies in my stomach were dying to burst out of my stomach. I could hear my heart pounding and I was hoping Gerard wouldn't hear. We just kissed! I can't believe it.

"Will you be my valentine?" he asked sweetly.

I smiled my cheesy grin and hugged him. "Only if you will be mine," I responded.

Gerard chuckled. "Of course."


Like, oh my Zalgo! I wrote something cute for once!
I'm gonna be completely honest, my brain exploded when writing this because I am not used to writing adorable, romantic, and Frerard related things.
I tried though!
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