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The Day After

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wow ik its been how many months? like 7? I'm so sorry a lot of stuff has happened, I moved, switched schools, and a lot more happened that's just been pulling me away from updating so here's chapter two! And from now on hopefully I can update more often.

I wake up to a terrible headache, my mouth is dry, as if someone shoved cotton balls in my mouth,a nd my eyes a re burning. I stumble off the bed and go to the bathroom. "shit" O mutter. I look just as bad as I feel. My hair is messy, my makeup is smeared, and my clothes are wrinkly and ripped. "What even happened last night?" I ask myself. I wobble to the bathroom and go to take a shower. I see a bunch of Gerard's shampoos with scents that are so feminine "whatever" I turn on the water and the hot water cleanses me from last night. I walk out of the shower and pull out a Misfits tshirt and some jeans.
Around half an hour later I'm in the kitchen and as I'm making coffee I hear some heavy ass foot steps that to belonged to the one and only Gerard."It smells like fucking heaven!" Gerard says sounding like some toddler talking about unicorns. "Hey Gee if you want coffee I can make you some" I offer, he just nods his head and sits down on the stools near the island.I finish making the coffee and we walk over to the living room to watch some daytime television, which by far is the worst thing ever. That's why I like it.

By five in the evening Pete and Patrick are at the door, they've got some asain food and we all sit down on the leather couches not even bothering that we have school the next day. "Yo Pete can you do me a favor?" Gee asks while we're halfway into the ferris bueler movie that I've slowly started to lose complete interest in. Gerard and Pete walk out and now it's only me and Patrick. "man, I really hate this movie" Patrick sighs. I stare at Patrick. "what?" he asks looking at me as if I have like a third eye growing out of my nose. "I just really hate this movie" I mumble "It's so overplayed." I go on. "Oh my god!! YOU UNDERSTAND!" Patricks eyes are filled with joy as he sees he's not the only on. Gerard walks back in with Pete and they have the by far the most evil grins imaginable.

It's 8:30 and a few of Gerard's friends Gabe, a tall tan guy with black hair, Bob, the guy at the bar with the blonde hair,and lip ring. Ray a guy with this light brown fro that you can spot from at least a mile away, and Vicky, a girl (probably the only girl that Gerard knows)with long brown hair, and thick eyeliner come over.They sit with us. "alright you motherfuckers!" Gerard announces. "We got an amazing idea creds to me and Pete." He goes on "get to the fucking point Gee!" Gabe shouts throwing a water bottle at Gerard's head, Vicky laughs. "well geez Gabe!calm yourself," Gerard goes on standing on the coffee table "So you guys know how spring break is two weeks away, right?" he asks we all nod. "Welll I thought we all go to Manhattan and and go to some fancy hotel, y'know and we go to some rad bars and shit!" Gerard exclaims as if he's made some piccaso shit. "guys it'll be fun, and I know people who can make us some fake IDs and we can have some fun" Pete says smirking at Patrick, who immediately turns red. "Well what do you guys say?" Gerard asks. "I'm in" Bob and Ray say together. "WAAAAIT A SECOND" Gabe shouts. "WHAT ABOUT ME AND VICKY!?!??!" he goes on "WE'RE THE ONLY DATELESS PEOPLE HERE" he fumes "Ohhhhhh we thought of that already." Pete prances over to Gabe and grabs his phone. "Let me dial a special someone named William Beckett the fellow senior" he smirks. Pete dials William and he picks up immidiately "YO BIL WANNA COME WITH US TO MANHATTAN, YEAH!!!! ME GABE Frank, Gee, ray, Pattycakes, bobert, and vicky T the one with the nice tits. YOU CAN COME!!! OH YOU WANNN GROUP UP WITH GABE!?!? SURE THING!" Pete tosses the phone back to Gabe, and Gabe goes just as red a Patrick is. "VICKY OOHHHH VICCKKKYYYY!!!!" Pete sings "GIVE ME YOUR FUCKKIINGGGGG PHONEE!!!" he walks over to Vicky and grabs her phone. " Here we go, D. Worsnop, how cute Vicky, you don't even write Danny's whole name" he goes and calls Danny " YO WORSNOP MY MANN WANNA COME TO MANHATTAN WITH ME VICKY, PATTYCAKES, FRANK THE NEW BOY, GEE, BOBBY, AND RAY?! OH YOU DO!! OH DO YOU WANNA GROUP UP WITH VICKY WE DONT WANT HER TO BE LONELY!" he covers the mic and sighs "WELL DANNY RAD TALKING TO YOU PACK YOUR BAGS FOR A WEEK AND DON'T FORGET THE WHISKEY!" Pete hangs up and plops down. "Y'all bitches are never grateful for te shit I do, I called Danny, the one guy I hate, I hope you two fuck so that call didn't go to waste." Vicky nods and hides her face behind her bangs. "well let's all spend the night at Gee's!" Pete shouts, and walks to me. Wait me. HE gets really close to me and whispers "share a room with gee tonight, and I will with Patrick, go have some fun" and he walks off with a wink.

It's like midnight,and everyone but Pete and Patrick left. Giving us the chance to just spend the night up, and hopefully fuck.

Well here you go! Chapter two, I'm prob gunna update once a week, or twice a month
xoxo Alittlekilljoy
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