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the story of Ash Ketctum And misty And Eminem.

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Ash and Misty now 18 have are still hanging out with Brock and fighting Team Rocket. But a new member comes to Ash and Mistys team and changes everything. This story will be very long.

Category: Pokemon - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Ash,Misty - Published: 2014-03-07 - 188 words

I was walking with Brock and Misty and we are all grown up . I am no longer 10. I was walking down the hill with my team. Misty was holding my hand . I don't mind cause I love her and she is hot. We were walking down the hill and we saw someone. We walked over to him and asked who he was . "I am Eminem",he said.I know his music but not him. We asked what he was doing and we found out that he is training a pokemon to rap. I then saw Brock walking towards Him with a lot of yen in his hand. (The characters in Pokemon live in Japan and yen is the money they use in Japan ) Brock wanted to know how to teach a Pokemon To rap. Eminem took the money and then taught him how to teach a Pokemon to rap. After he was done. Eminem joined our team. We were confused.
1.why would Eminem want to join a Pokemon team?
2.Will he be permanent or temporary? much does he know about pokemon?
Find out in the next chapter.
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