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The Backer of Metaphors

by nerds_assemble 3 Reviews

Chance's eyes clung shut as he began to hum. It was bitter and reminded Gemini of a funeral march and then it abruptly stopped.“If I keep this minute a memory.” He opened his eyes as wide as he...

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters:  - Published: 2014/04/17 - Updated: 2014/04/17 - 3349 words


  • The Backer of Metaphors

    (#) Mirazal 2014-04-18 06:57:49 PM

    Honestly, I love this a lot. It feels the way I've kinda been feeling recently. And for some reason scenes like this have been running through my head and I've been thinking about writing them but really, this is much better than anything I can create. Why do I love this so fucking much... Also I miss talking to you. ;_;

    Author's response

    DUDE. Monkeys party all night, but they get blue sometimes, too! Thank you so much, though. I really love reading what you think of my stuff. I dunno, man, I bet you could write it better. I didn't even really want to post it, but I thought maybe some people might need it, y'know?

    I MISS TALKING TO YOU, TOO. I MISS A LOT OF THINGS LATELY. My old email is kind of loaded with junk stuff and I'm not sure why so this is the email I've started using more:

    Thank you soooooooo much, dude.
  • The Backer of Metaphors

    (#) BipolarUnicorn 2014-04-19 01:07:32 AM

    Holy shit. This is fucking rad. I honestly love Chance, I kinda feel like I get him ya know? This blows my mind, your writing gives me chills. Man I miss your writing it's so good. I agree with Mir too, I love this so much...and I miss talking to you too (and I miss talking to you too Mir! D;)

    Author's response


    WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I really miss talking to you, too. :) We should all see if we can chat somewhere, sometime...I can get that, though, about Chance. He's sort of been in my head for two years. I think out of all the characters I've made up (I've made up sooooo many more than I've even written about...scared much?), he's my favorite.

    It really means a lot to me that you guys like it. It was kind of like, a secret story, but I thought maybe some people would get it and it might help? I dunno but thank you so much for all your compliments!
  • The Backer of Metaphors

    (#) upinflames 2014-04-19 04:06:04 AM

    nice to see those guys finally get their own little story. i like how the end isn't absolute at all, and how beginning just spreads its way towards the not-end, eases its way to only that much more of understanding. like we only got that much of their little story, only scratched the surface of their characters and their lives and memories. and of course that is all we got, the rest is locked up in that head of yours. thank you for letting us in there for a little bit.

    i fuck it up with all these muddled up words and phrases tried hard to sound poetic and important, but i really just like how you write and the people who keep you company in your mind... Gemini, though... he's better? he'll be better? he was a little more messed up when i first met him, not so much better now either, but...

    anyways. thank you again.

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