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Home For Christmas

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“Daddy, please, just let me open one? Pretty please?”

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1999 - Five Years Old

“Daddy, please, just let me open one? Pretty please?”

Jessica gave her best innocent expression as she looked up at her father, tugging lightly on the sleeve of his shirt, her eyes fixated on the presents surrounding the large, Christmas tree behind them. Her green eyes lit up as she stared at the neatly wrapped gifts, her fingers itching to tear them open. The silver shiny wrapping paper bounced off the bright flashing lights that danced around the tree. The five year old set her gaze on her father again, pleading for him to give her permission.

“Sorry, sweetie, but you know that you can’t. Not until tomorrow, that’s the rules. ”

Jessica tilted her head pouting as her father shook his head. Her lower lip wobbled and she looked at the ground. It reminded him of Slash whenever the singer refused to have another snake in the house, and he always gave in at the end. The two always managed to wrap him around their little finger. He sighed, biting his lip to keep himself strong as he tried to keep the stern look on his face.

Axl Rose wouldn't give in, especially not to a five year old...a cute, adorable, pouting one.

“Why not? Hannah told me that her daddy lets her open one on Christmas Eve, so why can’t I open one?”

Axl’s eyes widened as he tried to think of something, anything to get rid of the upset look on his daughters face. He never got presents when he was her age, so he had no experience in this sort of thing. His gaze settled on the small girl again, her dark curls covering her green eyes. At that moment, he just wanted to let her open all of them, just to see her smile.

“Because if your nice, right up until Christmas morning, Santa gives you more presents under the tree and in your stocking. Hannah won’t be getting more because she’s been naughty by opening them to early.”

Axl kneeled in front of his little girl, wiping her curls from her face to get a good look at her. She slowly raised her eyes to meet his own, looking as if she had bought the story he had made up.

“R-Really, daddy?”

Axl nodded, somewhat guilty for lying to her, but he knew that it would be worth it when she woke up in the morning. A small smile on her face appeared, again reminding him of his lover, and she jumped into his arms, locking her small arms around his neck, giggling into his shoulder as he stood up and spun her around. He laughed along with her as she pulled on his long red hair, screaming loudly each time he tossed her in the air and caught her.

“Anyone home?!”

The pair slowed down, Axl reaching out to calm his dizziness as Jessica jumped down, running down the hallway to the front door. The singer smiled widely before following the sounds of greetings.

“Dad! You’re home!”

Axl leaned against the staircase as he watched Slash dump his suitcase beside the door and look down at Jessica who had her arms raised in the air, wiggling her fingers. Instead of lifting the girl into his arms, the guitarist crouched down in front of her and pulled her into him, kissing her on the cheek. He closed his eyes contently, hair falling over his face as he embraced his daughter that he hadn't seen in two whole weeks.

After a few moments, he brushed the hair out of his face and looked up at the redhead across from them smiling at him warmly before speaking.

“I told ya I would be home for Christmas, didn't i?”

Axl just rolled his eyes at him playfully before grabbing the younger man’s suitcase and began walking up the long staircase. Jessica pulled away from her father and opened her mouth, pointing at her teeth.

“It finally fell out, look, dad, look!”

Slash chuckled, nodding as he stood up and pulled something out of his leather jacket pocket. Jessica’s eyes widened in excitement as he handed her a candy cane.

“Aww, sorry I missed it, Jess. I promise i’ll be here for the nest to fall out.That’s from Uncle Duff. Now i’m gonna go and get changed, why don’t you go and find that Christmas movie you were telling me about on the phone?”

Jessica nodded quickly before running off into the living room to look through the thousands of DVD’s that she owned. Slash smiled as he heard her singing to herself as he began to climb up the stairs, yawning on the way. Opening the door to the bedroom he shared with Axl, he found the singer sitting crossed legged on the floor, cursing as sellotape stuck to his fingers, all while trying to wrap one of Jessica’s Christmas presents.

“Y’know we spoil her, dont’cha?”

Axl smirked up at him and nodded, watching as Slash took off his top hat and threw it onto the bed, kicking off his boots before sitting down next to him. He grabbed the tape out of Axl’s hands and began tearing off pieces as the singer held the paper in place, muttering a thanks as Slash pressed it down.

“How's your mom?”

Slash nodded, writing out the tag before sticking it on top of the neatly wrapped gift.

“Better than last time, she wants you two to come after the holiday is over. She has hundreds of presents for Jessie.”

Axl stood up and put the presents into the closet as Slash changed into his PJ’s. He then turned around to the brunette again, who wrapped his arms around him, hauling him into his taller body. Slash buried his face into the older man’s neck, inhaling his scent that he had missed deeply on his trip. Axl closed his eyes and pressed a kiss to Slash’s dark shoulder.

"I missed you."Slash peppered kisses along Axl's sharp jawline, interlacing their fingers, his thumb running along the gold wedding band that was identical to his own.


They both laughed at the sound of Jessica’s scream that sounded a lot like Axl’s singing voice. Kissing his lover quickly, Axl grabbed Slash’s hand and began to drag him out of the bedroom and down the stairs. They found their little girl sitting in the middle of the large couch, chewing loudly on the candy cane that Slash brought home for her, eyes glued on the plasma that was on the wall, giggling each time a funny scene came on. Her eyes settled on her parents that were watching her happily at the door.

“Hurry,” Jessica said through her chewing,”Charlie’s dad is about to become Santa soon!”

Slash locked his arms around Axl from behind, kissing the top of his head. His singer leaned against him, letting out a happy sigh, as they moved toward their daughter. They each sat on either side of her, Slash observing as Jessica offered Axl a piece of her candy cane and a warm feeling spread through him as he saw the smile on his face. The smile he only kept for him and his child. He had never seen Axl so happy, not even when Guns got big.

”Merry Christmas, Will.”
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