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Just Auster romantic fic!

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“STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!” Mr. Pama shouted from behind as he races to catch two adoringly naughty boys making a run for pulling a prank on their teacher. They both put sharp needles on poor Mr. Pama’s chair, you and I should know what happened. They both turned at one corner and quickly struggled to go inside the sports equipment’s store room. Both of them stampeded the small room like little rhinoceroses and quickly closed the door. From the small window of the door, they glanced through and saw that Mr. Pama made a run all the way to the end of the hallway. They both laughed their asses off in the most ungodly way.

“Oh god. That was funny.” Peter, the taller boy said in between laughs. Austin, the other boy, could not stop himself from laughing and nodded like a broken machine. They continued laughing until they were too exhausted to let out another breath. “Come on, Aus. We need to quickly return to class. Probably apologize. I don’t know, we could get a suspension letter, but hey, let’s just say Ace and Joem did it.” Austin was just the type of boy who would agree to anything. He nodded with a smile that aligns with his dimples.

Peter headed for the door and unbelievably enough, the handle of the door was jammed. Peter shook the handle worryingly and still could not open the door.

“We’re stuck. We’re stuck, Aus.” Austin widened his eyes after hearing his words and they both let out a sigh. “I’m gonna try calling for help.” Peter gave an idea. He banged the door and screamed for help, almost non-stop for about 20 minutes but no help came. They were alone and break time was 3 hours away.

“What are we going to do?” Austin asked.

“Wait. I guess we have to wait.” Peter replied.

“And do what?”

“I don’t know, starve? Shut up Aus!”

Austin choked back his words and sat down on the floor, eyes locked on the basketball in one of the boxes of equipments. Peter felt bad for shouting and sat beside Austin. He could see in Austin’s eyes that this boy was passionate about basketball. Austin probably feels the same for Peter, but no. Never. Peter hated basketball. Peter hated being in the sun all the time so that’s why he’s always late for practice or he’s always finding himself excusing from practice. But this boy somehow managed to be their team’s captain. He naturally was good in basketball.

Why did he join the team anyway?

To be with Austin.

Austin was staring at Peter for quite a long time. He was worried that Peter was worried because that boy was so focused on his thoughts.

“U-um… Pete?” Austin called for him.

Peter broke his thoughts and tried to look at Austin in a nonchalant way, but as it is, he looked ever so nervous.

“You look… troubled.” Austin whispered, scared what Peter’s response might be.

Peter shrugged it off. “It’s nothing.” Well obviously there’s something, Austin thought.

“Well obviously there’s something.” Austin didn’t realize he repeated his thoughts into words. He felt a spark in him, a nervous spark. Peter gazed into Austin’s eyes and looked away.

“I told you, it’s nothing.” Peter spat his view away from Austin.

Austin nodded slightly and just kept quiet. They were both quiet for a long time. They didn’t make any eye contacts or spoke a single hush. Austin’s vision was blurry and he dozed off. Peter could see that he was snoring very softly and the way Austin was leaned against the wall was so… adorable. Peter’s cheeks were red. He was blushing.

He kept on eyeing Austin’s facial expressions. He just likes this boy so much. He’s always liked him. He doesn’t even know if he’d fallen for him.

He also didn’t realize that his hand was reaching to Austin’s soft cheeks, but he didn’t resist himself. He laid his hand on his skin and felt the gentle heat. He trailed his fingers and reached for Austin’s lips. He could feel cracks of skin on his lips but it felt so beautiful. He continued his trails and touched his throat and moved down to his chest. He felt his heartbeats. It was slow and rapid at the same time. He could almost feel the beating of his heart intertwined with Austin’s.

He looked at Austin.

He can’t hold it anymore.

He got up and unzipped his pants swiftly, leaving him butt naked. He had an erection all along and his big fat cock was in mid-air, directly aiming at Austin’s mouth. He grabbed Austin by the hair and Austin was awaked with a daze, and he couldn’t make up what was happening when Peter suddenly slapped him and pushed him against the wall. Austin was startled and he felt himself shaking. Peter had a very sinister smile and darted his lips to Austin’s and began licking his lips. Austin was fighting Peter’s grip but Peter jerked Austin’s head and made him kneel down. He was hungry for his cock to be sucked by Austin. He wanted to feel Austin’s saliva. He shouted at Austin to open his mouth. Austin was scared to obey and he could feel himself trembling like a tremor of some sort. Peter gritted his teeth; he was too impatient for games. He forced his cock’s way into Austin’s mouth and when he finally found an opening, he thrusted his cock with all his might and shoved it down Austin’s throat. Poor little Austin had a bad gag reflex but Peter was stubborn. He forced his cock and forcefully mouthfucked Austin viciously. Austin gagged a lot of times and he wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. He had tears streaming down his face and his hands were both weak to fight back. Austin’s hair was pulled by Peter and Peter was so fucking violent that he pushed his cock right in the gag spot of Austin’s throat until he fell down to the floor, lying down, crying. Peter laughed cruelly with pleasure as he felt Austin’s saliva covering all of his cock. He was so fucking pressurized by the size of Austin’s small mouth that he felt ultimate horniness. Austin couldn’t handle the continuous gagging and vomited. That didn’t stop Peter from fucking his throat as he was more turned on by the scent of vomit. He smiled, thrusting Austin even harder and faster. Austin repeatedly vomited until nothing came out but tears and nastiness. It was near. Peter was about to ejaculate a huge load of semen and he chose to do it in Austin’s throat. By the time it was near, Peter let out a scream of joy and pleasure as he shot ten gallons of semen inside Austin. Austin felt himself out of oxygen and his throat was basically fucked. He then fainted out of tiredness and lack of oxygen. Peter realized what was happening and got up quickly. He smirked and stepped on Austin’s head with a huge laugh. He zipped back his pants and looked at the window of the door.

Ches was staring at them all along.
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