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it's burning.

by nerds_assemble 2 Reviews

kids can see this through. i found this at 1:23 am and i guess i wanted to share it or something. kudos, guys.

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  • it's burning.

    (#) SyraStrange 2014-07-14 08:16:40 AM

    I'm seeing a lot of thoughts I've had before in here, I don't know why I think so, because the vague, specific way you write makes me hesitant to think I'm a right or a wrong, or maybe even a left ( ha ) , maybe even hesitant to think at all, instead maybe to just read and remember your words in the kind of way you remember dreams that you mistake as memories.

    Second to last section is crystal. Means something to me.

    - S

    P.S. - do you prefer the grey sky at a dying night or just the bright sunrise? I can never see it - the sunrise I mean - given where I live. Wonder if it's different to other people.

    Author's response

    SYRA. Omigod you're alive.

    But thanks; that's one of the coolest compliments I've gotten. "vague, specific" and the whole dreams = memories thing, too.

    This (whatever the hell it is) felt too honest...I almost didn't post it but I guess it's hard for people to tell how my brain works without dissecting this a little. Not that anyone would really care to, anyhow.

    - RAH RAH is too happy you're around.

    I suppose it depends. I've always liked driving into the night, best feeling ever. Seriously, put on Jackson Browne or the Eagles or whoever makes you fully hear and drive at dusk. Sometimes the sky gets orange and sort of looks like a Polaroid? It probably sounds stupid but I've always felt totally like I belong. Like I'm whole when that happens? I dunno. It's a really great feeling. Windows down.

    Sunrise is pink and hollow here, like blue breaking in at four and then, boom, pink an red overlay until seven when it turns overplayed blue. I like it and all but, dusk is where my head's at.

    I'm curious...what do you prefer? You should watch the sunrise; they really can be beautiful if you catch it right.
  • it's burning.

    (#) SyraStrange 2014-07-16 10:47:59 AM

    YES I've came out of my little corner.

    I always love the way writing cleans up all the mess in your head, but that's what makes this nicer --- it's not exactly a draft of nonsensical bullshit like it would be if every single thought just came flying onto your keyboard, but like sketch of the central line, you have to give it some thinking before it clicks into place.

    If you've ever saw the slam poetry Repitition by...shit, I can't remember his name...(it's on YouTube, I can link you if your email is still the same but you'll find it waste enough if you just type in "Repitition poetry") he said something about sunrises losing it's meaning after watching them over and over and over and over again. There's buildings blocking the sights for a sunrise, I'm sure if I went out to get a better view I'd see it like it's meant to be seen, but when you stay up that kind of get this hazy sort of awake not awake.

    Oh, I can totally see how some driving at night can make you feel...okay? A temporary peace. Sadly I am not yet allowed to do that but hopefully in a year or two I'll try that out.

    -Syra is totally happy you're happy she's around

    Author's response

    I KNOW!! I still find it hard to believe. ;)

    Yeah! It really defrosts it all, doesn't it? Gets rid of the fog, I guess. Writing seems sort of like, like a cure sometimes, when you've got a head disease and you don't feel like going out much, writing kinda patches you up. Then you don't really need it much until the next time you feel down. I don't know, but I love reading no matter what and all...writing just fixes things for a while. You kinda can't ever run from it.

    You know what, dude? I've seen very little slam poetry, but the ones I've been to were amazing and the worsts thing ever. I don't know how that works, hahaah, but it did. Yeah, though, I'd really love to hear it. I've seen many sunrises and it always feels the same to me so I'd like to know what it means to him, y'know? I wish I could say, "Fuck yeah, cities suck at night" and all, buuuut I live in the country. I have this pretty big window, I can just watch the sunrise all the time. It's so funny, I never realized some people can't see the sun rise and some people just get light pollution instead of stars.

    Really? Right, I keep forgetting your age. But, yeah, you get it? I don't know, something about the road at just leaves me really happy. But it's a happy that I know won't last, y'know? It's still happy. I'm sure it'd be even better in my dream car.

    -Rah Rah is pretty fucking happy you're here, too. :)

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