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Cartoon Mix-Up S1E1: BBF (Best Bros Forever)

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This is a new series called Cartoon Mix-Up. What? Only one cartoon in the crossover? You'll see sooner or later.

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Ah, what a good morning it was. Yes, good. I'm a freakin' narrator, whaddya expect? ahem Anyway, it was a good morning at the park. Mordecai and Rigby were playing video games as usual. M:"Hey, dude. There's this new guy at the park. Benson let him have a mansion here. Wanna go meet him?" R:"Oh, great! I can finally use that lasagna recipe I got off the internet for good!" M:"No, dude! Nobody wants your cooking crap! We have to make it out to him that we're cool dudes, not grandmas!" R:"What are you gonna do, then?" M: "I'll spy on him!" R:"Oh, look I'm super secret agent mordecai and I wanna spy because I'm a cool dude and not a grandmaaa" M:"SHUT UP!" R:"Okay, jeez." M:[Goes outside] M:"Now where is this hou- HOLY CRAP THAT'S A BIG HOUSE!" [sneaks to the window] M:"Here he comes! WOAH! A jetpack?! How the crap did he get that?" "I wonder what his name is..."[runs back to house] "RIGBY!" R:"AHHH!" [lasagna drops on Mordecai] M:ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) R:"Do you like the lasagna?" M:"SHUT UP AND COME WITH ME!" R:"What?" [Mordecai and Rigby walk outside] R:"Wait, so this guy has a jetpack ON HIM?" M:"Yup. And we're knocking on his door now." R:"Well, okay. Hopefully he's a nice dude to be bros with." dingdong! J:"Oh, hey! You must be the slackers." M:"OH CRAP, DID BENSON TELL YOU THAT?" M/R:"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG" J:"Jk, dude, jk. So who are you guys?" M:"I'm Mordecai, and that's Rigby." J:"Cool. And my name is Jay. Jay Lite. You guys wanna tour the house? Or a.k.a the WINGHOUSE?" M:"Woah, cool!" J:"Come on in!" J:"So this is the game room." M:"Where's the cartriges?! J:"You guys still use THOSE?" R:"Well that's all Benson ever let us have." M:"And what's with the controllers? What the heck is an LT button? Isn't it supposed to be A, B, and the D-pad?" J:"Yeah, let's go to the next room." "So anyway, this is the basement. You're quite not ready to see it yet, but you can if we become bros. It's very private." "This speaking of bros, I have guest bedrooms that you can use if we become that close, too." M/R:o-o J:"NO! NOT THAT WAY!" [everyone starts laughing] J:"Anyway, here's th-" [2 HOURS LATER] J:"So that's my house. You likey?" M:"Can we live in here?" R:"Yeah, can we? M/R:"PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASEEE" J:"Well, why don't you ask Benson?" M:"We'll tryyyy..." R:"Yeah. Bye, Jay." J:"Bye, Rig." M:"HA! HE CALLED YOU RIG!" J:"Stay cool, Mordy." M:0-0 [Sees Benson planting trees] R:"BENSON!" M:"Can we live in Jay's Winghouse? Please!?" B:"No." M:"But why? Wouldn't it feel good getting us off your shoulders?" B:"Because we didn't get that room for nothing. It's either you stay where you are, OR FIND SOMEONE WHO WANTS IT!" M:"Jeez, dude. Chill much?" R:"Well we need Jay's help if we wanna hire someone else at the park." M:"Well, let's go then." [walks up to jay's door] M:"Jay, Listen. Benson won't let us stay at your house. So can you help us employ someone else?" J:"Sure. Nobody messes with my new bros." [give each other hi-fives] R:"Hey! Wanna get a job at the park? We have cookies!" [Mordecai slaps Rigby] M:"Dude be serious!" J:"I have an idea! Why don't we put up posters around the city! It's a surefire way to get someone here." M:"Yeah! Good thinking!" R:"Well, it's almost night. We should go now." J:"Okay, guys. See you later." [THE NEXT DAY] [Mordy looks out window] M:"Well it looks like Jay put up posters!" R:"Such a nice dude!" M:"See! Someone's walking in! It's a goat!" R:"Let's greet him!" [runs outside] M:"Hey, dude! Welcome to the park!" T:"Hey, my name is Thomas!" J:"Hey! Who's the new guy!?" T:"I'm Thomas! I came here because I saw posters posted up around the city. The park seems very nice. Any way I can get a job?" R:"Yeah, just ask Benson. He's the big walking gumball machine. He comes at usually 9:00." T:"Okay! Can I stick around?" M:"Yeah, sure." B:"Hey, guys. I came to wo-" [sees thomas] B:"YOU GUYS ACTUALLY GOT SOMEONE HERE!?" J:"Yup." B:"Mordecai and Rigby, you guys can now live in Jay's house." "So, Thomas? How about being an intern and get to live in the ownership house?" T:"Yeah, sure!" J:"Yeah, guys! We did it!" M:"How about going to the Winghouse to have some root beer?" J:"Heck yes!" [at the winghouse] J:"Guys, I need to tell you something." R:"What? You can tell us anything now!" J:"I have powers." M/R:0-0 0-0 0-0 "WOOAH!" J:"Yup. The ability to stretch. Pretty neat, huh?" M:"Yup. So what do our rooms have?" J:"You guys get gaming systems with 4 controllers, one tv each and a fridge. And a bed. Obviously." R:"And what does your basement have inside it?" J:"Oh, some scientific stuff. But it's not boring, it's actually very cool. You'll see what I can do with it /eventually/." M:"Dude, I think we might be best bros forever." R:"Yeah!" J:"Totally. A toast to bros!" [clinks root beers together and chugs them] J:"I think this will change our lives forever."
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Pub: 07/09/14

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