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A night of pain and good news

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Aleson stood in front of her bedroom mirror with her shirt off, examining the bruises on her torso. Delicately she ran some healing sauve upon them to help soothe the pain.

Looking in the mirror she couldn't recognized herself. Her hazel-green eyes were blood shot red from crying, her face looked like a painters canvas gone wrong, and her body looked frailed and had no composure at all. In her present state she had to bend over from keeping the pain to hurt so much, making it obvious that she had been hurt.

/ Fuck I hate this shit / she thought to herself as she held back some tears.

Slowly and carefully as to not touch the bruise, she put on an oversized t-shirt, which would perfectly hide her recent "fell down the stairs" bruises.

Making sure not to disturb her drunken fathers' slumber,she tiptoed bare footed down the hallway into the bathroom to get her make-up and to replace the healing sauve back in the medicine cabinet.

Safely making her way back into her room, she closed her bedroom door and locked. "How could I have forgotten to lock the door." she muttered to herself angrily. Tucking herself into bed, she made sure to lay on her back and not apply any pressure onto either of her sides. Sighing she looked at the digital clock on her bedside stand, it was 4 in the morning. Outside the stars seemed to already fade away.

Great just great she thought in misery./ Not only has my day been miserable, but so had the night./

Rummaging through her nightstand for her notebook, she found along with it her cellphone. Turning on the lamp she sat on her bed turning to a new blank page in the notebook. Before she wrote anything she turned on her cellphone. "Good thing I always keep you on silent." she whispered to her phone as she watched the screen light up with its usual welcome greeting. Letting it power up and go through its "looking for signal" moment, she began to write in her notebook.

The blinking light from her cellphone caught the corner of her eye. She stopped writing and picked up her cellphone to see what it was. One New Voicemail her phone informed her. "Who'd call me ?" she asked with a strange expression on her face.

In the past two years she had withdrawn herself from her friends, and became anti-social to the idea of making others. Leaving her completely and utterly alone in the war zone that she was in. No one ever called her, no one ever passed by, and no one ever said hi to her as they passed her down the street.

Calling her voicemail to listen to the message, she almost jumped up in delight.

"hey Ali! Its Brendon! Just telling you that me and the guys are coming back home in a couple of days. I know I know, it's been like two and half years since we've last hang out with ya. But its been so hectic! Can't wait to hang with you again. Oh wait here Ryan wants to say something.

Hey Ali-bee!Its Ryan. Man! I miss you! Sorry I havent called buddy! But in a couple of days you can beat me up all you want!

Not like you will ever win a fight Ry.

Shut up Jon! Anyways, see you in a few days Ali."

Too make sure that this wasn't just a figment of her imagination she replayed it again. SHe covered her mouth with her hand to keep her from screaming in joy. Finally she will find some peace with people she knew.

The question was for how long?
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