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Run ..Just Run

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umm....this one is more... violent.. lol so be warned...

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Sitting inside of the tour bus Aleson felt safe. Surrounded by her good friends, who were clowning around and talking about their funny times on the road.

"It's still not fair. If anything that should've been me eating In N out instead of the left overs on the bus." Jon said after hearing what Brendon and Aleson did all day. Aleson laughed "Well, you should have been awake, and not asleep." Jon pouted. "I was tired." Aleson laughed again. "Man I've missed you guys." "We've missed you." Ryan said. And as if though on cue all four crowded around and group hugged her.

Oh crap not again she thought to herself as she kept from wincing. They had the best intentions at heart, but since they did not know of her late nights up of her fathers throw downs upon her body, so she let them hold her bruised body for a while. It's not like they knew, so they weren't doing it on purpose.

"I have to get home soon." Aleson announced, not able to take the hugging anymore. "I'll walk you." Ryan volunteered . Brendon quickly stood up. "I'll go to." Soon all four boys had volunteered to walk her home. Ryan sulked in anger, which he masked with a smile.

Why couldn't you three just go back to sleep and leave us two alone he found himself thinking. Ryan couldn't help but want to be alone with her. That's why he was so exited to get back to town, and why he found himself on hours end staring at the picture they took two years ago at Christmas under the mistletoe at his house , and writing in his notebook which he hid from all.

In the end the five of them walked her home.

Damn. Aleson thought as she walked into her room. Ryan got cuter. Wait what?! Eww. That guy has been your best friend since like ever. Don't think of him like that. What? He has gotten cuter. "Stop arguing with yourself!" she said out loud. And walked out into the kitchen to get a cup of water. But still running through her head was Brendon's attempt to kiss her. Or so she thought it was.

On the kitchen counter she found her sister drinking a cup of coffee, with a look on her face, that let her know that she has something on her mind. "Spill it." Aleson said as she sat across from her sister and began to bite on an apple. "I'm leaving." Mirabelle said simple and plain.

"What?" Aleson said almost chocking on her apple. "Since I decided that I am going to go to the University of San Diego, Aunt Jane, and Uncle George, said they'd have no problem with me moving in with them. They said I can stay with them through out the rest of high school, and until I'm able to find a place of my own." Aleson just sat there looking at her sister, she had sudden grown up in the few hours that she was gone. It amazed her. "One thing I should warn you of. They called dad. Before I could tell them not to tell him, they hung up."

Aleson all the sudden sat stunned. That meant his attitude will be unpredictable this time. Something like this has never happened before, Aleson didn't know what to expect when he'd get home. This was no just a couple of bruised ribs and a black eye night. She had to brace herself. But before her and her sister could think of what to do, the front door slammed open. "Where the fuck are you. You slut! I never touched you, and this is how you repay me, by running off to your relatives!" the booming voice yelled.

"Run!" Aleson said as she grabbed her sister and pushed her out of the back door and locked it. "What about you?" "Just go!" Aleson ran off to the hallway ,just to be found face to face with her father. He put his hands upon her neck and began to choke her. "Your sister! Where is she!" he commanded. Aleson just kicked and punched him in an attempt to get him to let go of her. Her breathe was beginning to go short, and she could feel faint coming on.

With one swift moment, he threw her against the kitchen floor. Aleson coughed as air began to come back in her lungs. She only had a quick minute before she say her father reach for a knife and began to lung at her. Shit was all she could think as she crawled across the kitchen floor. She grabbed the nearest thing, the apple that she had left and threw it at him as she tried to regain her balance to stand up.

As she did she grabbed a pan from the stove and began to swing back at her father. "Stay the fuck away!" she said as she held her stand. He still lunged at her with knife in hand, trying to stab her. She hit him on the arm as hard as she could and began to run in the opposite direction.

Just as she began to run she heard her sisters voice. "Aleson!"

"Mirabelle." She yelled as she turned around to look for her sister, but as she did, her fathers eyes came into view, and a sharp pain in her chest began to surface.

"Aleson where are you?" another voice said.

But she just looked down to see that her father had plunged the knife into her chest. "You ungrateful bitch." he said. Just then everything began to fade in her vision, and she couldn't hold her balance. Everything went black, and all she could think was "Run Mirabelle, run."
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