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Problems have been every so often caused by the level of fire with which football teams are supported, and clashes between supporters may result in vi

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Problems have been every so often caused by the level of fire with which football teams are supported, and clashes between supporters may result in violence. Some violence happens by folks aiming to trigger problems, a phenomenon known as hooliganism. Other fanatics group collectively in hooligan firms, which are organised fights with other firms supporting rival teams. Both are sometimes referred to as the "English Disease," after the disorder caused by English supporters travelling overseas to support both their club or national team in the 70s and 1980s. Nonetheless organised violence encompassing football continues to be widespread throughout other countries, most notably by torcidas organizadas in Brazil ultras in Italy and barra brava in other Latin American nations and Argentina.

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Violence by devotees has ranged from little fights between fans to tragedies like the Heysel Stadium disaster as well as the Football War. There have been episodes of devotees being killed, for example the killings of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight, two Leeds United supporters, in Istanbul in 2000 on the eve of the UEFA Cup Semi-Last first leg. In recent years though it has by no means vanished entirely, this facet of the game seems to have passed its peak in England. Specialist police models and info-sharing between regional and international police forces has caused it to be considerably tougher for the hooligans to organise and participate in ailment. CCTV inside and outside stadiums and also at other anticipated "flash factors" such as town centres and railway stations now makes it much more likely that people involved with disorder can be identified later even when they usually are not detained in the scene. Nonetheless, you may still find disruptions encircling soccer matches. One illustration being the UEFA Champions League matches which were played on 13 and 12 March 2005.

Players,including professional sportsmen have also impacted but this is rare. For instance, an email to Christian Vieri, seemingly by an Inter Milan buff, threatened to burn down his eatery, criticising his attitude towards the team. There's also the notorious episode where the Colombian global player Andrés Escobar was killed shortly after returning home in the 1994 World Cup. This was reputedly for scoring the own-goal which removed Colombia from the competition.

There there were quite a few disasters and accidents in the annals of football. Some of those, like the Ibrox and Hillsborough disasters, were due to difficulties with group control. The Heysel Stadium disaster was a combination of poor and hooliganism crowd control. The Bradford City stadium fire was due to poor fire security in the stadium. Lessons learned from these disasters have led to safer soccer stadiums.
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