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Photography and Broken Kisses

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Aleson had got a phone call from the skaters, and sneaked them backstage with her VIP pass, and her connections with the roadies. The three sat on couch laughing. Aleson had made them carry amps to pretend that they were really in fact really roadies. At the moment The Academy Is.. was playing their song Slow Down. The three stood next to the stage entrance jumping up down and singing along. "I'm not saying that I'm not breaking some hearts tonight, girl!" they screamed at the top of their lungs.

"Hey guys." they turned around to see Jon standing there. "Jon!" the guys said. "Sup you two. You guys should go into the dressing room. The make up artist agreed to give you the ultimate Panic face make up and wardrobe." "Nice!" they said as they walked down the hall to the dressing room. Jon sat on the couch, laughing Aleson walked over and sat next to him. "Thanks again Jon. I just want to help give them a good moment in their life." Jon smiled. "That's just like you, always thinking of us before someone else. How's your sides by the way." Aleson scrunched up her nose. "They still hurt when you guys hug me."

"What still hurts?" a voice asked, Aleson looked up to see Brendon standing there in his costume. "Wow," Aleson said. "That costume likes great!" Jon got up, "Well I gotta get to the dressing room and get ready too." he said and walked away. Brendon sat next to Aleson, "So what still hurts?" "Just my sides when they are touched. But you're costume, it''s....." He laughed. "Okay I sorta get the point now." They sat their laughing for a while. "I missed a lot." Aleson sighed. Brendon wrapped an arm around her, "It's okay kiddo. At least now you're making up for it."

Aleson got up again and walked towards the entrance to see William do the thriller dance to their song "The Phrase That Pays" . The crowd went wild. Aleson laughed. "What you laughing at? " Another voice said. She turned around to see Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz sit on the couch. "At you Peter Pan." Aleson said to Pete. Over the course of the past three days, between rehearsals, photography, and video games, she was able to meet the other two bands, and pal around with them. Taking pictures and William even paid her for a picture she took of him at rehearsal. She turned him down, but he insisted on her taking the money, "This way when you become some big photographer, I can brag saying I was the first one to be your customer. Or such."

With that she want off to the nearest Walgreen's and bought the best photo paper there, and began to print out her photos and made a collage of the ones she considered her best. She was showing them off to Jon and Spencer all night.

"Aww that hurts." Pete laughed. "Well, we're up next." Patrick said as he grabbed his guitar, "Don't forget to take pictures Ali-bee." Patrick said. The past few days that the three bands spent together, Ryan, Brendon, Spencer, and Jon had been calling Aleson, Ali-bee, the entire time, which rubbed off on everyone else. "All right Patrick." she said as she waved him, Joe, Andrew and Pete a good show, after which she sat back down on the couch because her sides were beginning to hurt again. "You okay?" Brendon asked as he sat next to her looking at her hold her sides. "It just hurts a bit is all."

Brendon reached over, "Here." He lifted her shirt up three inches from her waist, to expose the blue and purple bruise on her ribs. He gently ran his hands and fingers around them, messaging the hurt away. "Better?" He asked as he looked at her. She smiled "Where did you learn that?" she asked. "Bruises I got myself, I had to learn how to make the pain go away. Looks like I succeeded huh." Aleson laughed a bit more.

He ran his hand ran across her stomach onto her waist, Aleson stared into his eyes. "Brendon." she said. His hand gently wrapped around her and tugged at her softly towards him. She couldn't find any bravery to fight back, and let him pull her closer.

With that Bredon kissed her. A voice broke the kiss. "Brendon?" They looked up to see Ryan standing behind Jon and William.

"Damn! You got to her before me!" William joked as he sat next to Brendon. "Lucky bastard. Look at that Ryan, we just started the tour, and already he's with the beautiful photographer." Ryan just walked over to the stage entrance."Yeah." he muttered, staring out watching Fall Out Boy perform.

Inside, he wanted to strangle Brendon and throw him out a window for betraying him the way he did. But he knew that they needed him for the show. He had a duty to his fans. The anger would come later.

Brendon sitting on the couch knew what Ryan was thinking. But he didn't care. For now, all he knew was that he won.
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