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The Gentle Touch of a Gargoyle

by Predaliena

You find yourself locked in a dark dungeon, not remembering how you got there. And what if your kidnapper is not even human?

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I don’t know much anymore… All I can remember is that I was kidnapped in the middle of the day and dragged in this dungeon-like chamber, hidden somewhere deeply underground. I could only wonder how I was able to keep my sanity, but nonetheless, I was still sober and could think straight.

I truly had no idea why I got here. Who would want to kidnap me and the main question – why? Too many questions circled around in my mind, but neither of them got any answer. This place, as I assumed, was abandoned for years, and it was pitch dark around to see anything clearly.
While I tried to collect my thoughts and think of some kind of a plan to get out of here, I suddenly heard that I wasn’t alone in this dark room. I heard a faint, painful moan of a man. Judging by his voice, he had suffered much more than me. I couldn’t make out neither his features, nor his age, as in this darkness it was barely possible to see a thing.

“Hey, are you alright?” I asked him quietly.

“Huh? What? Where am I? Who are you?” It was obvious that this poor soul was more than confused.

“Well, you are in some kind of a basement, just as I am,” I replied. “Do you remember anything? How you got here?”

The guy was silent for a few minutes and then whispered:

“No, I can barely remember anything. I just know that I was suddenly grabbed by someone from behind while I went to work in the morning. I couldn’t see who it was, but this someone was indeed strong. This is the last thing I remember, as I blacked out at once. And now I am here… god knows where… I guess you suffered the same fate, didn’t you?”

“Obviously, yes,” I said, “I got here the same way as you. I just wonder who would want to kidnap us and the main question – why?”

“I’m afraid we won’t find answers to them,” the guy answered quietly, “we have to figure out the way to get out of here. I think…”

He didn’t manage to finish the sentence when we heard footsteps approaching the chamber. As far as I could tell, they sounded rather soft, like someone was walking barefoot. After s few seconds the heavy door was unlocked and opened with a loud screech. Usually the kidnapper checks if his victims are still alive, so I figured that this was the case. Behind his back a small ray of light was still visible and it looked like sun, so I realized it was still daytime, as I remember being kidnapped at that time. So not a long time has passed since then. Although there wasn’t much light, it was enough to make out the silhouette of the kidnapper. What I saw made the blood in my veins turn cold. The guy was tall, a bit less than two meters, but he was obviously inhuman. First, the shape of his head – there were spikes protruding from his generally human-shaped head and they were connected with skin. All in all, his head reminded me of a frill-necked lizard’s head. Also he had wings behind his back. No doubt, it was clearly a monster that looked like a gargoyle, from what I could make out, as nothing else was visible but a silhouette. But this was only half of the surprise.

“Good to see you’re awake,” a low, demonic voice spoke, “I assume you both are a bit confused right now, aren’t you? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m here just to check that you both are still alive.”

What?! Did he just talk like any usual human being? His language was perfect. It could only mean he appeared to be much more intelligent that he might seem.

“I still have a few things to do,” he continued, “I’ll be back very soon and then finally enjoy my meal!”

Saying this, the monster slammed the door shut with a demonic laugh, locked it and left. Me and my casual acquaintance sat there for several minutes in shock, thinking everything over and we lost the ability to talk for a moment. I could believe my own ears. So he kept us here until we wake up and then devour us alive… This is something that no one would like to experience ever.

“What are we going to do now?!” the guy asked in panic. “He’s going to eat us! We must find a way to get out!”

He began to search around the chamber frantically, trying to find something in the dark, which, I think, was in vain. I know I should have helped him, but I didn’t. Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared, or maybe just a tiny bit. I felt curious and enthralled by this creature that kept us here, and when I heard his voice and his talking, it increased my interest and desire to meet him closer. Even realizing that it’s most likely impossible, I was determined.

I have no idea how much time has passed since the creature left – ten, fifteen or thirty minutes, or maybe an hour or more. I just lost the sense of time in this place. I practically felt like hypnotized by this unusual monster, and the more I thought of it, the more I wanted to know his better, despite that it would result in my demise.

I stepped closer to the heavy door and listened. All was quiet behind it, not even a single sound. The guy was confused by my behavior and tried to persuade me to help him, but I didn’t listen. It was like his voice was non-existent, like a vague sound that dissolved in the air. My physical body was still there, but my soul was somewhere else. I remained in such condition until the sound of soft, slow footsteps reached my ears. The monster was back.

I stepped away from the door, just in case, because I didn’t want to be face-to-face with him just yet. The beast unlocked the door and opened it. I felt he was coming after me, not the guy, and suddenly a strong hand grabbed my arm.

“Now… let’s start with you, lady,” his voice sounded right at my ear. Right after that I was dragged out of the chamber, and the guy stayed locked inside. The monster was probably planning to leave him for a later snack.

“Step into the light,” he ordered.

I obeyed and stepped into a ray of light that was coming through the roof of the dungeon, trying to comprehend why he wanted me to do it. I presumed that he wanted to see me better and study a bit. Different thoughts raced through my mind, but I had to think of something to distract him and postpone death. If I’m lucky, then maybe, just maybe… I might survive. I decided to be courageous then and asked:

“How long do you actually live and hunt here? I must admit you raised interest in me, so… may I know this little thing about you?”

It seemed to raise interest in the monster and he replied:

“Well, I do this for many years, actually centuries. I just choose the random victims when I get hungry, bring them to my dungeon, hidden deep underground, and devour them. They never know who kidnaps them and why, and realize it just before their death. No one ever leaves this place alive.”

This explanation answered my question, but even that couldn’t instill fear in me. The monster felt that and my voice just confirmed it. This is the first time that the victim is not afraid of him and doesn’t feel fear before death, and it raised curiosity in him.

“Now tell me one thing,” he began, “why aren’t you afraid? You know you’re going to be eaten, and yet you feel little to no fear at all. You are the first victim that is brave. What is the reason for that?"

“I… I don’t know…” I replied.

“What does it mean – you don’t know? You have to be more specific.”

I thought for a moment and then tried to do my best to explain things:

“You’re right, I’m not afraid, neither of you, not of death. There might be different reasons, but one thing I know for sure – I’m strongly attracted to monsters and feel peaceful, being near them, just like I’m also a monster. I realized a long time ago that my true nature is a monster, just the body is human. Deep inside I crave for hunting humans, and the only thing that prevents me from doing this is that I live among humans and if I start killing, I won’t stop anymore and will have problems with those morons that they call police. Besides, human body doesn’t allow me to get them away from my way easily and therefore limits my possibilities a lot. I can be myself only in the presence of a monster and only a monster can understand me. I’ll tell you straight what I feel – monsters are magnificent beings, and humans are nothing, just prey for hunting and meat for eating. And I’m more than sure that true evil comes from humans, not from the beings that they call “monsters”.”

Hearing this explanation, he fell silent, it seemed as if he lost the ability to speak. All the things I said made him think things over. He hasn’t spoken a word for minutes, and after those moments of silence I finally asked:

“Could you please also step into the light? I’m really curious how you look like.”

The monster didn’t reply and came closer to the spot where I stood until the light fell on him. I couldn’t see much as he covered himself with his membranous wings, so only forehead and eyes were visible, and I was right about him being barefoot. The colour of his skin was the mixture of gray and chestnut brown. It seemed strange to me though that he was covering himself.

“Why are you hiding behind the wings?” I asked. “Is there anything you’re ashamed of?”

“No, I’m not ashamed, but there’s another reason,” he replied. “Even if you’re not afraid generally, doesn’t mean you might not get scared by my appearance.”

“What? Are you serious?” I asked with a laugh. “Have you already forgotten what I’ve just said? Let me remind then. Don’t forget that monsters are beautiful beings in my eyes, which can’t be said about humans. And you’re not an exception. So, still think that I would get scared? Well, try me then.”

The monster seemed amused by the sound of challenge in my voice so he uncovered himself, moving the wings behind his back. Generally he resembled a gargoyle, but his body seemed more or less human-like, just the skin was brownish and smooth. His hands and feet had claws and the face also had human features – there were two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, full of razor-sharp teeth. He wore no clothes and looking at his crotch, it was more than obvious that this creature was male. I must admit - I really liked what I saw, he really seemed beautiful to me, and he seemed satisfied, understanding that I found him attractive.

“I like you so much, you know that?” I asked playfully. “Really, in my eyes you are very, very attractive. And if I say so, I mean it.”

While speaking these words, I slowly approached the monster and dared to touch his face, then my hand slid down his neck to the shoulder. Our faces were a few centimeters from each other, when I felt one his hand behind my head. He moved it closer to his face and our lips touched each other. In fact, I had to admit that I liked kissing him, so I moved my lips, planting a few small kisses on his mouth. He seemed to get the hint and deepened the kiss, doing it now with passion. I felt my whole body heating and I put my arms around his neck. His own body was hot already, I could feel it through the touch. He then moved down to my neck, planting kisses there, earning a faint moan from me, as neck is one of my most sensitive spots.
His clawed hands moved up and down my torso until I felt them getting under my shirt. He wanted me to take it off and show more body, which I gladly did, removing my shirt. But it seemed that it was not enough for the monster. He wanted me to be like him – free of all clothes.

“Want to see more?” I asked, getting pleasure from teasing him.

“And isn’t it obvious?” he replied, licking his lips. “If you haven’t done it, I would do it myself, as this fabric blocks my view.”

Taking a few steps away, so he could see me better, I took off my pants and bra, dropping them on the ground, and soon they were joined by my panties – the last piece of clothes left. Now I was naked, just like him. And now, after all clothes were of the way, I stepped closer to the monster again and began moving hands up and down his body. He definitely liked what he saw as a sound of a satisfied growl emitted from his chest. His member was already stiff and skin so hot like if it was on fire. My hand slid down his stomach, slowly approaching the most sensitive spot on his magnificent body, until I gently wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It was quite large, but I wouldn’t call it huge. Of course, it was bigger than human size, but absolutely fine, I was sure it wouldn’t cause too much inconvenience.

The monster growled louder when I began moving my hand up and down his hard member, massaging it and also giving attention to his balls. He closed his eyes and lifted his head up from pleasure, exposing his neck fully. I decided to use this opportunity and licked it from the collarbone to the chin. No doubt that it sent shivers down his skin, in combination with penis massage. I was more than ready, my desire for him grew stronger with each second, and he barely controlled himself from taking me right there and then, but he wanted to play with my body a bit more. While I continued the hand job, his palms moved to my breasts and squeezed them gently, getting a loud moan from me when his fingers of one his hand pinched my nipples and the other hand played with my clit. I liked these manipulations with the sensitive tips, but when his mouth covered one of my bare hills, I arched my back from overwhelming pleasure. The monster seemed to understand that I loved to be touched on breasts like that and repeated the same process with the right breast, continuing the sweet torture of my wet slit. The knot in my lower region was getting closer to explosion, the lustful thoughts covered me like an ocean wave and now all I wanted is to feel him inside me.

“Please…” I moaned, “I want you… right now!”

“Of course, my dear,” he growled lustfully, “all for you, my mate.”

Without any delay he led me to the closest wall and lifted me up a bit, so I could wrap my legs around his hips, and right then I felt his member penetrating my body. Although I was rather well lubricated, there was still pain when my walls stretched, adjusting to his size. I clenched my teeth, and when the monster saw it, he paused for a moment, allowing me to get used to the feeling of his large member inside. And when I felt it was enough waiting, I just nodded, so he began moving his hips, going slow at first. The pain subsided step by step, and now there was so much of it, like from a casual bruise, and a bit later it vanished totally.

The gargoyle monster increased the speed then, hitting the sensitive spot inside me and making me moan as loud as I could. Our bodies rubbed against each other in this passionate copulation, accompanied by the cacophony of my moans and the mixture of growls and low, lustful moans of the monster. I was so close to the peak already, the feeling was so marvelous like nothing else I’ve ever felt. I squeezed his hips with my legs and his neck with my arms, like begging him to bring me to the sweet ecstasy that I crave for so much. Looks like the monster got the point and began pounding into me frantically, moving with practically inhuman speed until I was unable to hold anymore. My insides clenched around his member and I came with a loud moan. This feeling was too much for him already, and after a few powerful thrusts he roared so loud that I nearly became deaf, spilling his seed into me and biting my shoulder so hard that it started bleeding in the spot where he plunged his teeth into my skin. The orgasm overwhelmed me fully, so the pain from the bite made me feel even more pleasure.

We both were panting heavily and my legs dropped down weakly like if they were made of jelly. After his already soft member left my body, the monster put me down on the ground and wrapped his arm around my waist. I caressed his muscular chest when his lips connected with mine once more. After a minute we broke the kiss and I asked:

“Well, what are your plans now? Do you still want to kill me?”

“Not at all. What kind of a silly question is that?” he replied sarcastically. “If you think that then you’re pretty wrong. I don’t want to harm you in any way or form, and even if we think for a moment that deep inside I still wanted that, I couldn’t do it anyway. Killing you would mean the same as I would have killed myself. So throw these thoughts out of your head. You are my mate now, and I won’t let anyone harm you. If someone dares, he will regret being born in this world.”

If I said I was touched by his words, is like saying nothing. Finishing his monologue, the monster moved his face to the wound he made on my shoulder and started licking it, so it heals faster. Thus he wanted to show that he marked me and now I’m his female, his mate. I put my clothes back and then he took my hand and led somewhere upstairs, through several tunnels, until we reached a large door of an abandoned building where the entrance to his living place was hidden. Behind this door appeared to be the exit outside, to the street, and it was still a sunny day. The monster opened the door and told me that I’m free for now. I knew that he understood that I couldn’t live in an underground dungeon, at least not yet. I didn’t look as monstrous, so for me it was much easier to walk among humans. We waved each other a friendly goodbye and then I left, knowing that it’s the first, but not the last time we meet.
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