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Hotel Rooms and Tickle Fights

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yea... its not what you think. lol

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Aleson awoke to the sound of an argument., from the voices she could make out that it was Spencer, and Brendon. "What did you do that for!" Spencer said in harsh whisper. "Do what?" Brendon snapped back. "You know what!" Aleson sat up a bit in the bed. "What's going on?" she rubbed her eyes to make out in the dark that they were standing over Spencer's bed . Brendon walked over and sat next to Aleson and kissed her on the forehead, "Nothing Hun, just a musical dispute. Go back to sleep." Aleson looked at Spencer who was looking off at the wall in anger. "Okay." she said not wanting to get into the argument.

"Actually," Aleson said . "I think I'm gonna go and bunk with Jon and Ryan for a while. Kay." Before Brendon could object, Spencer spoke. "That's a wonderful idea." Brendon gave an angry glare at Spencer, and with that Aleson slipped on her sneaker and a sweater. She walked outside in the hotel hallway, after closing the door she put her ear against the door to see if she could hear anything else. For the past two weeks Aleson and Brendon were a couple. And everyone who knew seemed to give them wrong looks. Aleson didn't know this because they gave her the looks when she wasn't looking.

She walked down the hall two rooms over and knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Jon asked from the other side of the door. "Ali-bee." "Wait one minute." they replied. After three minutes the door unlocked and opened. "Aleson its three in the morning." She yawned to see Jon with bed hair and Ryan sitting watching the hotel TV. "I know. Is it okay if I stay with you guys for the night? Spense and Brendon are fighting again." Jon stepped to the side and let her walk in. "Hey Ry." Aleson said as she crashed on the couch. "Here you are." Jon said as her handed her a blanket. Ryan paid no attention to her as if though he was hypnotized by the TV. "Ryan, you be nice to the guest. Its not her fault that her boyfriend and one of her best friends fight almost every night." Jon said as he put on some sweats. "Where are you going ?" Aleson asked. "Out for some midnight snacks. Might as well while I'm awake." Jon said. "Be back in a couple of minutes." And with that he headed out the door. Leaving Aleson and Ryan completely and utterly alone.

With the blanket wrapped around her, Aleson walked over to Ryan, looking like a giant human filled crepe. Ryan couldn't help it and let out a stifled giggle. "Finally you talk." Aleson said as she sat next to him on the bed. "So sup?" Ryan looked at her. "Nothing." he lied, and then looked back at the TV. "Awww....don't make me tickle it out of you!" Aleson said. She took the blanket off and began to attack his sides with her fingers. "No! Ali!" he said as he fell on his side on the bed in laughter. "Then tell me and I'll stop!" Ryan and Aleson rolled around, Ryan trying to get away, and Aleson trying to get to him.

"Okay!" Ryan said. He sat up, "I'll tell you." he said breathless. "YES!!" Aleson laughed putting her arms up in the air as if though she was Rocky. "I'm just sorta mad that you and Brendon are going out." Aleson sat next to him. She sat in seriousness next to him looked at her feet. Inside she had feelings for Ryan, more than anyone else in the world. Almost everyone knew it, that's why they all opposed the relationship that she had with Brendon. Ryan sat next to her. "I'm sorry if that upsets you, but its the truth. It bothers me that you are dating Brendon." Aleson looked at Ryan, "Why does it bother you?" she knew the answer for the question, but needed to hear it from him. "Because." Ryan just said. "No I need a reason. I mean you just being made at me for dating Brendon isn't really a reason is it?" Ryan looked at her. "It's just really complicated." "Tell me. I can understand." Ryan just looked at the floor. Aleson kneed on the floor in front of him. "Please ,tell me." she whispered.

He looked up into her eyes, and couldn't help himself. Leaning in he kissed her, and she didn't stop him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer. "I love you Aleson." he whispered. "I love you too Ryan." she responded. And he kissed her again. She quickly pulled away. "No wait. This is wrong. I'm with Brendon." "I love you, you love me. Screw Brendon." Ryan said as he ran his hand down her cheek. "But I'm not gonna hurt him like that Ryan you know that I can't." Ryan held her close. "At least you know, how I feel. I know how you feel. And you get to spend the night here with me." Aleson smiled and curled up in his arms.

He fell asleep to her breathing on his chest. She fell asleep to the sound of his heart beating, which she realized, was beating at the same rhythm as hers. But what was to come of all this?

Jon walked in an hour later, from his "quick" candy run. He smiled as he saw them curled on the couch. "About time." he said as he got in bed and fell asleep.
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