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Kindled Spirits and Soulmates

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sorry it took me so long to update! damn midterms and i got sick V_V


It was November 25, the weeks passed by hastily ,and many still did not talk to Brendon, especially the fact that they never found Aleson and that they couldn't get touch with Aleson . Ryan kept trying to call her day and night between the moving, concerts, rehearsals, and the worries. He couldn't sleep at night, and it started to take a toll on him. His eyes began to have bags underneath , he covered them up at the concerts with black makeup.

Ryan was sitting on the tour bus couch looking at his laptop screen. Jon sat next to him. "What are you doing Ry?" "I'm just going through all these pictures that Ali had taken." Jon sighed and patted his back. "You have to accept that Ali is better now. She's probably gone home and is better right now." Jon tried to reassure Ryan. "How do we know that Jon? I mean she's never called, come back, we haven't heard from her. For all we know someone could have kidnapped her." Spencer hearing the conversation sat on the other side. "Damn it Ryan. Damn it Jon. Jon tell Ryan already." "Tell me what?" Ryan asked beginning to feel left out. Jon looked at the floor. "Jon just tell him!" Spencer urged "Look at him he's a mess." Ryan began getting frustrated. "Tell me what?!?!"

Jon threw angry looks at Spencer. "Okay. I didn't want to tell you because Mirabelle made me promise I wouldn't." "Just tell me!!" "Aleson hitched rides to San Francisco. She's up there with her sister. She's okay , she's fine." Ryan was overwhelmed with joy and madness at the same time. Happy that she was safe, mad that she didn't call him and tell him so. "So she's safe, she's okay." Jon nodded. "She just didn't want to be found. When I talked with Mirabelle , Aleson doesn't want to even say hi to me." Ryan knew it was her stubbornness that always made her that way. Convincing herself that she was worth nothing. He remembered that back from when they were in school together.

"Well when we play in San Jose I promised Mirabelle that we'd stop in San Francisco so I could see her, if we play our cards right, maybe we'll be luck to catch a glimpse of the bee." Ryan's little basketball heart began to bounce again. This was enough hope to spark his heart again. He just had to wait a little while longer, and then he'd see her again.


As the bus passed the city limit sign of San Francisco Ryan's heart skipped. He fought from smiling, he hadn't slept the past three days. It was 2 in the morning, and Ryan began to dial Aleson's phone. / please pick up, please pick up/ One ring. Two ring. Three rings. "Hello." Once again he's heart jumped in joy.

"Ali-bee." he whispered. "Ryan?" she asked back in a tone that meant that she was surprised that he was calling. "Hey." was all he could think of saying. "Hi." she said back. Silence filled the other telephone lines. "I'm sorry." she finally said breaking the silence. "No, I am. I should have just went looking for you." for the next five minutes they went back and forth on who was to blame. They began to laugh and joke around. And Ryan told her that they'd be visiting her in a couple of hours. "Good," she said "I miss you Ry."
Ryan smiled. "I've missed you too."


"Aleson!" Ryan said as he ran towards her. "Ry!" she said in respond. They ran towards each other, into each others arms. They stared at each other and laughed. He kissed her. "I've missed you." he whispered. "I'm sorry." she whispered back. "Eww look at you two." Mirabelle said, with Jon's arms wrapped around her. They laughed at them "Oh, look whose talking." Aleson commented .

That night the Aleson and Mirabelle attended the concert in San Jose. The two caught up with the dancers and with Pete. They screamed their lungs out and sang along, and had fun. Aleson remembered why she has enjoyed being on tour with them in the first place. She sighed. Her sister looked at her. "Hey what's up?" Aleson caught her sister up with the whole Brendon asking her out first and him later cheating on her. Mirabelle stood openmouthed.

After the concert Aleson sat alone on the couch in the tour bus waiting for her sister and for the boys to come. She had wrapped herself in one of Ryan's sweaters. She smiled as she hugged it closer to her. Just than she heard someone climb on the bus. "About time you guys get in!" she laughed. And Brendon appeared.

Aleson's smile suddenly went away. "Umm.. I knew you'd be here alone. So I just wanted to talk with you." he said. Aleson just looked at him with cautions. "Okay." she replied He sat on the other side across from her knowing that she was uncomfortable being alone with him. "I know that I messed up big time. And this isn't me begging for a second chance to be your boyfriend. This is me begging for a second chance to be your best friend. Well, one of your four best friends. I broke you and Ryan up from getting together, and hurt you, rather than letting Ryan treat you the way that someone like you should be treated. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He said again.

Aleson began to laugh at Brendons' nervousness. "It's okay. I understand." Brendon sighed. "I knew that sooner or later your competition gene would kick in. I just didn't know it was going to effect me like that. But you're still my friends Brendon. Just as long as you don't pull a move like that on me anymore!" Brendon smiled and walked over and hugged her. "Never, cross my competitive heart, and hope to never win." They laughed and sat in silence for a while. "You know," Brendon broke the silence. "You and Ryan, you two are soul mates."
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