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Who said he had to play by Duo's rules?

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Duo, Wufei - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006/10/25 - Updated: 2006/10/26 - 562 words

Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of the characters from Gundam Wing. I actually give money to those people, a lot of money. Because I had to buy the damn series three times. One for VHS, one for DVD, and another for when the DVDs were irrepariably lost. So please don't sue me, I'd hate to have to deal with lawyers I helped pay for.

Warning: None. Oh, wait. My humor.

Notes: Yeah, I really got nothing to say. They're just having a bit of fun.

by fairady


Some things just never change, no matter how much everything else seemed to. Wufei's hands moved smoothly and without any real thought on his part. Thread this here, twist that there; he was sure that even if he died at 105 his hands would still have the muscle memory to do this in his sleep.

The comm in his ear crackled as a line was opened. "Got four, what's your count 05?"

Another thing that hadn't changed, despite numerous reminders of policy, were their names. The numbers were familiar and a lot simpler than the Preventor call signs, and none of them had seen any reason to change them.

"Zero, 02," Wufei murmured quietly. "Check in five."

Static filled his ear as Duo laughed, loud enough to draw attention to himself. Wufei had no doubt that it was on purpose. "Better hurry, or I'll beat you! Out."

The last charge slid into place neatly and he let himself drop to the base of the building's wall. Without pausing he ran to the fence, ducking around one of the many rather conveniently placed trees as the sentry in the tower turned to scan the yard. Wufei snorted, these people were dangerous but they weren't very smart.

Duo was on the other side of the base, slowly picking through the group of terrorists they were in the midst of eliminating. He was probably only making his fifth kill, using every bit of his formidable infiltration skills to keep himself well ahead of Wufei in their little game. There was no way Wufei could get inside the base and catch up to him without being caught, which would guarantee Duo a free meal at wherever he chose to go afterwards.

If he went in. If he played the game to according to Duo's rules.

It took him a minute to dig out a rock the size of his fist from the ground near his feet, but the weight was perfect. It was almost like it had been placed there specifically for him to throw at the motion sensor fixed on the fence fifty meters away. The tree was also perfectly placed to keep him hidden, even as an alarm sounded and the area around the building lit up.

Wufei waited patiently for three minutes, just long enough for them to gather to panic, before pressing the detonator. The charges planted outside the wall of the group's main OPs room, and he really wanted to know what idiot had thought that would be a good place to put it, went off without a hitch.

The comm line snapped open again, letting Duo's colorful cursing of his questionable ancestry through. Wufei finally let his lips curl up in a self-satisfied smirk. He wasn't sure of the exact count, but he was pretty damn sure it was more than five.

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