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WIP AU Harry was sent to Azkaban and was later found to be innocent. With the help of Ron, he will find out who his true friends are. Will he forgive those who betrayed him? Will he be able to le...

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By Marietsy



Ron walked into the Ministry building and glanced around. He had made sure that his glamour was on before he even entered the phone booth that led to the Ministry building. He was leery about the spies for Dumbledore that he knew were in the Ministry. As he made his way to Percy's office, he was worried about meeting his former brother. He had hopes that maybe they could become friends even if they weren't brothers anymore.

He stood outside Percy's office and shifted nervously. He raised his hand to knock then lowered it. What if Percy kicked him out? What if he didn't want to hear what Ron had to say? Did he truly dislike his family or was it something more? Did he even have a chance? Deciding that he couldn't answer those questions standing outside Percy's office, he took a deep breath, raised his hand, and knocked on the door.

"Enter," an imperious voice called out.

Ron opened the door, walked in and took his first look at Percy in several years. Percy looked good. He grew up several more inches and his hair was longer. He filled out some and it looked like he worked out. Percy looked up and glared at him, annoyed. "Can I help you?" he asked, his voice strident.

"Ah, yes, my name is Bernard Rigel and I have some information that I need to discuss with you," Ron said.

Percy looked at him with narrowed eyes. "May I ask what this is regarding? I'm sure the Minister would be interested in whatever you know," he stated pompously.

Ron stared at him a moment before sneering. "Your pathetic Minister has nothing to do with this. It's regarding a certain missing hero and his friend. If you're interested in the information then meet me at Leaky Cauldron in one hour. I'll be waiting for you," Ron said and walked out of the room. He hurried down the hall, ignoring Percy's yelled, "WAIT!" Ron found a deserted room, pulled out his wand, and quickly changed his glamour before waiting a few minutes before leaving the room. He was walking towards the doors of the Ministry building when he saw a flustered Percy stalking through the foyer. There was a frown on his face and seemed to be muttering to himself. Ron grinned, walked out of the building and headed towards the Leaky Cauldron. Once he arrived, he rented a room and grabbed a drink. He gave Tom a note to give to Percy when he arrived and sat in the darkened corner to wait for him.

An hour later, Percy walked into the inn and look around, his gaze a little anxious. He walked over to Tom and started a conversation. Tom gave Percy the note and Percy nodded his thanks. He opened the note and read it. There was frown on his face and he walked up to the room that Ron rented. Ron waited fifteen minutes and noticed that a couple of Ministry workers walked in. He could tell by the way they sat that they were waiting for something. Ron frowned thoughtfully and sighed. He'd hoped that he wouldn't have to use on of the portkeys that he'd asked Severus make before he left. He got up casually and walked up the stairs. He waited at the top, but didn't hear anyone following him. He opened the door to room 210 and walked in.

Percy was sitting at the table, looking furious. He looked up when Ron came walking in and his face filled with confusion. "I'm sorry, but I thought I was meeting with Bernard Rigel," he said.

Ron ignored him and walked over to Percy. He reached down, grabbed his arm, and pulled him out of the chair. "Sorry that I have to do this, Perce," he informed his former brother. He pulled the empty potions vial out of his robe pocket and activated the portkey just as the door to the room slammed open. Ron and Percy disappeared and the two Ministry workers cursed angrily.

They reappeared in the living room of an apartment flat. Percy stumbled back and quickly drew out his wand. He pointed it at Ron, his expression angry. "I want to know what the hell is going on?" he demanded.

Ron snorted, annoyed, and ignored his brother while he looked around the apartment, whistling with amazement. It was one of the penthouses the belonged to Harry. The living room was nice and large. The large windows showed a wonderful scene of the ocean. Ron could see the antiques that were scattered throughout the apartment. He would have to recommend it to Harry if he needed another place to stay.

"Damn it, I asked you a question. What the hell is going on? Why did you portkey me out of the Leaky Cauldron?" Percy asked.

Ron turned towards Percy and smirked. "I didn't want to be interrupted by the two Ministry workers that had followed you into the Leaky Cauldron," he replied.

Percy's eyes widened, shocked, and blurted out, "How did you know about them?"

Ron rolled his eyes and asked, "You don't think I made you wait in that room just for the fun of it, did you?"

Percy frowned thoughtfully. "No, I guess you didn't. Now could you explain to me what the hell is going on? Who are you? Where is Bernard Rigel? What information does he have on Harry and my brother? Do you know where they are? Are they ok? Are they hurt? Do you have anything to do with it? Because if you did, then I'm going to make you pay," Percy said with a growl and pointed his wand at Ron.

Ron stared at him a moment, surprised by the fear and anger he heard in Percy's voice. "I'm Bernard Rigel. Have you ever heard of glamours? I heard you were smart, but I guess I heard wrong," Ron said contemptuously. He was amused as Percy's face filled with outrage.

"I thought you hated Harry? It's well known that's why you left your family. Your hatred for Dumbledore and Harry, and your pathetic hero-worship for that idiot Fudge," Ron sneered.

"I don't have to explain myself to you. Now, where is my brother?" Percy demanded.

"You know as well as I do that he's no longer your brother. Something about a Rite being done," Ron said slyly.

Percy's eyes widened before narrowing with anger. "How did you know about that?" he demanded. "No one knows about that yet."

"I have my ways. Why concern yourself over a man who isn't even family anymore?" Ron asked.

Percy's eyes grew cold. "Ron may have gone through the Rite, but he is still my brother by blood. No Rite is ever going to change that!" he growled.

"This from the man who deserted his 'family'?" Ron sneered.

"I had my reasons," Percy said defensively.

"Ah, yes, you wanted to ride the coat tails of the esteem Minister of Magic. Answer me this Perce, how far has it gotten you? Was it worth deserting your family over?" Ron asked angrily.

Percy took a step back and stared at him intently. He lowered his wand and whispered, "Ron?"

Ron took his wand out and cancelled the glamour. "Hello, Percy," he said quietly.

"Ronnie!" Percy cried with excitement and rushed over to him. Ron was stunned when Percy pulled him into a hard hug. He wrapped his arms around Percy and held on. Ron hadn't expected this reaction from Percy. Tears pricked his eyes and he sniffed as he took a step back.

Percy looked at him, concerned, and asked, "What? What's wrong?"

"It's been a while since anyone but Harry felt any concern for me," Ron said softly.

Percy's face darkened with anger at the comment. "So I heard. If I had known that the family would treat you as they did, I would've came for you sooner. I'm sorry for not being there for you, Ron. I just didn't know," Percy said softly.

Ron turned away from Percy and said, "Well, you would've if you'd stayed with your family, but Merlin forbid if you did that. Is being a sycophant of Fudge really worth it, Percy? Is he worth losing your family over? I had reasons to leave my family, but what was yours? Was it because a man who can't even see beyond his own power and greed said that Dumbledore and Harry were wrong about Voldemort?" Ron whirled around and glared at Percy. "Was it truly worth it?" he yelled.

Percy looked at Ron sadly and said, "There's more to it than that, Ron. Not everything is as it appears. I had my reasons for separating myself from the family. There's more to it than just Fudge."

"What could be so damn important that you deserted your family, Percy?" Ron asked angrily.

"Finding out that Dumbledore isn't the man everyone thinks he is, but then you know that already, don't you, Ron?" Percy asked quietly.

Ron stared at Percy in shock and whispered, "You know about Dumbledore?"

Percy nodded his head and replied, "Yes, I know about Dumbledore."

"But how? For how long? Why isn't anything being done?" Ron asked him. "Do you know that he's after my head now?"

Percy looked at him, surprised. "What do you mean?"

"Who do you think took Harry away from him, and out of his greedy little grasp? He was stealing money from Harry and Sirius's estates. I cancelled the accounts for Harry. Basically, I took his money and his weapon from him. From what someone told me, he is not a happy man with me right now," Ron smirked.

Percy grinned at him. "Looks like you're getting into as much trouble as Harry."

Ron gave him a sharp look, but saw that Percy was grinning at him with amusement. Ron smiled. "Well, the boy did teach me everything I know."

"How is Harry?" Percy asked.

"Catatonic," was Ron's short reply.

Percy rolled his eyes, exasperated. "I know that you went through the Emancipation Rite already, Ron. I also know that you need the Head of Family's permission in order to take their name. Since you're now Ron Black, you would've needed Harry's permission since he is now the Head of the Black family. So obviously Harry can't be catatonic."

Ron looked at him with a worried expression. "Who else knows that I went through the Rite?"

Percy thought a moment before replying, "Well the family knows for sure. There is also Elizabeth Cameron, Head of the Department of Magical Rites. Also Dumbledore knows that you went under the Rite. Father called him after it happened."

"Does he know my new name?" Ron asked.

Percy shook his head and commented, "No, and he's not happy that he doesn't know."

"Big surprise," Ron quipped sarcastically. "So, how did you know my last name was Black?"

Percy looked thoughtful before sighing. "Let's sit down, Ron. There are several things that I need to explain to you about myself," he said. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He looked around at the Muggle looking apartment, his gaze curious. "Where are we?" he asked.

"It's one of the many places that Harry owns. I had someone make a portkey for me before I left. I wanted to make sure that I could talk to you somewhere private without anyone around. I didn't know what your reaction to seeing me would be," Ron explained as he sat on the couch next to Percy.

"How come you came to see me?" Percy asked.

"Harry and I were talking about Dumbledore, and his hidden nature, and Harry wondered if maybe you had found something about Dumbledore that we didn't know. He thought maybe that was why you separated yourself from the family and him," Ron said.

Percy nodded with understanding and replied, "I did find out about Dumbledore. It actually had nothing to do with Harry at all. I just used that as an excuse. I'm sorry if I hurt him in any way, but I did what I had to do."

Ron leaned back against the couch and looked at him. "Why, Perce? Why did you have to do it?"

Percy closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Dumbledore has been watched for over fifty years now. There's a group called the Watchers and they have been watching every little thing that he does since before he was even a Headmaster. Sadly, there has been no definite proof of Dumbledore's illegal activities. He knows he's being watched, so he makes sure to cover his tracks. The Watchers had once found evidence against the old bastard, but the man who found it hid the proof, and was killed by Dumbledore before he could tell use what it was. After graduation, I began to work for Fudge, and noticed some things about Dumbledore that got me suspicious. I felt very disenchanted with our esteemed Headmaster," Percy said with sarcasm.

"I never knew that I was being watched by the Watchers. Once they noticed my disillusion with Dumbledore, they had Elizabeth Cameron approach me. She had loads of paperwork about the Headmaster, trailing his suspicious activities, but again no proof. It was enough for me though. I agreed to spy on Dumbledore and Fudge and report anything odd or suspicious. I realized after a couple of years that I couldn't do my work with my family reporting everything I did to Dumbledore. Ron, you must realize that the Weasley family is under Dumbledore's thumb. They live and breathe by his word. It would take definite proof to turn them from him. You saw what they did to Harry on Dumbledore's word," Percy said and Ron nodded. He'd been there when Dumbledore told the Weasley family that Harry had indeed killed Ginny. After that, the Weasleys turned on Harry.

"Once I realized that, I decided to separate myself from the family. I never wanted to hurt Harry, but I realized that I needed excuse, so I used him and Dumbledore as my reason for leaving the family. Fudge just happened to be there at the time. It was purely coincidental. If it hadn't been that, it would've been something else. I was bound and determined to do my job without Dumbledore watching over me," Percy explained.

"As for your name, well I was there when Lizzie received the paperwork from Ghistpok. Since I'm part of the Watchers and I was your brother, she told me. Technically, she isn't supposed to tell anyone, but she didn't see the harm in telling me. She also told me that if I ever had a chance to approach you and Harry that I should take it. We've been looking for you two just as hard as Dumbledore," Percy said with a grin. "Wherever you hid yourself, you did a damn good job. No one can find you anywhere."

Ron smirked at Percy and said, "What's the point in hiding if anyone can find you?"

Percy laughed. "That would be kind of redundant, wouldn't it?"

"So why do the Watchers want to find Harry and me?" Ron asked.

"Lizzie wanted me to let you know that there are some people who don't believe that Dumbledore is the all knowing benevolent man that he portrays," Percy said.

"Who is this Lizzie you keep bringing up?" Ron asked.

"Elizabeth Cameron. She's the Head of the Magical Rites Department. I believe I mentioned her earlier."

Ron nodded in understanding. "I remember now. She's the one who approached you on the Watchers behalf. So what else do you guys know?" Ron asked.

"We also know that Harry pulled a couple of things on Dumbledore that pissed him off. The Power of Attorney, I believe is what it's called, and the magical contract, which I have to admit had the Watchers laughing their asses off," Percy said with a grin.

Ron chuckled. "Yeah, well, that was all Harry. He knew since before Sirius's death that the Headmaster wasn't someone to be trusted. Once Sirius died, well let's just say the blinders came off and he dragged me along with him. It was hard to believe at first, but since Harry's pardon, I've found out a lot of things about Dumbledore that disturb me."

"So, how are Sirius Black and Snape doing?" Percy asked slyly.

Ron looked at him, his expression shocked. "How did you find out about them?" he wondered.

Percy smirked and replied, "We have a spy at Hogwarts. Sirius was seen last night by our spy and Snape left a note this morning. How did you find out he was alive?"

"Harry and I found out that he was alive when I did the Emancipation Rite. When Dobby brought him to us last night, we were stunned to see his condition. Apparently, Dumbledore was going to kill him after he tortured him a bit. He was injured, but he's doing better," Ron said.

Percy frowned. "Do you think he would testify against Dumbledore?"

"More than likely. Of course, he is a little concerned about his safety. I have a feeling that Dumbledore might do something about Sirius and Severus. Severus keeps getting this little smirk when it comes to the Headmaster and I'm not sure why," Ron said.

"Our spy in Hogwarts let us know about the wonderful parting gift that Snape left for the Headmaster," Percy said, mirth shining from his eyes.

"Parting gift?" Ron asked.

"You mean Snape didn't tell you?" Percy asked, amazed.

Ron shook his head. "No, we've been a little busy this morning. Harry needs to learn what he missed in the last eighteen months. Nineteen if you include the month they held him prisoner before the trial. Severus has been giving us the benefit of his knowledge. He wants to make sure that we know all we can if we're ever faced with either Tom or Dumbledore. Once Sirius feels better, he'll be helping as well. Now, what's this about Severus's parting gift and what this about a spy?"

Percy explained what Severus had done to Dumbledore and Ron broke down laughing. "Oh Merlin, I'm going to have to congratulate him on that. That was great. I wish I had been there to see it," Ron chuckled.

"You and me both little brother, though I had a wonderful time sending the pictures to the Daily Prophet, anonymously of course. You'll have to make sure that you read tomorrow's paper," Percy said with a devious grin.

Ron started laughing again. "This will make Harry's day." A few minutes later Ron had finally calmed down. He wiped the tears from his face. "That was great. So, you have a spy in Hogwarts?" he asked.

"Yes. Whoever it is, they're a teacher and a member of the Order. We get a lot of our information from Vates," Percy explained.

"You don't know who it is?" Ron asked.

Percy shook his head and replied, "No, not every Watcher is known. There are many undercover agents. It's too dangerous for all the members to know everyone's identity. All Dumbledore would need is one agent to torture and he would know every agent's name. No, it's much easier and safer to know a few agents' names. We have ways of identifying the other members of the Watchers."

"Ah, I understand. Better to be safe than sorry," Ron said.

"Correct, now who is this Tom you mentioned?" Percy asked.

Ron smirked at Percy. "Harry told me that I can't keep calling him You Know Who, so if I couldn't call him um...crap I still can't say the name, then I should at least call him by his real name, Tom."

"I bet that'll piss him off if you ever confront him," Percy said.

They both began to laugh as the imagined Voldemort's expression if Ron called him Tom to his face. "I don't think I'm that brave. It's more something Harry would do," he stated, amused.

Ron looked over at Percy and noticed his intense gaze. "What?" he asked.

"You look different. Your hair and eyes are different. In fact, your skin tone is different too. Why?" Percy wondered.

"Harry and I did the Cognatio Frater ritual," Ron replied softly.

Percy's eyes widened with surprise. "You did the Blood Brother Rite? That caused the changes? I've never heard of it doing that," he said.

"The goblin who was there at the time told us it's because of the level of trust between the two of us. We each took a little of each other and merged it with ourselves. Harry also has some changes in his hair, eyes, and skin tone. He also got some of my freckles," Ron said with a grin.

Percy nodded thoughtfully, his gaze looking out into the living room. He turned his gaze back towards Ron, his expression soft. "So that makes him my brother then doesn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Ron asked.

"I told you earlier that you may have gone through the Emancipation Rite, but I still consider you my brother. You have the same blood running through your veins that I do. That makes me your brother regardless of law or magic. I'll be your brother until we both die. Since Harry now has some of our blood running through his veins, then that makes him my brother," Percy said firmly. "Regardless of how the other family members treated you, to me that means that I'll protect you with all that I've got. I thought I was doing that, but I seem to have misjudged things." The redhead looked sad.

Ron's eyes filled up with tears as he heard what Percy, no his brother, was saying. He let loose a sob and felt Percy's arms come around him in a hug. He began to sob as the months of abuse and neglect from his family finally caught up with him. He could hear Percy talking to him, trying to calm him down, but he couldn't help himself. He had so much anger and pain stored up that it needed to be released.

"I'm so sorry, Ronnie" Percy murmured. "I'm so very, very sorry that you had to go through what you did alone. When I was told, I wanted to kill the rest of the family. Regardless of what happens, I want you to know that I'm here for you. This is one Weasley who won't turn on you," he informed Ron softly.

Ron nodded, but continued to cry. It was a while before he calmed down and he lay in his brother's arms, limp with exhaustion. He gave a couple of sniffles before he pulled back and glanced at his brother. "Sorry I'm being such a girl," he said with embarrassment.

Percy grinned at him. "It's all right, Ronnie. It sounded like you needed to do that for a while."

Ron nodded his head and replied, "Yeah, I guess I have. I haven't heard you call me Ronnie in years."

"It seemed appropriate for some reason," Percy said with a blush.

"So what happens now?" Ron asked, wiping the tears from his face.

"Well, I think that Lizzie would like to meet you and Harry. You might want to include Snape and Black on this. I know that Lizzie is eager to meet Harry. It has something to do with his grandfather, but I'm not for sure what it is. You need to talk to Harry then owl me and let me know what's going on. Use the name Bernard Rigel so I know who it's from. I know Dumbledore has spies all around the Ministry. I don't want to take a chance that he might intercept something from you," Percy said.

Ron nodded. "Actually, I think that Harry will want to take care of things. He'll want to meet somewhere of his own choosing. He doesn't trust anyone except for Sirius, Severus and me. He hasn't been given a lot of reason to trust anyone. By the way, who were the Ministry workers that rushed into the room just as we disappeared?"

"A couple of Watchers. When you told me you had information on Harry and yourself, I let my Superiors know and they decided that a couple of Watcher agents needed to trail us. They had plans on taking you in and questioning you. They weren't for sure if you were legitimate or if you were a spy for Dumbledore. As I said before, he knows he's being watched and he knows that the groups name is the Watchers. He doesn't have clue who is in charge of the group. Hell, I don't even know who's in charge. We're very strict in our screening process. If there is even a slightest chance that there might be a spy, they're captured and screened for potions, the Imperious spell and are questioned under the Veritaserum. I know it's on the shady side of illegal, but people have been killed by Dumbledore over just the hint that they might be part of the Watchers," Percy explained.

Ron leaned back against the sofa, and sighed. "You know, it's suddenly hit me that we are no longer children playing dress up and pretending. We're really in the thick of things. I thought I had gotten used to it with Harry, but I realize that things are a lot more dangerous than they were when I was in school. This is real life and death stuff and there isn't anyway that I can back out of it. I couldn't just leave Harry in a lurch," Ron said with a serious expression.

Percy's expression was filled with understanding. "I know. I think that is the hardest part about being a spy for the Watchers. My life is continually in danger and I can't share it with my family since they are the ones I'm hiding from. I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have someone, besides my co-workers, know what I'm doing. At least you'll know the real reason if I die a mysterious death."

Ron looked at Percy, horrified. "Don't even say that."

Percy gave Ron a sorrowful look. "You know as well as I do that it could happen. As you said, we're no longer playing pretend. I just want you to know that if something does happen, I'm glad we had this time together. It feels good to have my brother back," Percy said with a smile.

As much as Ron didn't want to hear it, he had to agree that he was glad for the time. Like Percy, Ron could be found by Dumbledore at any time. He could be captured, tortured and killed by the Headmaster and no one but a few would know the real reason for his death. Suddenly he understood the burden his brother must've been under for the last several years.

"Yeah, I'm glad too," Ron said.

Percy nodded and looked at his watch. "Crap! I need to go. I have a meeting with Fudge in an hour. Lizzie is probably going frantic over my disappearance. I really should let her know that I'm ok," he said.

Ron stood up from the couch and pulled out another portkey from his pocket. "I have a portkey that'll take you to the alley next to the Leaky Cauldron. You can make your way to Ministry from there," he said and handed Percy the portkey.

Percy grabbed the portkey and stood up from the couch. "How are you getting back?"

"Ah, now that would be telling," Ron said with a grin.

Percy chuckled for a moment before his face went serious. "I want you to owl me about Harry, but I also want you to owl just to let me know that you're doing ok. I've been worrying about you since you disappeared."

"I will, Perce. You should be hearing from Harry in a couple of days. We'll probably have to get past Severus's paranoia before Harry can go anywhere. Sirius and him are really protective of Harry," Ron told him with a wry grin.

Percy snorted with laughter. "All right then, I'll talk to you later," he said. He took a step forward and grabbed Ron into a hug. He stepped back and looked at him sternly. "You be careful, Ronnie. Keep safe."

"You too, Perce. Bye," he said as Percy activated the portkey and disappeared.

Ron heaved a sigh of satisfaction at how things went with Percy. He smiled broadly and disapparated out of the apartment flat.


Percy made his way to Lizzie's office hurriedly. He was eager to share his news with his Superior. He couldn't believe that Ron had voluntarily found him. He had his brother back and he was happy. He could finally share his work with someone in his family, even if they were technically no longer brothers by law and magic. But Percy didn't care about that. Ron had been his brother for eighteen years and no stupid Rite was going to change that.

He knocked on Lizzie's door and waited for her to yell enter. When he heard her voice, he opened the door and walked in. She looked up from her paperwork and her eyes widened in surprise at seeing him standing there. She quickly grabbed her wand and threw a locking spell at the door. She then cast a privacy spell around her office and jumped up from her desk. She rushed around her desk, hurried over to him, grabbing him and gave him a hard hug.

She pulled back and looked at him carefully. Her expression was relieved. "Percy, my boy! I thought for sure you'd been captured by Dumbledore. When Wright and Thomas saw you disappear, I was certain we would be finding your body in the next couple of days. I'm glad to see I'm wrong. Sit," she commanded as she directed him towards a chair. "Tell me what's going on. Who was the man that portkeyed you out of the Leaky Cauldron. Does he have anything to do with Dumbledore? Where did you go? How did you escape?" she asked quickly.

Percy chuckled at all the questions. "Whoa, Lizzie, calm down. First off, I'm fine. I wasn't harmed. In fact, he wasn't there to harm me. The reason he portkeyed me out of the room is because he saw the two Watcher agents. He doesn't trust anyone at the Ministry and he had no clue as to who they were. As for where we were, it was at some apartment flat. Where, I have no clue. How I escaped, simply put, the man gave me a portkey and sent me on my merry way."

"Great, fine, terrific, but you're leaving out the important part. Who was he?" Lizzie asked impatiently.

Percy shrugged nonchalantly and said, "My brother, Ron." He smirked at Lizzie as her mouth dropped with shock.

He waited and sure enough, she squeaked out, "Your brother? He approached you? But I thought he didn't like you?" she asked, confused.

Percy laughed grimly and said, "There were many misunderstandings between Ron and I, but I believe I've unraveled a lot of them. He should be contacting me in a few days about a meeting between us and Harry Potter."

Lizzie's eyes brightened and she squealed with joy. It was sometimes hard to forget that this woman was 109 years old. She still had a heart of a young woman. "This is great!" she said with joy. "Oh Merlin, maybe we're closer to taking Dumbledore down than we thought."

"Uh, you know I know that Harry's important and all that due to the Prophecy, but why would we need Harry to bring Dumbledore down?" Percy asked, confused.

Lizzie leaned forward, her expression intent. "Because his grandfather was the agent who found the proof we needed to destroy Dumbledore. He hid it in his family vault and only his heir can get the information. When James was killed, we lost all hope of destroying Dumbledore, but now that Harry is willing to talk to us, we might finally have a chance. A chance that I've wanted for so long and with Harry's help, we can do it. We can finally destroy Dumbledore," she exclaimed, a dazed look on her face.

Percy stared at her, his eyes wide. Whoa, it looks like Harry Potter had a chance to take down two dark wizards. Eh, this should make a wonderful footnote in the history books.

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