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A WW2 Spike fic.

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(A/N) Please don't hate me for this but i actually wrote this after being awake for most of the night and out of caffine.

THIS IS NOT A XANDER FIC! (God a swore i would never write something like this but here it is.)

BtVS or Valient

France 1942

Spike growled as he looked around the shelled out building he was holed up in.

"Why not go out and nip yerself somthin' ta eat mate? Won't take but a minute, be back 'fore you know it." He growled at himself as he tried to move further into the dark recesses of the building.

He had spent all night looking for something to eat and finally been forced to give up as the approaching dawn forced him to leave off the hunt and head back to Dru.

"Would have bloody well made it too if those sodden krauts hadn't have shown up."

So he sat alone, trying to ignore the growing blood lust that had gotten him into this situation.

His continued complaining was cut off by the sound of small feet scurrying around in the darkness.

Peering into the shadows Spike lunged at the movement and grinned as he managed to grab the small mouse.

Looking at his prize he realized he would barely be able to taste the blood before the small rodent was drained.

"Beggars can't be choosers and all that." He grumbled as he moved the small rodent towards his mouth.

That's when the small white mouse made a sound Spike would never forget.


Jerking the small creature back Spike barely managed to avoid the wildly flailing flames the small mammal had miraculously produced as he flung the fire wielding mouse away.

Spike watched the small creature dance back and forth for several seconds before the realization dawned on him.

Somehow in all it's spastic movements it had managed to set the small building on fire.

Taking off his coat Spike attempted to smother the flames with it while stamping at the living roman candle on the floor.

He had just managed to get the fire out when he noticed a second mouse run out and drag the first one away.

"Last bloody time I ever try to eat a rodents again." He swore as he tossed the scorched coat to the side.

Turning around Spike stopped as the barrel of the German rifle thundered and he felt pain blossom across his head before the world went black.

As everything faded he reminded himself that maybe he shouldn't ignore Dru's rants anymore.


I Don't own Spike, Joss does

And Disney owns the mouse.
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