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Follow up to IWCT's "A Horrible Thing to Do." Now there's another Uchiha, one who hasn't betrayed the Village. [Death]

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Sasuke, Shikamaru - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007/02/18 - Updated: 2007/02/19 - 1344 words

Disclaimer: I don't own the Naruto characters or storyline, Kishimoto does. I'm just playing with them for a bit.

Warnings: Dark, character death.

Notes: Follow up to IWCT's fic "A Horrible Thing to Do." You can read it here;

Heh, I decided that Shika just needed to have a little of his own back. I had a hell of a time getting Sasuke from sitting to trapped. Hope I really got that transmission smoothed out.

by fairady


The baby slept peacefully, Sharingan deactivated and tiny hands balled up into fists. Chakra drain had almost killed the child within hours of it's birth. The medics had been frantic in feeding chakra into it and trying to deactivate the Sharingan. Sasuke had been forced to threaten the whole ward, and even had to physically restrain Sakura after cutting the chakra feed off.

As he'd expected, when death was the only other option, the baby had deactivated the Sharingan on it's own.

Sasuke sat in the dark room and watched his son intently. The red eyes had thoroughly surprised him in the hospital, the hours between leaving that place and putting the boy to sleep had given him time to think.

It really shouldn't have been a surprise. The Sharingan had been appearing at progressively younger ages in the Clan, and the Clan had fully encouraged that. Had they lived it would have taken only a few more generations for Uchiha children to be born with the ability already manifested.

It was rather appropriate that his heir be the first.

Clouds moved across the moon causing the shadows in the room to shift across the boy's face. Tomorrow he would have to send notice back to the hospital of the boy's name. Sasuke frowned, he'd have to pick a name from the gravesite then. A proper Uchiha name for the boy.

The boy would need a caretaker as well. Not his mother, women got too emotional over their children. The last thing he needed would be for that woman to get attached to his son. Sakura perhaps- No, Sakura would have the same problem. He would call Ino then. Her jealousy would make her an adequate caretaker. She could take care of all of the boy's basic needs, and avoid getting too emotionally attached to him.

Satisfied for the moment with his plans, Sasuke turned his full attention to the presence that had invaded his house an hour ago. No mere thief would have bypassed so many rooms filled with the Uchiha's wealth, and the man's caution ruled out a direct challenge to Sasuke.

Just another assassin then.

Sasuke felt his lips curl in a sneer as the man finally made his way down the hall. The extreme caution bordered on hesitation, the assassin was already having second thoughts. Probablly some shinobi too weak to make it past Chuunin. It would be too easy for Sasuke to kill the intruder, boringly so, but it would set a bad precedence if he started allowing assassins to live now.

He'd given the man enough time to turn tail and run, he might as well get the task over with. Rolling to his feet, he considers his options. A single blow would end it quickly, but now that he has his heir to think of he needs to make an example. It wouldn't do for the child to be killed by an assassin. Perhaps leaving his dismembered corpse at the gates of the compound would send a clear enough message.

Smirking, Sasuke turned to track the annoying presence down, but his body didn't move. A curse caught in his throat as he activated the Sharingan, pushing chakra through his body to find and destroy what bound him. Too late he noticed there was no presence in the hall, and his hand -chest high and he hadn't done it- whiped out. Fingers releasing something he didn't hold, but the metal burned as it slid into his neck from behind just as the unseen bonds disappeared.

Immediately his body went numb and his legs folded under the dead weight. Damn the man, it was drugged! Sasuke hit the floor hard but didn't feel a single thing. The Sharingan, one second too late, showed him how the shadows in the room were thicker than they should be. Tendrils of shadow slithered away from the dark corners and collapsed behind him. He didn't need to turn his head, paralyzed as he was by the senbon protruding from his neck, to know who was there. The click of a lighter and faint wiff of smoke was also not needed.

"N- Na-" Damn the man, he hadn't needed to disable his voice box as well.

Sandaled feet walked around him and the ninja crouched down. The Sharingan's faint image of a face and cigarette was replaced by the solid image of Nara lifting his lit cigarette in a lazy salute, "Yo."

Sasuke growled, the blood in his throat making it warble a little. He'd been expecting something like this from the man for months. Finding the identies of the ANBU had been easier than finding the identity of the one who was blocking his admission. He had been expecting some sort of a visit from Nara to tell him to drop his suit for a while, but he hadn't expected the meeting to be so violent.

He had counted on Nara not wanting to upset his already dangerous position with their shared friends. It was a mistake on his part, just as it had been a mistake not to immediately investigate the intrusion to his home. Underestimating Nara was not something he would do again.

"Hey, you done yet?" Nara flicked ashes into his cupped hand. Sasuke glared at him and arched one eyebrow. "Well, guess I shouldn't be surprised. You're not one for noticing things right in front of you. I guess I could explain..." Nara trailed off sucking thoughtfully on the cigarette before shaking his head. "Nah, too much trouble."

To explain how Sauske shouldn't be ANBU? The man really was lazy. The Sharingan saw a hand reaching for the senbon and Sasuke prepared himself for the first strike, anger quickly consuming all his surprise. Concentrated as he was on just how much he was going to hurt the other man he almost missed the ghostly gout of blood.

Eyes widening Sasuke saw the image of the hand violently ripping the senbon out, tearing through the throat mere seconds before it was done. Muscles paralyzed and unable to do anything. "D- da-"

Nara was nowhere to be seen. All that Sasuke could see was the growing pool of blood and the fast approaching darkness.


Shikamaru slipped the butt and ashes into a pouch and pulled out a glass vial. Once opened the chemical inside quickly dissipated, nullifying the scent of smoke and blood from the room. Uchiha twitched on the floor, the last spasms of the dead body. Shikamaru felt oddly pleased that the look of surprised fury would be locked on the man's face when rigor mortis set in.

Movement drew his attention to the bed, and the small bundle on top of it. The baby blinked his small eyes open as he looked at the corpse and blood pool. The boy's eyes, no doubting they were Sharingan eyes, turned upward as Shikamaru leaned over the bed. The red quickly dissipated and turned dark, chakra most likely already drained.

It wouldn't do to leave the child here. As long as this boy lived, Shikamaru would be protected from his actions. The Elders honestly wouldn't care, just so long as they had one possesor of the Sharingan bloodline. If the child died however...

Whatever, it was done. He reached down and wrapped the child up in the blankets, awkwardly holding the baby he walked out of the house and into the streets. He wondered, on the way back to the hospital, if either of the child's parents had thought to give the boy a name yet.

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