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A New Arrival and Creamy White Goodness

by DoNotBeAFreak

Warning oral sex!

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The 7-Eleven that Frankie works at resides on the corner of a very small strip center. Next door is a hair and nail salon and after that there's a small thrift shop and the comic book store. The surrounding area is comprised of houses, some crappier then others but all basically about the same floor plan. 7-Elevens huge plate glass windows gives Frankie and I a nice view of it all. A grandma walking her mean little dog, the girl with pigtails on a homemade swing, and a moving van parked directly across the street.

"I think they're Illinois license plates," Frankie whispered as he squinted at the car that just parked in the driveway. "Let me borrow your glasses, they might help me see better."

"I doubt it." Laughing I handed over my glasses and laughed a bit harder at how Frankie looked wearing them.

"They don't work."

"That's to bad. Now give them back."

Frankie took off my glasses and rubbed his eyes before looking out the window again. "Oh look it's a boy our age. Let's go make friends."

He was right. Standing in the middle of a tuft of weeds in his new front yard was a boy about, I say, seventeen. A pair of drumsticks poked out of his back pocket and his blond hair stuck up in places, giving the impression that he had just rolled out of bed; or maybe in his case the back seat of a mint green station wagon. The boy ran his hand through his hair and turned around to inspect the rest of the neighborhood. He spotted the 7-Eleven and began to cross the street in long purposeful strides. In the mean time Frankie and I scrambled to get away from the window. We didn't want to seem too curious.

A closer look at the boy yielded a hansom face, though a little on the chubby side, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. "Do you think I look old enough to buy cigarettes?" What an odd question.

"Honestly no, but being a underage smoker myself I might take some pity on you if you beg."

I smacked Frankie across the back of his head and he pouted at me. "Be nice."

The boy smiled shyly and held out his right hand across the counter. "My name's Bob."

"I'm Mikey and this here is Frankie." I shook Bobs hand and leaned against the counter. "Don't mind him, he has problems, but I stay with him anyway cause he such a great kisser." Bob cocked an eyebrow and Frankie grinned like an idiot.


"When we're gone I want you and Gerard to be on your best behavior." I nodded at my father and continued to watch him screw the first in hinge into place. "Donna and I intend to have fun this week and we don't want a phone call from the police." He paused to look up and down the hall. "I trust you though, and that's why I'm leaving you in charge."

"But Gerard's older."

"And he's a lazy slob that will put off any house work that needs to be done till the last minute."

"Too true."

"There...Now your privacy is restored." Dad stood up and we both backed against the wall to admire my door as it hung proudly after its forced absence.

"Gerard and I are aloud to have friends over right?"

"Yes but no parties. Though I wouldn't expect you two to throw a party anyway."

Of course Gerard and I wouldn't throw a party. Between the both of us we don't have enough friends for such a thing. The only people that are likely to come over while my parents are away for their second honeymoon are Gerards girlfriend, Frankie, Bob, and maybe even Julie. That's right Julie. I've seen how she looks at Bob from across the Physics lab. Frankie and I have been plotting to get them together for a couple of days now, this week will be perfect. We will casually invite them over and stand back to watch the sparks fly.


"Watch it you'll dent the wall."

"Sorry," Frankie apologized as he pulled me into the living room after slamming the front door shut much like how he had slammed it open. "I just can't wait. A whole week without your mother to catch us."

I laughed as he threw me onto the couch and began to attack my neck with his teeth and lips. My fingers tangled in his hair as laughter turned quickly into moans and whimpers. His hips found a comfortable place against mine and his thrusts caused my back to arch in pleasure.

"Mmm...Remember that dirty note?" Frankie smiled as he kissed my lips and groaned his hips into mine a bit more forcefully. "I still want to taste your cock."

"Do you see me stopping you?"

Another smile lit his face and I felt his fingers on the waist band of my jeans. Oh god the anticipation. I wanted desperately for him to touch me and he was just slowly pulling down the zipper. Teasing and exiting and almost un-fucking-bearable all at the same time. I was so hard that it hurt, and when Frankie finely let my cock free of the constricting fabric I couldn't help but let out a low moan of relief. What fallowed next I will remember for the rest of my days.

Frankies mouth was so warm and wet. I had a hard time staying still as his tongue ran along the underside of my cock and swirled around the tip. My fingers grasped at anything in reach; his hair, my clothes, the couch cushion. It was very stimulating visually as well. Frankies plump, moist lips as they slid over my sensitive skin and his fingers caressing the parts that his mouth couldn't reach.

"Frankie...I'm gonna..."

He ignored my warnings and took his mouth away at the last possible moment. Through the post orgasmic haze that Frankie had left me in I could see and feel him licking up the mess that we made. If at all possible I would have came again as I focused on Frankies tongue and how it lapped at the creamy, white goodness.


"Hey Bobby, ya know that girl in Physics who's always starring at you?"

"Yes, and please don't call me Bobby."

"Why not?" Frankie asked as he plopped down beside Bob on the couch. "Everyone else has an E sound at the end of their name. Mikey, Frankie, Julie." He counted them off on his fingers as he said them with particular emphasis on the last syllable of each name.

"Yeah well that's why I don't like it. Plus my grandmother calls me Bobby."

I suppressed a snicker before trying to get back on subject, and schedule. "Anyway, I invited Julie over and I think you two will get along nicely."

"What!? Oh no...No no no ...You're not setting me up with some local that I hardly know only a week into after I got here."

"Ah come on she's not that bad. I've known her for years and she's really a nice girl. I even went out with her once."

"You did?"

"Yeah, the only reason I didn't stay with her is because I don't like girls."

It looked as though Bob was giving in. He stopped fidgeting as much and looked over at Frankie who gave him a reassuring smile. "When is she coming?"

"Any minute now," Frankie replied after a quick glance at his watch.

We all sat in kind of an awkward silence after that, eyes on the window watching for Julies silhouette to appear against the curtains.
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