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How Twin Smut Came to Exist on FFNet

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Twincest, twinsmut, bad writing. Hikaru and Kaoru get stuck in an elevator, and neither one's complaining.

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"Hikaru-we can't do this here-- Ah... Okay, we can."

Identical lips connected with bruising force, identical hands entwined in identical hair, identical tongues dancing and twisting and turning.

"Kaoru." The elder, the dominant, whispered with staggering desire. His twin whimpered in want, pressing himself against his brother, grinding against the identical body.

Hikaru's hand was up Kaoru's shirt - had been for quite a while - and he was twisting, pinching, playing with a nipple. His younger brother was making the most beautiful noises- mewls and whimpers and "Please, Hikaru"s. The other hand was holding Kaoru's head close, neither twin caring that if they didn't break apart for air soon, they'd fall unconscious.

Kaoru's legs were wrapped around Hikaru's waist, using his brother and the elevator wall to keep himself up. He was moving with animalistic desire, wanting, needing release. It hurt, oh Gods it hurt, and it was the good hurt. It was the hurt you experience before something mind-blowing, and Kaoru couldn't wait. Patience had never been their strong suit, and whatever portion of it he had once had flew out of the window as soon as the elevator broke down.

Hikaru's hand was moving from Kaoru's hair now, breaking the kiss. He was taking half a step backwards -Kaoru ached his back, using his shoulders to push against the wall and press his hips against Hikaru's. Both gasped in pleasure, faces flushed and both panting for air. Five seconds later, they were kissing again. Hikaru's hand had continued traveling down, undoing the buttons and zip on Kaoru's jeans, reaching in and massaging the aching erection. Kaoru broke the kiss, turning his head to the side and moaning through pants. His own hands, which had before been locked around Hikaru's neck, now busied themselves with removing his brother's t-shirt. It was gone in a flash, Hikaru having known what his twin wanted and assisting by putting his arms up. Kaoru didn't have time to miss Hikaru's hands on his skin, as they were there again almost as soon as they were gone, fondling and sending waves of pleasure through his body.

He tilted his head down, bending his back a bit to seize one of Hikaru's nipples between his teeth. He delighted in the hiss of pleasure his brother let out, biting softly and then licking in apology.

They were both close now, he knew. Hikaru was just a few moments away from removing all of their clothing-

There he went. Not two minutes later, their naked bodies were pressed together, molding together perfectly. Two halves joined, two voices, similar but not same, crying out as they fell over the edge into bliss together.

They simply lay there for a while afterwards, trying to catch their breath and basking in the afterglow. With a jolt, the elevator started and the lights flickered on. Both were too tired to care.

The doors slid open at the same time as Kaoru's eyelids parted. His eyes darted to the door, where a very scared Tamaki was standing, covering an impatient Honey's eyes.

"Ne, ne, Tama-chan, what smells so weird?"

[Notes:] There was a depressing lack of twin smut on, once upon a time. I took it upon myself to write the first piece, and it took me half an hour. That's my excuse for it being so bad, and I'm sticking to it! [/Excuses]
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