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Flame burns ( Original story ) -1- yellow eyes before the darkness

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A fantasy story. ( Warewolves, Wizards, Dragons, ECT. )

Category: Fantasy - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Humor - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 268 words

when i awoke in my sunlit room a huge smile crossed my face, today was training day! almost every friday-night my mother would take me behind the shed and teach me the past, spar with swords, magic, even jads, upercuts, and blocks. i loved it. i have fire red hair and fair skin, the best was my black listless eyes. my mom has black hair and soft gray eyes, very unlike me. ' it's your dad you look like leana. ' that was always my answer when i asked. we live deep in the woods, and people would stop and ask the way through it. { the forest of gncorce confused even me sometimes as well. with all the spells and inchanted things you could get lost pretty badly.} if the people didn't have the right waves { good waves and bad, you can detect them. } i would sometimes send down scetchy trails that suddenly evaporated and such and hope they didn't come back. the smell of pancackes brought me back to life!!! as soon as i was done eating i stated my chores, i was done around noon. it was hot out and i was dirty, so i went to clean my face in a pail of water. i sighed and turned around to be meet by a pair of yellow eyes. i stumbled backwards
but, who-ever-it-was grabed me before i fell onto droken glass from bottles that had fell like dominios {sp?!} after the bucket hit one. " woo thank- " the person held a rag to my mouth. i tried to struggle free but, my world soon went black...
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