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our ' almost perfect ' life together ( Akito Sohma ) - 4 - dress up?

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Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Akito,Ayame,Mine,Shigure - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 508 words

~ natsu's pov ~

i had to admit it. " ayame-sama you're the most beautiful man i've ever met...but, it's biffrent from akito, he's the most PRETTY. " i glanced around. " your shop is wonderful. " " it's you you that is wonderful! " i gave a small smile. " no. there's nothing wonderful about me...nothing at all. " my bangs shadowed my face. " nonscense! mine we have a young guest! and shigure too! " i sweatdropped and saw shigure's eye twitch. burned! " don't forget aya, we're the same age. " counter burned! " i feel older already. " oh snap! shigure started mumbleing under his breath. i smirked. " ayame-sama i dub you the master of burnage. " he smiled. " huh? what are you talking about? " i sweatdropped. " you have got to be kidding... " his smile got even goofier. " huh? " i got irk-marks. i guess he's not. suddenly a girl with clack curls and eye-glasses wairing a maid outfit, popped her head out of a door marked ' employes only '. " did you say something boss? " " yes. mine meet natsu sohma, natsu this is mine kuramae! " her eyes landed on me and they got a crazy glint. " do you like to dress up?! ♥ " " um...the only type of clothes i own are school uniforms. " " realy? how wonderful! we have a very large selection of school uniforms. but, i realy like my outfit too! " " yes, it's adoreable! =^___^= " " would you like to try something on? " i looked at ayame. " oh, could i? please? " he looked positivly giddy, as he gave me the thumbs-up sign. " OKAY!! ♥ " mine swept me into the back room. i smiled." so, what did you have in mind? " " well... "

~ aya's pov ~

" so...i take it she knows nothing about herself? " shirgure got a compalcent face. " no. but,...akito is acting odd. " " odd how? " " she bardged in uninvited on our meeting, asking to see the other sohma's out of the blue...and he said YES. " i was shocked. " WHAT?! don't think-? " he got an agrivated look. " thinking is asumeing, you know what happened to hatori when he went doing that. " i raised an eyebrow. " you think-? " " NO! " " are you sure you're just not thinking that way because of what she is to you? " he looked completely shocked. the door to the room mine and natsu were in opened and they stepped out. She was in an adoreable purple school-girl outfit. " yes, it's perfect! mine i commend you! " she bowwed. " oh! thanks boss! " " and natsu! for being such a wonderful model, the outfit is yours! ♥ " she started waving her arms franticly. " oh, i couldn't! " " once again my dear you speek nonscense! well...i must be going! " " what?! " i grabed my hand-bag and made a b-line for the door. " i 'm taking the rest of the day off! chow! "

~ natsu's pov ~

he just left...just like that... shigure smiled. " well, that's aya for you. " my eye twitched. " he's like suger... " shigure got a confused look. " hmm? " " he gets you hyper but, when the rush is gone, you just...sick. " " there is no man alive more worthy of that title. " shigure laughed.
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