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Dinner Time

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It was hungry. Duo could see the hunger in it's eyes, and Fillet Duo was up on the menu.

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Duo,Trowa - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007/12/31 - Updated: 2007/12/31 - 461 words

Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of the characters from Gundam Wing. I actually give money to those people, a lot of money. Because I had to buy the damn series three times. One for VHS, one for DVD, and another for when the DVDs were irrepariably lost. So please don't sue me, I'd hate to have to deal with lawyers I helped pay for.

Warning: None. Oh, wait. My humor.

Notes: A drabble that gave birth to an actual fic that is in progress right now. Basically, Duo and Trowa needed to hide out, and my demented brain put them in the den of some lions in a zoo.

Dinner Time
by fairady


"Trowa," Duo carefully modulated his voice to keep it soothing and absolutely not letting his nervousness show through it. "He's looking at me again."

"So he is," Trowa didn't even open his eyes. He was stretched out comfortably on the ground, and looked ready to nod off at any moment.

Which would definitely be bad for Duo. Trowa was the only reason Duo was still alive. He didn't care how at ease Trowa was, they were in a fucking lions den and the biggest, baddest lion was looking at Duo like he was some tasty lion kibble! Trowa was not going to sleep and leaving Duo to fend for himself.

Duo pressed himself against the wall harder, hoping somehow that he could press himself right through it. "Make him stop it. Right now."

"Duo," Trowa sighed, one eye finally deigning to slit open, "he's not going to eat you."

"That's easy for you to say," Duo fought to keep his voice low and level. His shouting earlier had brought the beast over, and he didn't want to see what more shouting would do. "You're like his best friend or something, I'm just meat."

A strangled noise escaped Trowa, and it took Duo a minute to realize that it was a quiet snicker. The bastard was laughing at him! Indignation allowed him to turn away from possible fangs of death and glare at the other man.

Trowa sat up, mouth still curling a little and pulled Duo down next to him, "He's bored, and we're interesting. If you sit still, he'll lose interest."

That didn't really help to reassure Duo as he now wondered if the beast wanted to play with them. In a bloody and painful way. The fit in the cave was a bit tight, but it gave Duo the assurance that if the lion decided to sample human meat Trowa would be in trouble too.

"Just for the record," Duo said pleasantly, "this is the last time I ever listen to any of your ideas."

Trowa tilted his head back and smiled slightly.

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