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Description of Zeev =

Zeev is a husky furry with light blue eyes. He is know for his short temper and as the alpha's youngest pup.

~ Zeev's POV ~

That's right, ignore me. I'm not worth your time.

You'll see one day!

Even if I am your pup I'll still be leader one day! Whatever it takes I'll be the best! I'll find a way, damnmit just you watch!

So, go ahead ignore me for now. I'll just get to laugh in your face later and you wont be able to do jack about it. I'll make my father proud of me! I'll be the type of son you've always wannted. And then I'll KILL You...taking your place as alpha...

Until then though I will leave this place. I must find a place to train and hone my skills. So I guess you'll just talk about me behind my back.

But you won't have to wait long dad...your death will be very soon.
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